Reasons to Avoid ClothDiapers.Us.Com

Generally, I avoid calling out specific sites.  Yes, there are stores out there that I love and will flog to anyone who will listen… but I’ve only come across two cloth diaper stores that are so darned gross that I never want anyone to shop with them.  Ever.  The first was Shop Diaper.  Lindsay of Maman Loup’s Den did a wonderful post explaining what’s so awful about them.  So did The Anti-June Cleaver (and her readers’ comments).  They did it so well that there was no need to reinvent the wheel; they said it all.  Today, I learned about a new gross place.  They are ClothDiaper.Us.Com.  I won’t link them because I don’t want anyone to click to them from my site.

Reasons to Avoid ClothDiapers.Us.Com - Cloth Diaper Addicts

ClothDiaper.Us.Com Lures You In

When I took a look at ClothDiaper.Us.Com this morning, the first thing that I saw was their home page.  It’s not an ugly site by any stretch of the imagination.  Not to my tastes and not using a shopping cart that I like, but it looks like a legit site when you first take a look.  And look!  Such great deals!

Reasons to avoid ClothDiapers.Us.Com

To see a larger image, click.

1.) High quality pocket diapers from $4.79 – Limited time offer

2.) Up to 73% off + Free Pocket Diaper insert – Today Only!

3.) Free shipping world wide $49!

4.) 3% off for new customers

Incredible!  What a great opportunity to save!  I have to give them credit: they’ve done a great job marketing their site to appear to both have great deals and to create a sense of urgency.  With all of these short term offers and 3% off and a low global free shipping amount, it looks like something the consumer can’t miss out on.

But when you look a little deeper…

That “high quality pocket diaper” banner?  It looks like it should click, but it leads to nothing.

The “73% off” banner also takes you to nothing.

Sure, the free shipping sounds great, but what are they shipping?  Same with the 3%.  Critical thinking is important.  A business exists to make money.  Yes, of course, a lot of businesses are owned by very nice people, but if the business doesn’t make money, they can’t afford to stay open.  How is ClothDiapers.Us.Com able to have such deep discounts and still turn a profit?  After all, $4.79 for a “high quality pocket diaper” is less than wholesale on a reputable brand of diaper.

Since nothing flashy is clickable, scroll down.

Then You See It’s Overpriced Garbage

Reasons to Avoid ClothDiaper.Us.Com

ShopDiaper diapers are unreliable, cheaply made diapers that are really not much better than disposables.  That 64% off price?  It’s not a discount at all.  It’s the same price at (with the same “limited time discount” that never goes away).  Sunny Baby are the exact same price, too.

When chatting with my fellow fluffy bloggers, one of them thought that it was the same garbage site as, just a redirect.  The WhoIs information on who actually owns the websites indicates that they are different shady site owners.

And the “specials” aren’t that special.


Reasons to Avoid ClothDiaper.Us.Com - Cloth Diaper Addicts

This AlvaBaby “special” isn’t all that special.

Check out that gorgeous “Alva Sunflower Printed Waterproof Reusable Washable One Size Pocket Cloth Diapers” image.  68% off sounds like a SMOKING hot deal that you should jump on.  But… as much as I don’t recommend China Cheapies in general and have no love for AlvaBaby in particular, I hate people being ripped off even more.  You can buy an AlvaBaby diaper direct from their website for less than $6.00.

As for the “reduced from $22” nonsense… for $22 US, you can buy premium brand diapers such as bumGenius, Thirsties, and Bottombumpers, all of which are ethically made in the United States.

But the “not actually a deal” specials aren’t limited to AlvaBaby.

Not even close.

Have you ever heard of Happy Flute diapers?




Reasons to Avoid ClothDiaper.Us.Com - Cloth Diaper AddictsWow.  That looks like another AWESOME deal that you just can’t pass up… except that you should.  Why?  I can’t speak to the quality of those particular diapers since I’ve never tried them, but I can tell you that they do not cost $16 US.  Not even close.  You can get them for $6.15 direct, and it does include free shipping.

But ClothDiapers.Us.Com is American, right?

A lot of people don’t want to buy direct through Alva, Sunbaby, Happy Flute, JCTrade, or any other brand of China Cheapies because they don’t want to deal with a Chinese site.  They want to buy their diapers from an American site because it just feels like it would be more secure.  And the name implies that it’s American, so they’d be protected by American laws… including quality and safety standards.  Right?

Except they wouldn’t be  In spite of the name, ClothDiapers.Us.Com is not an American site at all.







