bumGenius Jules? It’ll Cost You a Kidney.

The bumGenius Jules diaper has just flown off the shelves.  People were so amazed (and maybe a bit disappointed) that when the bumGenius Audrey came out, people decided to buy it if they could get it, even if they weren’t sure they really liked it.

bumGenius Jules? It'll Cost You a Kidney (Cloth Diaper Addicts)There’s also been a lot of hard feelings among those who don’t have a bumGenius Jules or Audrey.  There’s been more than a tiny bit of anger at Cotton Babies for making such limited runs… and at the moms who are essentially flipping them for more than double the retail price.

I get it.  It’s frustrating to have a diaper sell out insanely fast and to have retailers have to put limits so one person can’t buy an entire case of them to mark up.  It’s frustrating to be in Canada since our Audrey diapers are just now starting to filter in.

However, there are some accusations hurled that really annoy me.  The biggest ones include words like “greedy,” “selfish,” and “no conscience.”

Some people do have a “diaper vault” of new in package (NIP) diapers.  Some stores do it.  Some bloggers do it.  There’s a difference between having one of a certain print that’s kept NIP and having 30.  As for “greedy,” here’s what Merriam-Webster has to say.


adjective \ˈgrē-dē\

: having or showing a selfish desire to have more of something (such as money or food) : having greed

: very eager to have something

Using the first definition, I’m not sure that it applies.  However, if you use the second definition, every single person who is angry over the pricing of Jules is greedy because they are quite eager to have it.  They just aren’t eager to pay current market value.

But when it comes to selfish…


adjective \ˈsel-fish\

: having or showing concern only for yourself and not for the needs or feelings of other people

Aren’t the moms who are personally maligning the character of those who mark up their bumGenius Jules for personal sale being selfish?  After all, they are not having concern for the feelings of other people with the accusations.

And the lacking in a conscience thing…


noun \ˈkän(t)-shən(t)s\

: the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong

: a feeling that something you have done is morally wrong

Well, now, that clearly indicates that one doesn’t have to be without a conscience to be comfortable with marking up diapers.  Morality is a slippery thing.  Everyone has their own sense of morality.  Sure, there are the common social mores that are part of how our society functions.  You know, the big things like “don’t kill people” or “don’t hurt kids.”  But beyond that?  Everyone has their own degree of what’s right and what’s wrong.

To be completely and utterly without conscience?  Well, that’s getting a little closer to Merriam-Webster’s definition of a sociopath.


noun \ˈsō-sē-ə-ˌpath, ˈsō-sh(ē-)ə-\

: someone who behaves in a dangerous or violent way towards other people and does not feel guilty about such behavior

To suggest that someone is a sociopath because you don’t like the price of a bumGenius Jules diaper is a little harsh, don’t you think?

Here’s the thing: the bumGenius Jules (or any other cloth diaper, for that matter), is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.  If you’re not willing to pay $50 for the diaper (or sacrifice a kidney), then it’s clearly not worth that much to you.  If you’re angry at the rarity of the diaper, then that’s something to take up with Cotton Babies.  However, they did announce that it was limited, and when something is limited, it does tend to go up in price as soon as it is no longer widely available.

What impact does the angry person think that her accusations will have, anyway?  Does she think that the reseller is going to think, “Hey, she’s right.  I should lower my price on this sought after diaper so that some perfect stranger will think that I’m a nice person.  After all, the bumGenius Jules is just a fancy poop catcher and the opinion of a perfect stranger is much more important than whatever I was going to do with the profit.”


I doubt it.  Nor should she.  If she decides to lower the price or triple it, then that’s up to her.  Why is it any of our business what someone else does with her diapers?  (I will state for the record that I would not pay $50 for a bumGenius Jules, and that’s because it just doesn’t mean that much to me.)

Would you pay $50 for a bumGenius Jules?  What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a diaper?

About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I wouldn’t pay that much for a diaper. However its a capitalist economy and if people want to pay extra for special items, well that’s how it works. some diapers are like art, and artisits make limited prints also. I’ve been working on some diaper art to sell at a well marked up price for those willing to pay. The result will allow me to keep the price if my regular diapers down to something more reasonable, which as a wahm, can be difficult.
    beth newell recently posted…DIAPER SEWING TIPSMy Profile

    • The unwillingness to pay that much for a diaper? That’s cool. The getting angry because there are those that will? It’s getting so, so old. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your diaper art! Hopefully it’ll make it on a cute fluffy bum shot here. 🙂

  2. Amen! I think the whole thing is hilarious.

  3. The most I’ve ever spent on a diaper is $38 for a wahm hybrid fitted.

  4. Catie Shaffer says:

    AMEN! As much as I love the Jules (and it’s my wedding colors!!), I’d never pay over retail for a diaper. ESPECIALLY a used one.

