Econobums Jules and Other Rumors

Everyone is still obsessed with Jules.  There have been memes about it.  There have been flame wars, there have been Facebook threads deleted, and there have been tantrums.  And rumors.  Oh, yes, there have most definitely been rumors.  The latest rumor that I’ve heard has been that there will be an Econobums Jules kit released.

I like to think that when it comes to information on what’s happening with a new line of diapers, there are three places to find out for sure: the manufacturer, your local retailer, or a reputable cloth diaper blogger.  I’m going to be arrogant enough to consider myself one of those folks.  But things that show up through the Facebook rumor mill can be notoriously unreliable.

Anyway, back to the Econobums Jules kit rumor.  After an image spent a day floating around the internet, Libby, head of marketing for Cotton Babies, put out an image in an effort to resolve the Econobums Jules rumors once and for all.

Econobums Jules and RumorsIn the days of Photoshop, it doesn’t take much to make a magical image.  Heck, when we were getting ready for the AppleCheeks Steel Me reveal, I made an AppleCheeks “mystery diaper” by changing the color on an existing AppleCheeks color to grey in order to imply “hidden identity” and put a question mark over it.

Imagine my surprise when they revealed a grey diaper that was very close to the color I’d used for the mystery diaper image.  That doesn’t mean that I had some sort of advanced knowledge (because I didn’t), but it shows that even things that look like it would be totally legit can be faked with a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

So we’ve got it from Cotton Babies, ladies.  Econobums Jules ain’t happenin’.  And there’s no official word on what the companion Genius Series diaper to Audrey will be, either.  (But Jennifer Labit has said that there will be one.  Just not when.)

With that in mind… I’ll leave you some Cotton Babies Jules memes.  What’s your favorite?


jules meme 2

jules meme 1




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  1. Anastasia says:

    I LOVE the Hand drawn one, & I’ve seen more people do that as well. DEFINITELY sharing this with the artist!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I really did not and still dislike Jules. I have seen people do some crazy things for it.

  3. I dont get the ‘gaga’ over Jules.. I guess because there is SUCH a limit on boy prints maybe? it’s gender neutral so everyone wants one? Not to mention there’s a bunch of clothes that could match.. so I guess I see but not the extreme. I like the ‘vault’ meme the best!!!
    Jill S recently posted…Whack a mole: Mentally preparing for ‘plastic surgery’My Profile

  4. People are so crazy sometimes. People, remember, this is just a diaper. 😉
    Heather Johnson recently posted…Cell Phones Can Cause Allergic ReactionsMy Profile

  5. I actually have a Jules for a future kiddo and I like it but I’m tempted to sell it since people are going crazy for it! :/

  6. Laurie P says:

    this was entertaining lol. Great looking diaper, but really….it catches poop.

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