Click the thumbnails to see the full size.  What you see are thumbnails of the whois information for the ClothDiapers.Us.Com website.  The whois information is the domain registration information, and that’s all related to who bought the website.

The circled section all shows that the site owner’s name is Asian (I think Chinese, but I do not speak Mandarin or Cantonese, so I’m not going to guarantee it), but the address related to the business are all in England.  The only part of the information about the website that is American is the “sponsor” information.  All that means is “the bigger company that does the registration for the smaller guy.”  It means that part is bought through an American company.  However, it has absolutely nothing to do with who owns the site or where the site ownership (or the products that they are selling) are located.

But the “About Page” looks legit!

Reasons to Avoid ClothDiaper.Us.Com - Cloth Diaper Addicts

When you read the “About Us” page, it sounds like you’re shopping through a reputable, reliable site that’s been around forever.  Except for that part about how it hasn’t.  The whois information shows that the site was first registered in 2013, so it’s only a year and a bit old.  I have diapers that have been in my rotation for longer than that.  As of Friday, June 13th, ClothDiapers.Us.Com had an Alexa ranking of nearly 4.5 million.  That tells me that they are most certainly not doing the type of traffic that makes them a “leading online store,” let alone the “leading online store.”  Their “designs” aren’t based on anything since they don’t actually design anything… but if they did, all that would really mean is “we rip off designs of established cloth diaper companies.”

Yes, I’m a cynic.  Especially when I see that a “leading online store” has only 20 Facebook fans.

Reasons to Avoid ClothDiaper.Us.Com - Cloth Diaper Addicts

When I know that I can get my dog more than 20 Facebook fans in under 20 minutes, I really have to doubt the veracity of their “leading online store” claims even more.

Fancy Looking Logos at the Bottom…

Reasons to Avoid ClothDiaper.Us.Com - Cloth Diaper Addicts

Click the image (or any other image in this post) to see a larger size for better readability.

The logos across the bottom only add to the appearance of legitimacy.

1.) See those circled shipping company logos?  Those are companies that are trusted in various places of the world.  However, when you look at the actual shipping options, none of those shipping companies are actually listed as methods that you can use to have your product shipped.  (One is the US Postal Service, which is, for some reason, listed as having “worldwide service” when it doesn’t.  Once a USPS package makes its way to another country, it’s handed off to that country’s postal service or an authorized shipper, depending on the nature of the package.  In Canada, it either gets handed off to Canada Post or Purolator.)  The other is a company that I’ve never heard of.

2.) Check out those social media links!  This is a company that’s internet savvy and wants to connect with its customer base!  Except how it doesn’t.  Yeah.  20 fans on Facebook (see above) and both the Twitter and Facebook buttons just take you to

3.) Look at the USA Today, NBC, and Today Show logos!  For a company to be discussed on all of those major outlets must mean that it’s legit.  After all, they wouldn’t be proudly showing off that those outlets declared them to be scammer sites to be avoided, right?

Well, you’d think… but those logos don’t actually link to anything.  They’re just slapping those logos on their page (and without permission, I’d wager) in order to add to the appearance of legitimacy.

The Bottom Line

The way I see it, any company that has to just try so hard to look like it’s a real, established, legitimate company with absolutely nothing to back it up is not a company that you want to work with.  They aren’t cheaper, they aren’t selling amazing diapers at great prices, and absolutely none of their claims about themselves and their position in the cloth diapering industry hold merit.  I’d rather do business with a company that will be honest about who they are and what they represent instead of a site based around smoke and mirrors.

Before you think that I’m saying that you should only buy diapers from AppleCheeks or AMP, I’m not.  I understand that there are all kinds of budgets to work with.  If you must go China Cheapies to build your stash, save yourself some money and work directly with the manufacturer.  Either way, it’s still coming from China.  And remember that low income doesn’t have to be a barrier to using cloth diapers at all; there are orgs to help you.

Have you ever ordered from ClothDiapers.Us.Com?  What was your experience like?

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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Anastasia says:

    DHL is German Postal Service that now has world wide shipping.

    Note to self make sure that companies I ENJOY doing business with have MY likes on their FB page.

    TY for pointing out AGAIN the true nature of “Buyer Beware” & the needs to do at least a little research when approaching anything new.

