Funky Fluff 2.0 Review

For the sake of disclosure, I received this Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 cloth diaper to review. I’m far too opinionated to let something like that influence my opinion!

When Maman Loup let me know that the new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 was in need of reviewers, I jumped on the chance.  I really loved the original incarnation of the Funky Fluff Stay Dry (which I used primarily as a pocket diaper), so I was excited to see what would come next.

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff is a Canadian home-based business started by two moms and friends in the Toronto area. Kathy and Tricia spent many a night after their kids were in bed designing a diaper. Their versatile designs and contrasting colors made Funky Fluff happen. These ladies are also exceptionally giving. They’ve been known to help Cloth for a Cause, my personal favorite charity, on more than one occasion.

What’s Changed in the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0?

The original Funky Fluff diaper had double gussets, but the new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 has done away with the double gusset system.  The middle of the diaper is a bit narrower for a trimmer fit.  The inserts are just a tiny bit narrower to accommodate the slimmer design.  The back elastics are a bit wider.

Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 Review and Giveaway, Cloth Diaper Addicts

What’s Awesome About These Changes?

When you’ve got a newborn, double gussets are king. It’s pretty much a necessity for containing runny breastfed newborn baby poo, especially if you’ve got a once a week pooper. However, once you get past that stage, the double gussets are less convenient, particularly in the “peanut butter poo” stage. Getting rid of the double gussets has made it far more convenient to use the shell as an all-in-two; the microsuede-topped insert can just lie on top instead of on top of double gussets. This also gives a trimmer fit when taking advantage of the all-in-two option.

The narrower middle and the narrower inserts? That means that you’ll have no problems tucking your Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 diaper under a pair of jeans. Plus, less bulk overall makes for a much better looking fit.

The widening of the back elastics is a comfort measure. You know how sometimes you get that sock line on your legs after you take the socks off? That’s from the pressure of the elastics. Not a crucial issue, but it’s not particularly attractive. We like to see it even less on our babies who can’t verbalize if it’s too much pressure or whatnot. That wider elastic means that the pressure point is distributed over a wider area, which means red “sock line” reduction and more comfortable fit.

Funky Fluff 2.0 Stay Dry Review and GiveawayWhat’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0?

I’m seriously in love with all of the changes. They’re little things, but those little things added up to make one really, seriously cool diaper. I’ve always been a fan of the contrasting snaps on the PUL, and this hasn’t changed. It’s an awesome little diaper… and I think I should add more to my already excessive stash just for the color combos!

I also love the fact that it’s a diaper that comes with options. I love versatile diapers that can be used in a number of ways, and the pocket/all-in-two option of Funky Fluff never disappoints.

About Those Options…

Now there are even more options available. Once upon a time, when you bought a Funky Fluff diaper, you got the inserts that you got and that was it. Now, for those who love to use the Funky Fluff as an all-in-two, you can order additional inserts so that you can get two changes out of your Funky Fluff shell instead of one. Or (and this is one of my FAVORITE new options with the Funky Fluff a la carte ordering) if you like the stay dry shell and bamboo inserts, you can just order the bamboo inserts separately to use in your Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 as a pocket.

What Would I Change?

There’s really only one area that I would change on the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0. It’s a really minor, petty thing, but it’s worth mentioning… otherwise it would just be a perfect review. The hip snap? It’s awesome for preventing wing droop issues, and I love it. But it snaps into the bottom row and I’d prefer it to snap into the top, just because the hip snap is usually the last snap that I use. That, however, is such a minor issue that’s just a personal preference that it doesn’t impact the overall awesomeness of the diaper.

Bottom Line?

I thought that the original Funky Fluff Fusion was a great pocket diaper. Thanks to these changes, the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 is now an awesome all-in-two diaper, too. So if you aren’t the lucky winner, you should most definitely go out and buy a few to add to your stash!


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About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Patricia says:

    Bought one at the baby show in Toronto! Can’t wait to try it out (baby isn’t here yet)

  2. Laurie P says:

    We recently tried one. I’ve had to try a bunch (a big bunch) of different brands because of my little ones massive thighs and the sizing of this diaper was super impressive! There is enough room around the leg, which is kinda rare for us these days. Looks trim as well. Highly recommenced for the chunkiest of babies for sure!

  3. jessica says:

    I recently met the funky fluff girls at a baby store in town and fell in love with their diapers, as did my husband who had some reservations about cloth diapering, so thank you for the review.

  4. Donna-Lynn Craig says:

    I may have to try one of these. I’ve heard good things about this diaper. I like the new print that just came out. So adorable!!!


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