Natural Fiber Inserts for Us!

For the last four years, I’ve been just fine with the microfiber inserts that came with the majority of our cloth diapers.  I always figured anyone who just had to use natural fiber inserts all the time were overstating the wonders of natural fiber or understating the benefits of microfiber.

Until now.

Natural Fiber Inserts for Us! (Cloth Diaper Addicts) Since I started using Ella Bella Bum and AMP Duo diapers, I’ve been using AMP hemp inserts to stuff.  (Just those particular brands, though.  If microfiber is fine and the inserts that come with the diapers fit and do the job, why change?)  Recently, though, I noticed something: Eudora would have to be changed more frequently if we used a microfiber insert.  As much as I love my plethora of cloth diapers and matching her diapers to her outfits, I have zero love for the drama of changing her: the screaming, the twisting, the attempting to kick my wrist with the foot she wrestles free, etc.

And she’s starting to wet more heavily during the day.  In a microfiber insert, I’d have to change her in under two hours.  When using natural fiber inserts, I could go longer.  (While I’d rather change her more frequently, I prefer not sustaining damage to my wrist from the kicking.)  So with that in mind, I’ve started “upgrading” my inserts.

I’ve found that the AMP hemp insert is my very favorite: it’s relatively cheap for good quality hemp, it holds up very well, and it’s made in Canada.  Another insert choice that I have a lot of regard for is the Thirsties Duo insert in either hemp or stay dry.  (The hemp is just a hemp insert; the stay dry has a thin microfiber insert covered with microsuede that snaps to the hemp.)

AMP hemp is my preferred insert in AMP diapers, Ella Bella Bum, Charlie Banana, and original FuzziBunz one size diapers.  I prefer the Thirsties inserts in the wider crotch diapers like bumGenius 4.0 and the 2013 FuzziBunz Elite.  I’ve got an AppleCheeks two layer bamboo that I’m trying out, along with an AMP bamboo insert that I need to prep to try.

Have you made the switch to natural fiber inserts?  What’s your favorite?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Laurie P says:

    I’ve grown to really dislike microfiber inserts. I’ve got a chunky baby who falls hard on her bum, so you can imagine what happens when she hits the floor. I have some bamboo inserts, a few hemp, but mostly I’ve replaced all my microfiber inserts with a pad folded flat. Working very well…those things are very absorbent.

  2. Delacey says:

    For night we use hemp and bamboo inserts. Daytime we have some microfiber, but I usually won’t have her wear those out of the house, they just don’t have enough absorbency for a couple of hours in the carseat.

  3. I love flats or prefolds in pocket diapers 🙂 Simple, easy to clean, cheap, effective! (And in hindsight I’m wondering how much of my toddler’s epic pee-leaks were due to compression leaks. When we switched to large flats instead of microfiber inserts we seemed to have less leaks, so I’m happy either way!) 🙂
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  4. AMP is a great alternative to AppleCheeks if you want to save a little money. I’m not sure whether I like hemp or bamboo better….but the great thing is, I don’t feel like I have to choose. LOL
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  5. I personally the Stay Dry inserts from Best Bottom. I do use come bamboo inserts though too.
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  6. After almost 5 years of cloth diapering I can say I HATE microfiber now. If I could have I would of started with all natural fibers… AMP, Applecheeks and any and all WAHM diapers (fitteds/hybrids) We are starting potty learning and we are only using prefolds now…
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  7. Rachel N says:

    I use mostly natural fiber inserts and diapers but I do have some microfiber. I just know that when I use microfiber I will need to change my daughter a bit sooner. Luckily my girly is not a heavy wetter so it’s not a huge deal. My favorite inserts are also Thirsties, the hemp inserts and hemp prefolds by them are AMAZING.

  8. Melissa says:

    I haven’t tried natural fibers yet but I am definitely going to buy some hemp and bamboo inserts to try them out.

  9. I’m trying to stock up on bamboo and hemp….drowning in microfiber right now! 😉

  10. Leilani Y says:

    I will definitely keep that in mind. I am in between the hemp and the bamboo still but I want one that wont hurt my pocket so much!

  11. Rebecca Harden says:

    Goodness, seems like quite a bit of people dislike microfiber. I’m always hearing good things about bamboo and hemp though!

    • Microfiber isn’t a terrible thing in and of itself, but I guess it’s kind of a “gateway” insert. I used and loved my microfiber for four years of daytime use. It’s only since Eudora started wetting more heavily in the day that I decided I’d pass on it.

  12. just started cd’ng and bought a few microfiber pockets….not so pleased….great article.
    wish i read this before.

    • What kind? Not all microfiber is created equal. I’ve had 3 year old worn out FuzziBunz microfiber outperform brand spanking new AlvaBaby bamboo AND microfiber inserts.

  13. Jenelle says:

    I’d really like more bamboo and hemp

  14. I love using prefolds and bamboo to stuff my pockets. My daughter was leaking through all her clothes and I almost gave up. I contacted my local CD store ( and they taught me about compression leaks with microfiber. Using natural fibers no more compression leaks! And I think they wash better too.