    • I’m familiar with DHL; there’s actually a DHL hub in my city. 🙂 But it’s not an option for their shipping on the site at all. 🙁

  2. Buying China cheapies directly from China is one thing. But nothing annoys me more than these rip-off sites with cheap diapers marked way up — and then down again to fake a sale!
    Heather Johnson recently posted…Blueberry Coverall Diaper Cover ReviewMy Profile

  3. I don’t CD, but I definitely know a bunch of moms who do! Passing your post onto them ASAP!!!
    Ashley S recently posted…Seeking Real Guardians of the Galaxy for Guardians of Good! ~ #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyMy Profile

  4. so crazy! I know when I first started cloth diapering four years ago – there were barely any websites/stores. Now it’s seems like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and wants to scam people. Thanks for the warning!

  5. Great detective work there and it’s wonderful to show people what they are really truly dealing with.
    Becka recently posted…Little Toddler Summer Sun Dress with Some Shirring…. Sew and Show ProjectMy Profile

  6. Always good to do your research before ordering from a new company! Thanks for sharing.
    Kate K recently posted…Tasty Tuesday – Summer Shandy Strawberry Lemonade PunchMy Profile

  7. Tanoiya says:

    What sites a good. Site to get good diapers with a low income? Been on eBay China and hongkong ??

  8. Patricia says:

    I bought from this site and had so many issues. I love how it says from the US but they come from China!! I had payment issues and they charged my card and then never sent my diapers out for weeks. I sent several emails out and after calling my bank and a few other people, they finally sent out my diapers. I never had any issues with leaks though. Just their poor customer service!

  9. lisa jones says:

    WOW Thanks For The Heads Up This Is Horrible I Don’t Know How People Sleep At Night!!

  10. I’m not opposed to china cheepies, if it wasn’t for them I would not be cloth diapering but this business is horrible. This looks just like It’s the exact site, I think they changed their name. I bought diapers from them and they all delaminated within 3 months. I requested replacements because their warranty said life time. When I emails them they said 90 days. I spent weeks trying to get replacements or refunded and finally I had to make a comment on their Facebook page. That’s when the finally decided to answer. I ended up only getting 3 diapers to replace my 14 that delaminated. DO NOT buy from them.

  11. I’m so glad we are out of the diaper stage at my home!!! 🙂
    Kathy recently posted…Next Weeks Clean Eating Meal PlanMy Profile

  12. I never used cloth diapers when I had my boys…they weren’t as popular as they are now, but if I were using them I would want to make sure they were good quality.
    Grace recently posted…$100 Visa Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  13. This is good to know whenever we have another LO one day down the road. I CD with my daughter and would never have known where NOT to buy when she was still little.
    Holli recently posted…I Refreshed My Curb Appeal For Less Than $10 (And You Can, Too!)My Profile

  14. Rachel N says:

    It is one of my biggest annoyances when companies arbitrarily mark the retail sky high so they can put it on “sale” for crazy discounts when in reality the product isn’t discounted at all. So dishonest.

  15. That definitely looks shady! I’d rather buy higher quality diapers when they really ARE on sale!

  16. Tracy Dennison says:

    Not too long ago, I thought about buying from Shop Diaper, now very glad I didn’t, we chose BG instead.

  17. Kylie M. says:

    Interesting stuff here. Glad I came across this.

  18. Kaity Marcos says:

    Wow… thanks for the heads up!!

  19. Judith Martinez says:

    That is just crazy! I’m always a bit hesitant when I see diapers marked down that far. Sometimes I think buying used is preferable.

  20. thanks for the heads up. I hate these scams

  21. This is great for newbies – Everyone likes a good deal, but not like this!

  22. Monica Vilardi says:

    WOW! Thanks for the information. I found it very helpful. I would have been inclined to purchase from a website like this because of the cheap prices, but now I know better.

  23. Amanda Flick says:

    Aye! Thanks for this. I’m a sucker for good deals and this truly does look fabulous. Without digging deeper and knowing that Alva’s cost that much without this fancy schmancy “deals” I can’t imagine how many people have been suckers. I’m sharing this!

  24. Erin B. says:

    Wow! It is great that you are bringing this to people’s attention! Sometimes we forget to do our research and become too trusting.

  25. America S. says:

    Wow. Thanks for the tip. As a cloth newbie, I would have totally fallen for the scam. I’ve already seen several sellers that look too good to be true on Ebay. I really appreciate the heads up.

  26. Very good information. Thanks for walking us through all the details of this. I hate when people get ripped off also.

  27. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Ug this makes me sick! I feel bad for anyone who has bought from them thinking they got a good deal… This kind of site should not be allowed!

  28. Leayra Germaine says:

    I had no clue about these sites! I am always wary but Wow, these are terrible.

