AMP Diapers – 5 Reasons to <3 Them

I have a wide variety of diapers in my cloth diaper stash.  AMP diapers are among them.  Recently, I saw a mom ask which is “better,” AMP or Ella Bella Bum.  I have and love both, and there’s no comparing the two of them.  Really, it’s like apples and oranges.

I can easily itemize why I love my AMP diapers.

5 Reasons to Love AMP Diapers

1.) I love AMP diapers for color coordination

When it comes to coordinating my daughter’s outfits with her diapers, AMP diapers are one of my favorite choices.  They have a plethora of solid colors.  Solid colors are the easiest to coordinate.

2.) AMP diapers stay in print longer

There’s another Canadian brand that I love but won’t name here.  They come out with a new color and retire another every six months.  AMP diapers have a longer time before discontinuation, so that means that they are easier to find without breaking the bank.

3.) AMP diapers are made in Canada

I have a preference for products made in North America.  Yes, a large part of it is because I prefer to support the economies of either the country of my birth or the country of my choice.  But when I choose a diaper made in Canada, I know that the diaper is made ethically and will adhere to manufacturing standards for both the product and the employee.

4.) AMP diapers has great customer service

If you have an issue, AMP will be right there to support.  They’re a great, small company that has not grown too fast for their own health.  They still retain the values that have made them a great diaper to use over several years.

5.) If you are looking for a “HTF” color from another brand, AMP may have it

Sometimes when people are looking for a hard to find color, they are looking for it for collection.  Other times, they are looking for it because it’s just plain beautiful.  I love navy blue right now.  It’s in season and is perfect with the contrasting blues, whites, and reds of the nautical look.  I could either kill myself trying to find a long discontinued AppleCheeks color and spend a fortune with collectors, or I can go to Cozy Bums and buy a brand new AMP diaper in Navy.  This holds true for multiple colors in multiple brands.  (This does not mean that AMP is lifting colors; there are multiple brands that have the exact same colors.  It just means that AMP keeps them in print often longer than other brands.  See reason #2.)

6.) AMP inserts are AMAZING!

I am truly in love with AMP hemp inserts.  The three layer works well overnight for Eudora, the lightest wetter this side of the Canadian border.  The two layer is my new favorite insert to use in multiple brands.  In fact, I love them so much that they will get their own blog post soon.

Have you used AMP diapers?  Did you love them as much as I do?

You can find AMP Diapers at Cozy Bums!  (Lots of different packages available, too!)

About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I have never tried AMP because I live in the US. AMP is really hard to come by around here, at least in my neck of the woods. I do love all the colors though!

  2. Delacey says:

    Love my AMP’s. They are my night time diaper with the AMP trifold and a cotton or bamboo booster. The fit is great- and some of their prints are just great like Paris 🙂

  3. Great selection of colors! I want navy blue!

  4. Celeste says:

    I absolutely love AMP inserts – the hemp ones are awesome!

  5. Haven’t tried AMP yet, though you’re a really great saleswoman, I must say. The colors, the cute fit…I could really go for these, esp. on my newborn due this July!
    Anne Sweden recently posted…Woolino Healthy Summer Giveaway: Cloth Diapers, Natural Baby Gear and More!My Profile

  6. Laurie P says:

    Some great reasons! Love love love the colors. Haven’t tried them yet. Must fix that quick.

  7. I love their selection. My favorite print is the elephants. 😉

  8. Steph M says:

    navy! I’m going to cozybums now. This is bad.

  9. Steph M says:

    Nope. They’re all out. 🙁

  10. Rachel N says:

    The Paris print is one of my favorites. I love that they have so many different colors available.

  11. Vanessa Kinch says:

    I just ordered three of these. Thanks for the tip on the sale.

  12. Steph M says:

    Lol. I’ve got a 10% off coupon at So Green Baby and I’m seriously considering just ordering one there. I don’t know what to do! I’ve never wanted a diaper before. Sigh.

  13. Leilani Y. says:

    Do you prefer the hemp or bamboo? I was leaning towards getting bamboo until I heard about the hemp and I am just curious of your opinion on those inserts.

    • I’ve been using the hemp insert. I love it. I just got my first AMP bamboo insert to go in my Charlie Bananas because the hemp is too thick for those. So I’ll let you know after it’s prepped and I’ve used it a few times!

  14. Tracy Dennison says:

    Can we get these in the US? I think I want a few!

    • Yup, you can! I’m not sure what stores sell them in the States, but Cozy Bums will ship those to the States upon request.

  15. Tracy Dennison says:

    Can we get these in the US? I think I want a few!

  16. Stephanie P. says:

    Now I’m curious to try these. Wonder how hard it will be to get my hands on some.

  17. I just ordered these diapers! Can’t wait to start using them 🙂

  18. Mia Hicks says:

    Thanks for sharing! Excited to be able to try these at some point.

  19. Kylie M. says:

    These are super cute

  20. Melissa says:

    You can buy AMPs at some US retailers. There is a list in the FB group AMP & ME

  21. The Cloth Buttique, based out of Manitoba (home of AMP) also ships internationally. Karyn is a great resource for all things cloth diaper and green home and family.

  22. AMP lover says:

    I absolutely love AMP for all the reasons you say and then some. My little one outgrew apple cheeks 1 so quickly. aMPs longer wing tabs allow for better fit around chunky thighs. They have so many options including fantastic sized diapers, perfect OS, AIO, pocket or AI2. The larger ruffles also seem to better contain mess and are oh, so cute! I wish more people knew about AMP. They are a hidden gem in the cloth diapering world! Glad to see you spreading the #ampdiaperlove

  23. Kristen says:

    I’m so happy you posted this! I started with AMP and also collected another brand but just couldn’t get into the craze and addiction enough to spend $40+ on a used diaper, not to mention the drama it causes when there are moms all looking for the same color.
    AMP customer service is by far the best and they have an option for every cloth diapering mom! I love that I can buy the one size and use it for a long time, Rather than having to spend double the money on two sizes… and trying to get all the colors in both sizes.
    AMP deserves recognition for all they do and we love them here.
    Spread the #ampdiaperlove♡

  24. AMP lover says:

    Check out Bear Bums too. They ship to US!

  25. Naturally Loved in denver, co carries a good stock of AMP diapers and I am sure they ship, for those of us in the US.

  26. Abbey R. says:

    I have only heard good things about these diapers. Thanks for posting this…I wouldn’t have known about them keeping the colors around because I agree it is really annoying when brands discontinue things on a consistent basis! I hope someday to try one of these diapers for my girls. The gussets are what intrigued me in the beginning.

  27. Donna-Lynn Craig says:

    I have one Amp diaper. It’s a one size and I love the print (wee trunks). I like it, but wish it fit a bit bigger since my boy is chunky. He is on the last snap. I hope he starts thinning out soon, cause they really are great diapers.

  28. Surf is my current favorite color!

  29. I really love AMP Diapers. I find the fit like no other diaper I’ve tried and since finding them have converted 90% of my stash to them 🙂 I use their OS pockets and stuff with bamboo….LOVE! They’ve fit perfect since 10lbs and my 16month old is still rocking them on the medium rise. I also REALLY love how “soft” the elastics are on chunky baby thighs….I have never had red marks with AMPs and we always get them with other brands; apple cheeks, BG’s, Fuzzibuns….etc I love them! I’ve exclusively CD since birth and we’ve only ever had one blowout with AMPs ….it was in the car too…so I hardly count it 😉 lolGreat post!


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