The Laundry Tarts Strip It! Review

Disclosure: The Laundry Tarts Strip It! review was not at all compensated.  I paid for the product myself and decided to write about it.

I generally pride myself on the state of my diapers.  They are clean, non-smelling, and rarely stripped.  I’ve been using Rockin’ Green for three and a half years, and only changed once to a different detergent… and hated it so badly that I didn’t even use up all of the other detergent before going back to my beloved Rockin’ Green.  And as much as I say that if your cloth diaper laundry routine isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it… I’ve been kind of going into sticker shock every time I’ve needed to get a new pack of Funk Rock.

When Norton and Eudora scattered baby powder all over her bedroom, they created a really, really big mess.

And I’ve got so many diapers that they are stored on a hutch, a drawer, a DVD tower, and the top row of a toy bin rack.  All of those diapers (except the ones in the drawer) were covered in baby powder.  (Before you worry about the babies’ lungs, it’s a cornstarch baby powder.)  I knew I was going to have to wash every single one of those diapers… so I decided to take the plunge.  It was time to strip.  Since Cozy Bums had gotten in The Laundry Tarts line (including a Cozy Bums exclusive scent, Chunky Monkey), I bought a bag of Strip It! and a bag of the Funky Monkey detergent.

The directions on the bag are a little iffy.  It says .  I have previously done everything in my washing machine, but because 1.) I have too many to do in even two or three loads and 2.) I do have a high efficiency machine, I went with pouring half the bag in my laundry sink with hot water and soaking.  Some were soaked longer than others because I just did a sink full at a time.  I was continuously doing laundry to the tune of about 12 diapers at a time so that I could try to figure out the right ratio for using The Laundry Tarts Chunky Monkey detergent as I went along.

When I finished that day’s strip, even some overnight diapers that were getting pretty whiffy again (because Norton has stinky pee, even when he’s using the toilet) were smelling better again.  I was a bit surprised to see some discoloration to the water from pulling out whatever yuck remnants were in my non-stinking diapers.

 The Laundry Tarts Strip It! Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

What I Like About The Laundry Tarts Strip It!

1.) It’s made in Canada.  I’ve been really, really digging on made in Canada or US products as much as possible.  I have to admit that I do feel better about my purchases when they are made in North America.

2.) It’s pretty cheap to buy.  I bought my Laundry Tarts Strip It! at Cozy Bums for $10.99.  A bag of Rockin’ Green Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer has increased to nearly $27 a bag… and since I was using it with every load of cloth diaper laundry, I was starting to go through it pretty fast.

3.) It seems to have done a great job of pulling out any leftovers!

4.) I feel really good about what’s in it.

What’s In The Laundry Tarts Strip It?

It has exactly three ingredients: sodium chloride, sodium percarbonate, and sodium carbonate.

Sodium chloride – Basically, this is table salt.  The Laundry Tarts uses sea salt in their formula for a few reasons.  It’s faster dissolving than other salts.  It has superior anti-microbial properties over other salts.  Plus, it’s an efficient water softener that is far kinder to cloth diapers than things like borax.  It’s a natural ingredient that is all around nicer than other softeners.

Sodium percarbonate – It’s part hydrogen peroxide and part sodium carbonate.  It’s commonly used in laundry products, particularly oxygen bleach powders.

Sodium carbonate – That’s washing powder, which is another form of water softener.

These are all ingredients that I’m comfortable with, both in terms of environmental impact and safety for my child’s skin and my cloth diapers.

What I Don’t Like About The Laundry Tarts Strip It!

It’s not intended to be used consistently like I did with Rockin’ Green Funk Rock.  I was hoping for a true replacement to my Rockin Green laundry routine and I didn’t get that.

I also find the directions to be a bit… imprecise.  It’s not because they give imprecise directions.  They tell you on the bag how many tablespoons to use per 38 liters… but I have no idea how big my laundry sink is, etc.  Maybe the precision is what makes it so imprecise for a “throw a couple scoops on it” type of person like me.

The Bottom Line

Norton’s overnight diapers (pocket diapers) were starting to stink like death.  I could smell him coming before I could hear him in the mornings, and it wasn’t the usual ammonia.  I used Strip It! and made a few other changes.  Now?  We are 100% leak free and have been for a week and a half.  That’s a record.  I totally love this stuff.  And there is absolutely zero smell, too.  It took me a few soaks to really resolve the smells on the pockets, but it worked.  If you’re having issues, give a soak in The Laundry Tarts Strip It! a chance.