  29. Melissa says:

    That’s upsetting, but grateful you gave us a heads up!

  30. It is so great that bloggers take the time to call out these sites (even if you don’t like to do it). When I first started researching cloth diapers, I came across this site and had I not done extensive research, I probably would have thought I was getting great deals! It is so easy to want to snatch up a good deal when you see one without “reading the fine print” so to speak!

  31. Rachel N says:

    Thanks for the tip, its easy to see a site with sales and think you’ve found a bargin. I’ll make sure to never use them.

  32. Felicia London says:

    Wow, I had no idea about this site… Or maybe I did. I know a few months ago, I was linked to that website and I was in the process of checking out because hey, cheap diapers that look really cute! But then something in the back of my mind told me to cancel the order and to go somewhere else. I ended up going to Kelly’s Closet, where I usually go instead. I’m actually really glad that I did now. Thanks for sharing a lot of information in this post!

  33. Jennifer Nutter says:

    oh wow. sites like these are so very tempting when you cant afford the 20 a diaper even at 8 it really does draw you in. thanks for the reminder of a buyer beware!

  34. Dani Fox says:

    Wow. Thank you so much for this post! The cloth diapering world can be so confusing to those who don’t know where to start, and this will help those of us who are still learning.

  35. I was just researching for advice and information about WAHM cloth diapers i.e. cloth diapers sold on etsy. I don’t know a lot about it and I saw Hyena Cart mentioned a lot in forums among fellow CDers. I went to the site, clicked “cloth diapers” and the first images I saw were all Happy Flute diapers! Ahhhh! Seriously?! I had just read this post recently which is how I had even heard of Happy Flute in the first place. So I’m interested in supporting the WAHM community, but obviously the likes of Happy Flute & Co. are going to make every effort to infiltrate and get in on the action. In the meantime, I’m going to keep searching the CD blogs and forums for recommendations for WAHM / handmade cloth diaper sellers.

  36. This is good to know. I prefer to buy from local shops and WAHMs, but occasionally, I’ll buy from a “big site.” I will be avoiding this one for sure!

  37. Thanks for the heads up. This is very deceiving…

  38. Thanks for this informative post. It can be so confusing for newbies like me. I already got taken on a few diapers before I did a little research and learned the truth. I stick with mostly WAHM and American made stuff now. Thanks again!

  39. I just purchased from this site and I used paypal to complete the purchase ….however when I went on the site to check on my order the site seems to be down… I am feeling very nervous about this now… I can even find a phone number to call them… or anything… do you have a number that I can reach them

  40. I bought diapers from this site 🙁 My sunny baby diapers leak all the time… But the other pockets seem to be doing ok so far. The cost factor was one of the reasons I bought from them. I wanted to try a variety of diapers. What’s done is done…

  41. I’m glad that I found Kelly’s Closet first, the majority of my purchases have been from there. However I bought some off of Zulily only to realize they might be rebranded alvas :(. I bought one brand called MG Baby and one called Trend Lab. I went to check out each of the actual websites before I made the purchase and the prices shown on their website were higher than the zulily price and MG Baby says they are CPSC certified. I found one of the prints on Alva though so they most likely are rebranded alvas. I bought 5 diapers total and now they are just sitting in the bag they came in because I cant bring myself to use them after being tricked into spending more money than they are worth!

    • Trend Lab isn’t rebranded Alva… but they certainly aren’t quality. 🙁

      • Janna Law says:

        I ended up giving three of the diapers away but I am starting to get over my initial anger so I might just use the other two. I know to be careful now. That was my second purchase and it was before I found the CD community and the wealth of knowledge that comes with it :). I keep finding myself scrolling down to the bottoms of online retailers now to see what kind of logos they have at the bottom lol. I’ve also been checking on Cotton Babies to see if CD sites are approved retailers of Bumgenius. I figure if they are legitimate distributors of one major brand it’s probably a safe bet. I’ve also been reading the about section of the website. You can’t be too careful!

  42. Thank you so much for sharing! I am new to cloth diapers and always looking for a great deal to help build my stash. I have come across these websites and immediately became suspicious of them. Glad I didn’t feel compelled to purchase from them!

    • It’s always good to go with your instincts! I’m glad you were not fooled by them. I think it is horrible how they want to take advantage of people like that :(.

  43. Are the Trend Lab maybe copies of Thirsties Duo AIO. I noticed the inside absorbent area looks very similar.

  44. Andrea Slagle says:

    Wow, this is crazy! Good info for a first-time mom, like me!


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