Ella Bella Bum Trainers Review

Just before Christmas, I got something pretty awesome from Sam at Ella Bella Bum.  She sent out some Ella Bella Bum Trainers for testers… and we tested like you wouldn’t believe with Norton.  I’ve been meaning to write a post to extoll the virtues of the new Ella Bella Bum trainers, but I have to admit that I’ve been a little reluctant.  (And not because of the quality.)

Here’s the run down:

Ella Bella Bum Trainers Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

Like all Ella Bella Bum products, the Ella Bella Bum trainers are proudly made in Canada at the EBB shop in Welland, Ontario.  They are sized in small, medium, and large, with the intention of fitting 2T, 3T, and 4T respectively.  The Ella Bella Bum trainers have a hidden layer of PUL and adjustable side snaps.  The outer is a cotton knit for extra stretchy ability.  Like most trainers, these are intended to hold roughly one pee and will ensure that your child feels the wetness.

What’s Awesome About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

Like all EBB products, the Ella Bella Bum trainers are quite unique.  Instead of a mass produced, standard product made in a factory overseas, you’re getting a product designed by a mom with some funky, fun prints.  Norton’s Ella Bella Bum trainers has an orange stretchy knit band, yellow stretch panels with orange snaps, and astronaut puppies on a navy background.  Elements of the orange and yellow are found on the astronaut puppies.  He calls those particular undies his “Space Puppies.”Ella Bella Bum Trainers (Cloth DIaper Addicts)

I was reluctant, at first, because Norton had considered anything with snaps on them to be a diaper.  (And that’s part of why I had no love for Flip trainers.)  In this case, though, the fact that the rest of the construction resembles underwear made all the difference.  The snaps made it possible to get a better fit on Norton, while the stretchiness of the panels made it easy for Norton to pull them up and down.

As promised by Sam when she was making them, they really do hold about one pee.  The outside of the trainers may become wet if it’s enough of a pee (and not just a dribble as your little runs off to the potty), but you will not find a puddle on your floor.  This means that they are most definitely not suitable for naps or overnights if your little one will flood a diaper during those times, but they work quite well for potty training.

I have to admit, though Norton is actually potty trained, we still use trainers in his wardrobe because they are just so darned cute.  It’s how this addict is managing to wean herself off of diapers.

What’s Not Awesome About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

This one part that is not awesome is part of why I put off on writing this review for so long.

It has nothing to do with the quality.  (As always, I’m impressed with the quality that comes from the Ella Bella Bum team.)

It’s actually a little bit of selfishness on my part.  Ella Bella Bum trainers sell out so quickly at stockings that I was kind of sort of keeping it a bit of a secret so that I could have a better chance of getting some more for myself when she has them on sale!

The Bottom Line

The price point on Ella Bella Bum trainers is a bit higher than most brands: $30 a pair.  But like most EBB products, they’ll hold their resale value nicely.  There’s also the added benefit of knowing that they are ethically made in Canada by a small mom-owned business.  Functionally, they work exactly as intended.  I totally recommend them.  (But please, any size but boy friendly medium, as those are what I buy for Norton!)

You can find Ella Bella Bum trainers at the Ella Bella Bum store.  Stockings are on Thursdays and sell out in minutes!

About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. They seem kind of like blueberry trainers but with snaps, that’s awesome.

  2. These are out of my price range, unfortunately, but look amazing! I love the prints and have heard great things about EBB!

  3. They are so cute and I would actually love to test some trainers on my son. We are trying to potty train but he is somewhat stubborn. He loves to go on the potty only if I give him treats. I have learned to randomly give treats so that he doesn’t expect it every time he goes.
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  4. I wasn’t aware of these, thanks for sharing. We are going to have a push for potty training my 2 year old over the summer.

  5. I can’t wait to start using cloth trainers with my daughter! I won a couple from different brands a few months ago, but Ella Bella Bum always has such cute prints!
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  6. I am so glad I am out of this stage at our house!!! Thanks for sharing though. I had never seen these before.
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  7. These look awesome! A great idea! If I ever pt again…i will need to try these!
    Amber recently posted…Grateful Monday! Last Monday of April!!My Profile

  8. I’m not part of the cloth diaper community but I had considered it at one point in a couple of my pregnancies. It excites me that there are cloth trainers & I am headed to check them out now. Thank you for sharing!
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  9. I like the idea of snaps for a better fit but still giving the feel of underwear, but unfortunately I don’t think I could rationalize the cost 🙁

  10. I had no idea that she made trainers! As another commenter mentioned, these do remind me of Blueberry brand but with snaps. Love it!

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