  5. Allison says:

    I have to admit, I’m not a Bum Genius follower, but when I saw this printed, I totally wanted it. After I found out what it was worth, I immediately lost interest. It’s not worth the money to me. BUT, I would never suggest to another person what they should or shouldn’t do with their own hard-earned money.

  6. Crystal says:

    I’m expecting a baby boy in September. This will be our first foray into cloth diapering. (We used disposables with our daughter 18 years ago.) Jules is a very cute print and if I could get it at a reasonable, normal price I would totally get one for our boy. $50? No way. I understand the concept of limited run. I don’t get why people are so bent out of shape about it.

    • I think it’s because this is the first time that Cotton Babies fans have experienced the limited run phenomenon.

  7. I wouldn’t pay that much for a diaper – even though it’s adorable! – but then again, one of the reasons we’re choosing to CD in the first place is because of the savings over sposies (in addition to the other benefits). We’re just starting to build our stash since baby Amelia isn’t due until September, so thus far I’ve only purchased used diapers. Therefore, the most expensive diaper I’ve bought so far was about $7 with shipping. I’m sure I’ll go a little crazy when she actually arrives, but we’re still in it for the savings, so there’s that.

  8. I think so too women be crazy over this lol

  9. While I would love a Jules (it’s one of the nicknames I use for did), my life is in no way ill affected by not having it. I’ll just throw the extra $50 in my daughter’s college fund and call it a day. 🙂

  10. Laurie P says:

    $50 bucks is a bit much. My most expensive diaper is $32, but to be fair, I only paid for half as I had a gift card to use towards the purchase…
    Kids get expensive as they grow, I could give you a list of things more worthy of $50. Certainly nothing that catches poo.

  11. I think Jules is cute but wouldn’t pay that much for it. There are tons of prints on etsy just as cute for much less than it’s going for now!
    Crunchy Con Mom recently posted…My favorite cheap tops for postpartum/nursing!My Profile

  12. Jennifer says:

    Yeah it’s unfortunate that they do such limited runs of cute prints. That’s just the way of it though. I wouldn’t ever pay that much for a diaper. It’s hard for me to pay more than $10. It’s just getting pooped in and the cheaper diapers are cute also!

  13. I’m definitely holding on to mine! The value is over $60 now and that’s just for a Flip cover.

    • Seriously?! Wow. Maybe I’ll just sit on mine until I’m done cloth diapering and raffle it off when we’re done. Mommy’s going to need a new mini van by then!

      • Hilarious!
        On the other hand, I’m looking for one but no way I’m paying that kind of money.
        My son’s middle name was chosen after Jules Verne so it would been perfect to get one. But I think it just won’t happen, except if I find someone reasonable, haha.

  14. Judith Martinez says:

    You’re exactly right! I’m not sure why people are so upset over other people earning a profit. It’s what keeps the economy healthy. If you don’t want to pay, don’t buy.

  15. I’m going to go all out here and admit I’m one of those that paid $50 for a Jules. Okay well technically it was $45 and it was for a flip. We are expecting or little guy at the end of July and every diaper I have bought so far has been used and priced well before retail. With exception of my Jules flip and my Irwin 4.0. Even with the high price I paid for those two, I’ve still saved a boat load of money with what I’ve saved from my other purchases. I understand people’s annoyance with the high prices and the people out there hoarding then and seeking them for way more. But it’s really no different than so many other “limited” items. It’s ridiculous, but then again, why is a piece of card stock with words and pictures (baseball or magic the gathering cards) worth what they are? Because people will pay it.

  16. I know someone trying to sell a USED Jules for $65. I’m sorry, buts thats greedy, selfish, AND lacking a conscience.

    • Why? It’s her property. Is there a reason why she shouldn’t sell her property for whatever she chooses to sell it for? If it’s too high, the market dictates that it won’t sell. Pretty easy, right?

  17. Cindy Garcia says:

    Hear Hear! I just started CD and all my diapers have been either off of craigslist or on sale at my local boutique.

  18. I have spent 35 on a diaper and I think that is my limit.

  19. Most I’ve spent on a diaper? $100 on a one of a kind auction diaper. I absolutely adore it and although costly I do not regret it. Some might call me crazy but if I am willing (and budget able) to spend that much than that is up to me.

  20. They were briefly available for less than a kidney this morning! ha!

  21. Gladys Aguilar says:

    I would probably pay that for the satisfaction of having it but I’m in it to save money on a poop catcher like you called it. They are cute butnot wortn it


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