  15. Judith Martinez says:

    I’m working on switching most of my micro fiber inserts for flats. I love how much easier they are to wash.

  16. Cassandra Rae says:

    We love natural fibers in this house! 100% cotton, organic cotton, bamboo and hemp among favourites!

  17. Just started cloth diapering and I have been naturally drawn to the natural fiber inserts and thirsties diapers have been my absolute favorite so far!I wasn’t sure if the natural fibers were actually better or if I was just being snobby. I’m glad to know there is a reason to be picky! Thanks for the recommendations!

  18. When I first started CD’ing I figured the natural fibers were just “extras” like you said. Boy was I wrong.
    My first natural fiber was an AC 3 ply bamboo and I fell in love! I have to say I prefer the 2 layer with a booster because its more flexible but both are great products!

  19. Kelly Faber says:

    I have never tried the microfiber inserts! Only bamboo and organic cotton…..Natural fibers are the very best!! 🙂

  20. My dislike of microfiber started early… because I hate the way it feels. I dreaded stuffing pockets because I didn’t want to touch it. I replaced all of it with Thirsties hemp inserts and I love them!

  21. Thank you for the tip! I will be new to cloth diapering when the baby is born. 😀 Can’t wait to meet our little one!
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  22. Theresa L says:

    I hate microfiber. I don’t like the way it feels and that I have to stuff pockets. I like to use flats or prefolds on top of my pockets instead. and stuff the pockets for grandma or babysitters

  23. Steph M says:

    I too switched to natural fibres late in the game. I think it’s because I started with a stash of size small brand new fuzzibunz. My friend, as you’ve said, those are good mf inserts. They are still fluffy and wonderful…but my 4mo who is now wearing them is a *heavy* wetter. So when she was 8 weeks old, we tried out GroVia cotton/bamboo as well as Bummis cotton. They both work equally well. I first tried an AppleCheeks two-layer but it was so expensive I couldn’t justify dropping another $150, even if it is so, so trim. So I just ordered another package of Bummis (6/$18, people!!!) for my now-2yo, whose diapers are made up of mostly one-size Alvas and borrowed Giggle Baby shells. (I second what you said about old, used FB mf inserts outperforming newer China cheapies.)

  24. I have all AMP and Applecheeks diapers and I only use the hemp and bamboo inserts with them!

  25. Donna-Lynn Craig says:

    I don’t like using microfiber. I have a few bamboo inserts and some hemp inserts. Sometimes they work great on my 6 month old, but other times they don’t. He pees very fast sometimes and it just leaks. I use flower sac towels and find this is better to stop leaks.

  26. We have all microfiber so far, but this is making me think I should get some hemp. Especially for nighttime!
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  27. I haven’t tried natural fibers yet, but I’m going to! So far I’ve just used the microfibers that come with my pocket diapers. I have 1 Soft Bums diaper and am thinking about getting a bamboo insert. Hard to decide where to spend the money! Thanks for the info.

  28. Melissa E says:

    I’ve been looking more and more into natural inserts.

  29. Amanda Young says:

    I just hate touching the microfiber, so I’m looking into getting more natural fibers. Thanks for the suggestions!

  30. I have never liked microfiber inserts. They just don’t feel good, even if they are not in direct contact with the baby’s skin. I also don’t like the xtra work of having to stuff pockets, so I great prefer prefolds and covers.

  31. Amy Wright says:

    Hemp is our nighttime solution. I’ve loved Thirsties hemp inserts too.

  32. I am excited to try hemp inserts from Thirsties. They are being shipped today and are my first non-microfiber inserts.

  33. Jenelle says:

    I plan to use natural inserts as much as I can but I’m sure there will be times where I use the microfibre!

  34. I was hoping that you would say hemp insert worked well. I have my eyes set on using covers and hoping to use hemp inserts.

  35. We have all microfiber but I have a daughter who hates being changed. I dislike my microfiber at times because all the sudden they’ll start leaking if she decides to sit down hard because of what a heavy wetter she is. I never thought about using natural fibers to avoid having to change her as often.

  36. sherry blamer says:

    I dont have any issues with my microfiber inserts. I love using mine I have the kawaii micros which are awesome. I also have two that were made in china which dont last nearly as long as my kawaii inserts.

  37. Steph Ryan says:

    I was fine with microfiber in the beginning but now I am trying to switch out all my inserts to natural fibers, I just like them so much better.

  38. i had a few NB bamboo that were great. sadly they dont fit anymore.

  39. Most of our stash is microfiber all-in-ones, and while we don’t hate them (they are Hubby’s favorite), I have recently fallen in love with flour sack towels (from the housewares department) and, of course, added hemp at bedtime.
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  40. I’ve never tried any natural fiber inserts, but I’m not opposed to trying them!

  41. Bianca Munoz says:

    We pretty much only use microfiber, since thats usually what all my diapers come with.
    We have a couple charcoal. And then prefolds, would that be considered natural fiber?

  42. I am prepping the Wink hemp inserts to start switching out for some of my microfiber. I do find the hemp absorbs so much more and I do not have to constanty worry about leaking.

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