Buyer Beware – Cloth Diapers on eBay

This morning, I was perusing eBay.  Sometimes I go through to see if there are any hard to find cloth diapers on eBay.  Maybe it’s something that I’m looking for (like an AMP Very Cherry) or it’s something I already have and I’m curious what I could realistically sell it for when the time comes.  Or, you know, maybe it’s just because I’m cloth diaper obsessed and have too much time on my hands.  Whatever.

Buyer Beware - Cloth Diapers on eBay (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Either way you slice it, browsing for cloth diapers on eBay is something that many do.  Sometimes it’s the veteran cloth diaperer like myself who knows what to look for.  There are also times that it’s the brand spanking new person who is trying to build her stash in a cost effective manner.  But then she’s heard a bit about how a certain brand is the best… so if, let’s say that bumGenius is “the very best” (and it is something that I recommend to newbies because of how broad the appeal is) and eBay is the place to find deals, then she might find herself making a decision that’s not so great.

Like this listing: (click to enlarge)

Buyer Beware - Cloth Diapers on eBay (Cloth Diaper Addicts)There are a lot of things to pick apart, but first, a little info about buying premium brand cloth diapers on eBay:

Premium Cloth Diapers on eBay Aren’t Sold by Authorized Retailers

Unless you purchase your cloth diapers from an authorized retailer, you do not have the benefit of manufacturer’s warranty.  So if your diaper’s stitching comes undone, snaps break, or elastics come un-sewn, you have no recourse.  Hopefully you’re one of those people who can fix things yourself.  If it’s delamination on a diaper you’ve had for a week, then you’re just plain out of luck.  No warranty, no ability to repair.

Premium Cloth Diapers on eBay Aren’t Always Authentic

There are unscrupulous folks on eBay who will sell counterfeits as the real deal.  So, not only are you not getting warranty protection, you’re possibly not even getting real product.

Cheap Cloth Diapers on eBay Are Often Cheap Quality

I explained last week why I don’t recommend China Cheapies to newbies.  Some of the China Cheapie cloth diapers on eBay are the worst offenders for just being crap.  (Yes, Baby City, I’m talking to you.)  That means that someone trying to start cloth diapers ends up with garbage… and lack of support, and then often gives up.

Cloth Diapers on eBay Aren’t Always Honest

Now to pick apart the listing that I found that prompted this blog post.

Buyer Beware - Cloth Diapers on eBay (Cloth Diaper Addicts)1.) Yes, it’s a new diaper.  But, no, it’s not even remotely hard to find.  While it is a Genius Series diaper, it’s the only one that’s not at any risk of becoming hard to find; it’s still sold in stores and has been available in those stores for around two years.

2.) For $45 USD?  No.  Just… no.  That diaper is still available at bumGenius authorized retailers.  I can get a Flip for $17.95 CDN in the Great White North… but Americans can get the Flip for $14.95 USD.  The most expensive bumGenius product, the bumGenius Elemental, is available in this print for $30.95 CDN or $28.95 USD.

3.) You’d think that the “top seller” badge and the high feedback would mean that this is a great seller who won’t rip you off.  Since she’s marked this diaper up 100% and you get zero protection beyond eBay’s PayPal dispute, you’d be hooped.  I doubt you could argue that the hard to find label falls under “product not as described.”

4.) This is the only part of the listing that I don’t find offensively scammy.  Yes, it’s a bumGenius Freetime… but a diligent buyer will know that it’s a readily available product.

The moral of the story?  If you decide to buy cloth diapers on eBay, do your research.  Make sure you check out actual stores (even if it’s only online and you have no brick and mortar locations within several hours of your home) so that you can learn a bit more on what it’s all about.

Have you ever bought cloth diapers on eBay?  How was your experience?

Where to buy bumGenius prints (authorized retailers, some affiliate links): CozyBums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)


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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Anastasia says:

    Ok, yeah it’s TECHNICALLY an “all-in-one” But BG makes at least 2 STYLES (3 if you count newborn) CURRENTLY. So unless it says ELSEWHERE in the listing EXACTLY which style it is……… could ALSO think you’re buying 1 style & be ticked when another arrives! (Elemental vs Freetime, the horror)

    And I’m with you one every other point as well! Also the company’s NAME is misspelled. Um if you sell enough of “Bem Genius” at some point wouldn’t you know to FIX the headers? (sigh)

    This is also the case for ASKING in a reputable group of veterans, lol!

  2. Rachel N says:

    This makes me mad! Why do people feel the need to scam others? If you truly have a hard to find diaper then whatever but why lie? I really really really hope people do their research before paying big bucks for a diaper.