Have you tried The Laundry Tarts Strip It!?  How did it work for you?

Where to buy The Laundry Tarts Strip It! – Cozy Bums (Canada)

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  1. Interesting read. I am new to cloth diapering. It is something I would really like to get into, but I guess I’m scared. I always wondered what stripping a diaper meant. I like that the The Laundry Tarts Strip It ingredients are safe! The price is right too! Thanks for sharing this information with us.
    Michelle Knopp recently posted…Wednesday’s Wise Words to Live By: Bill CosbyMy Profile

  2. Those look like they work really well. I like that they are easy to use.
    Michelle F. recently posted…One Month and Two Weeks DownMy Profile

  3. I really admire how hard you work on your diapers and keeping your babies with a healthy bum. It’s a lot of work and they’ll be very thankful one day!
    Joie recently posted…03/21/14 Baby Bullet Giveaway RV $59.97My Profile

    • You’d actually be amazed to find how LITTLE work it is. 🙂 It’s typically three extra loads of laundry a week… and when you’ve got littles, you’ll be doing a ton of laundry anyway! Besides, cute > laundry every time.

  4. Sounds great! I just use my regular laundry detergent (Charlie’s) which is diaper safe. I tried Rockin Green for a while but didn’t like having to rinse out my washing machine after. We have really hard well water here. I may have to check out this strip though!
    Erin S. recently posted…Disney Dreamin’ Giveaway ends 3/19My Profile

  5. I’ve been waiting to see a Strip it review for some time now. Looks like I will be buying some for our smelly ass stash!!
    Alisha Duncan recently posted…He Will Be Our LastMy Profile

  6. I very, very rarely have to strip my diapers, but it’s great to know about products like these if/when the time comes.
    Jen recently posted…Top 5 Reasons to Cloth Diaper Your ChildMy Profile

  7. This is great info to pass on to a couple of friends that are expecting their first children. Hopefully they will follow your lead.
    Viv recently posted…International Women’s Day 2014My Profile

  8. I dont have any children but I would be using cloth diapers if I did. Glad to see there are products out there that work well!
    Diane recently posted…Get Your Carpets Clean with #EurekaPower ! #Giveaway #SponsoredMy Profile

  9. I’ve been on the fence about trying this… After this review, I’m picking up a pack! Thanks, Suzi!

  10. Thanks for the review. We just started solids and I have noticed our diapers are a little less than fresh. For the price, it seems worth picking up.

  11. Great review write up!
    I have a bunch of friends who use cloth diapers for their babies and will pass on this info to them!
    Mary Jo recently posted…Monster Jam Green Bay is Coming to the Resch Center April 5 – 6, 2014! {Giveaway Coming Soon!}My Profile

  12. I am fairly new to cloth diapering! I have not had to strip my diapers as of yet. This products sounds really good. Thank you for sharing!
    Bismah recently posted…20 Surprising Uses For Bobby PinsMy Profile

  13. I’m with you I much rather prefer Made in U.S. & Canada products over other countries. I feel the standards are higher it’s a shame everyone’s standards are not the same. Thanks for sharing about a product you purchased yourself and were not compensated by.
    DetroitMom (LaTonya Lewis) recently posted…#Blogger Opp: Subscription SpringMy Profile

  14. Thanks! I have family who use cloth diapers! They will love this!
    Tracers recently posted…Dandelion Wall Decal just $2.65 With FREE Shipping!My Profile

  15. It sounds like this is a good laundry product. I will have to look into them.
    Giveaways 4 Mom recently posted…Veggie Go’s ReviewMy Profile

  16. Hmm, this does sound good, but I’m wondering if the rocking green is working if you use it EVERY time and you still get stinkies. I may try the laundry tarts if I have baby #3.
    Amanda McMahon recently posted…Extreme Sports and Hiking in PhoenixMy Profile

    • Huh? I didn’t get stinkies with RnG except on a couple of overnight diapers for my son. I used the Strip It! when I tried switching detergents after my kids decided to douse the whole room in baby powder.

  17. Brenna W. says:

    I really need to get some Rockin’ Green for my stash 🙂

  18. Our diapers have been smelling so strong of ammonia lately, it’s awful! I have been trying various additives and different detergents. I might have to try these out!

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