What’s Your Dream Day? #ActsOfCaring

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Sometimes it’s fun to look through Pinterest and think about your dream day.  Would it be a day of spas and pampering?  Shopping with the ladies?  Or something involving the great outdoors?

When I think of my dream day, it’s a day that I’ve already had before and would love to repeat.  For the Canada Day weekend of 2009, my husband and I finally took a “mini honeymoon” with just the two of us traveling.  We spent a couple of days in Banff, Alberta.  Banff is a small town located within Banff National Park.  It’s about eight hours away from where we live in Prince George.  The drive is scenic and beautiful.

My dream day was just the two of us together.  We started the day off with breakfast at our hotel, then went to ride the gondolas up to Sulphur Mountain.  While there, we toured the gift shop at the top and walked from the summit ridge across the boardwalk to Samson’s Peak.  From there, we had beautiful views of Bow Valley.

My Dream Day

This is the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, an absolutely gorgeous historical building and outrageously expensive hotel that is way outside my budget.

The View of the Bow River Valley from Sulphur Mountain

The View of the Bow River Valley from Sulphur Mountain

It was, quite simply, one of the most beautiful places that I’d ever been.  To be able to enjoy it with the love of my life made it even more spectacular.  After we came down from the mountain, we went to lunch and walked the gardens of Banff.  Even though it was July, the weather was still cool enough for me to wear a sweater and a jacket.  There were still bits of snow up on the mountain.

I’d love to go back for a second honeymoon there, just me and my love.  With that, though, my perfect day would begin and end in the Banff Springs Hotel.

Maybe we’ll do that some day.

But I’m not the only one out there with a perfect dream day.  In Guelph, Ontario, there was another lady with a dream day.  Her name is Ramona.  Like my family, she’s a loyal Telus customer… and has been for twenty years.  Ramona had mentioned her love of aviaton to Telus, and they thanked her for her loyalty with providing her with her dream day: a day centered around aviation and culminating in the chance to fly an aerial plane!

Wow.  That is one amazing dream day turned reality!

Telus is a company that cares and wants to say “Thank you” to their customers.  Sure, they could just put a little “thank you” on the bottom of everyone’s bills, but they’re taking it a little farther.  Telus is spending this week in Guelph, showering the city with acts of kindness.  They’re going door to door to thank their top 100 customers with a gift basket.  Their top 1000 customers in Guelph are invited to a barbeque at the local Telus store.  At that event, Donald Woodley, a Telus board member, will be presenting a $5,000 cheque to the Guelph Children’s Foundation in response to the #actsofcaring hash tag being used.

And here’s an incentive to make sure that we all use the #actsofcaring hash tag whenever possible: for each use, Telus will donate $5 to the Guelph Children’s Foundation.

As a mom, children’s causes are near and dear to my heart.  Let’s make the #actsofkindness hash tag the trend on Twitter!  And cheers to Telus for giving back to their customers and the community.  It looks like Ramona had the best day ever on her dream day.

What would your dream day look like for you?

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Image credits:
1.) Banff Springs Hotel – Copyright Suzi Satterfield

2.) View from Sulphur Mountain, RedWolf, used under Wikimedia commons

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