  3. Great tips and suggestion for newbies. I always price shop before deciding on making my purchases. People need to know that eBay isn’t always the cheapest.

  4. Sad. Hopefully no one buys it for that price!

  5. Jodi Armstrong says:

    I’ve never bought on ebay– i’m so worried of scams. i have bought some things on ebay before (like gym mats) & had a 100% great experience, but for some reason diapers always worry me. there’s so much fraud & if it’s not SO cheap compared to a reputable retailer- i don’t buy. guess i haven’t found that diamond in the rough 🙂

  6. Wow! I can’t believe someone would label Albert as HTF! That is a complete lie.

  7. Lindsay H says:

    I was just looking at diapers on eBay the other day and noticed that the prices were way higher than actual cloth diaper stores for many of the diapers still available! So scamalicious!

  8. I have bought two things from eBay, both of which were from a seller that I personally knew. But this advice should be followed by all buyers: Buyer beware. You should always do research to find the best price. I often check between multiple sites to find the lowest price at the moment. Just because it is sold on eBay does not mean you are getting a bargain.
    Heather Johnson recently posted…Reconsidering My Stance on Child-free RestaurantsMy Profile

  9. Laurie P says:

    I just stick to local retailers…never been a fan of ebay anyway.

  10. larry c says:

    i love ebay for many things. i have both bought and sold clothies on the bay. but i am sorry, i am looking for deals when shopping there. never more than i can get it for at my local clothie retailer (the green nursery in bloomington indiana). would be willing to buy again if the price is right and it is somethign i am looking for

  11. Delacey says:

    Back when I was relatively new to CD I would look on ebay, but had two problems- I would try to refine searches so that the product was only mailing from Canada- but still got all the China diapers showing up. The other problem was that I would see a listing for a diaper with an unfamiliar name and I would try googling it and only find the ebay listing. So I only checked out ebaby a couple of times. I had much better success finding things on Kijiji by checking every couple of days and got better deals for only prepped or gently used diapers.

  12. heather says:

    I have bought and sold diapers on ebay but always do my research on pricing now. I got burned a few times in the beginning. Also never buy from someone with less than 100 % positive feedback. There are a ton of listings I have seen used dipes at or above retail, but not everyone is out to scam you.

  13. Jenn Smith says:

    That’s awful, I was so afraid of people like this as a rookie. I stalked fb groups and blogs before I started buying. Thank goodness for blogs like this!

  14. Jenelle says:

    This is really helpful. I am still pregnant with my first but I fully intended on shopping around on ebay!

  15. This would definitely make me wary of buying diapers from ebay! It is amazing how unscrupulous people can be! This is definitely important information 🙂
    Ashleigh Swerdfeger recently posted…25/27 weeks- Pregnancy UpdateMy Profile

  16. Stephanie Slavy says:

    I’ll definitely be watching for these while browsing ebay.

  17. Thanks for the heads up!
    dspence recently posted…Sleep So FarMy Profile

  18. Thanks for the heads up! I plan to start cloth diapering with our first and am a little nervous. Seems like there are so many do’s and don’ts! I think I will stick to avoiding ebay for cloth diapers altogether.
    Kaycee @ My Crafty Zoo recently posted…xBox One Giveaway US Ends 6/16My Profile

  19. Judith Martinez says:

    I spent quite a bit of time perusing e-bay when I was first trying to build my stash and I gave up. Everything was nearly as expensive as new and once you added shipping, forget it. I ended up going with local sellers on Craig’s list.

  20. Kylie M. says:

    Thanks for the advice!

  21. Ooh good to know, I definitely won’t be buying diapers from eBay!

  22. I try to avoid products that are made in China. I like Canadian products and will spend a little more for a diaper that I know will be great quality!

  23. Melissa E says:

    Sometimes deals on Ebay look so tempting, but this is a good reminder to be careful!

  24. Donna-Lynn Craig says:

    Great article!!! New cloth diapering parents should read this to avoid scammers. Nothing upsets me more than scammers. I used to buy a lot on Ebay, but now I don’t bother. There are better deals else where.

  25. Rachel N says:

    Never bought a cloth diaper, but I will keep this in mind for the future.

  26. Ebay is a scam all the way around. The problem is Ebay has also made it so that Seller beware is true as well. My husband sells on eBay constantly. He is not at home and I had to close up some of his sales. So this dude buys something electronic. Starts a return and then sends back a similar but very different looking item by the same brand that is a completely different series of item and Ebay takes his side when I refuse to refund the money. My husband says this is the cost of doing business on eBay. eBay will always take the side of the buyer and he has lost over 4K in product this way over the years of selling on eBay.

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