4 Reasons Cloth Diaper Covers are Awesome

Lately, I’ve been seriously loving the diaper covers.  Prefolds and covers have been a method of cloth diapers that’s been around for… well, pretty much ever, though what the covers are made of and how they are styled have changed over the years.  I’m not really feeling the prefold love these days… but cloth diaper covers?  Covers are awesome.

4 Reasons Cloth Diaper Covers are Awesome!

1.) Cloth Diaper Covers are affordable

You can find covers in a wide range of prices.  Even up here in Canada (where prices are significantly more expensive than in the States), you can find a basic sized cover for around $12.

2.) Cloth Diaper Covers are Cute

You can get a wide range of cloth diaper covers in the colors and patterns you love… usually made by your favorite manufacturer!  For example, bumGenius, Thirsties, and Rumparooz make pocket diapers and covers that are made in the exact same prints in the exact same facilities.

3.) Cloth Diaper Covers are Versatile

You can put anything you want under a cloth diaper cover.  For inserts that snap into place, I like to use the insert designed to go with the diaper.  For “yoke style” covers like Flip, I like the Blueberry Capri inserts best.  For all other covers, my favorite insert is the Thirsties Duo Stay Dry insert.  Some people prefer to use fitteds, prefolds, flats, or flour sack towels under all covers, regardless of cover type.  And you know what?  You can do that!

4.) Cloth Diaper Covers Ship Cheap

If you want to send a hybrid fitted diaper through the mail, you either need to compress the heck out of it to get it to fit letter mail or just bite the bullet and send it as a parcel.  Covers, however, are lightweight and thin, so you can put them in pretty much any envelope, slap a stamp on it, and send it lettermail with no muss or fuss.

Which cloth diaper covers are your favorite?

About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. I’d choose a flip in hummingbird!
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  2. I’d love a Best Bottoms cover. I’ve never used them before! 😀

  3. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would choose the Best Bottom Diaper Cover in Blue Giraffe. I have not tired this cover but have always wanted to!

  4. I would choose the Flip one-size diaper cover in Hummingbird or Armadillo…both are so cute!

  5. Melissa E says:

    I’ll be going with the Thirsties duo wrap. I really love everything I’ve heard about it.

  6. I would choose a Grovia cover. I’ve been dying to try them!

  7. Felicia Cohron says:

    I’d I win, is choose the purple with the green inside diaper. Im not really sure of the names of diaper yet.

  8. markandcigi tidman says:

    I just got back from a trip and solely used flip covers rather than my usual pockets.. and OHMYGOD how easy. Especially when you can’t wash very more or at all!! Simply wipe the cover clean if there is no poo. It was fantastic.. I could really use a few more.

  9. Jodi Armstrong says:

    I’ve heard really good things about Grovia & would love to try it

  10. I would choose a Bummis super lite- in either Denim dot or pistachio dot- have not tried one before and would love to!

  11. I have been loving covers lately too…. prefolds are convenient enough at home, but I have to say it’s nice to have AIO’s when out and about. I’d get a Thirsties in Scottish Rose or Polka Dot (love both of these prints so much, and I love love love the duo wraps!

  12. Theresa L says:

    I love covers! I would choose the Best Bottom in Foxy Frolic 🙂 They have the cutest prints.

  13. scottishmrs says:

    I would choose the Thirties Duo Wrap. I have those, a Bummis Simply Lite, and some Flips and the Thirsties are my favourite by far. I love the fit and the gussets.

  14. Brandi Strunk says:

    I would choose a grovia cover. I have a few of those and they are the best!

  15. Samantha M. says:

    Everyone says great things about the Thirsties Duo Wrap, so I would love to give one of those a try.

  16. Christi Bailey says:

    We love our covers!!!! We have several Thirstie Duo and Bummis,and love them! We have never had or tryed the best bottom, gorvia or the flip. Any of which would be great to try!

  17. Jessica Hughes says:

    It would be hard to choose between Best Bottom and GroVia! They’re two of my favorites!

  18. Mellisa patterson says:

    Its a tough choice between a grovia cover and a best bottoms……ohhh best bottoms bc the prints are just adorable!!! tough like solids but I LOVE prints =) thanks for the giveaway suzi! Just as a side note h were the first CD blog I followed and now I feel like I follow them all, but u are my top pick!

  19. C Gaile Jenkins says:

    Perhaps Best Bottoms, it is hard to choose as I have been collecting AID for Orphans in Ethiopia and have seen so many different brands – they all seem to have good points and some have not so good points. As there are so very many little ones in the Orphanages and every size and shape possible, there is a great need for skinny, tiny little legs, gussets can be a big help. When so many are needed it is a shame to have to go with quantity rather than quality.

  20. Thirstiest and rumparooz are my go to, but I might try a Best Bottoms because I haven’t yet.
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  21. Candice Lannin says:

    I think I would choose a Best Bottom, because I would like you give that brand a try. I have heard many great things about Best Bottoms 🙂

  22. I would chose a flip cover. Either countess or hummingbird for the color.

  23. I would choose the Thirsties Duo size 2 in a girly color or pattern because I love my Thirsties Duos, and we lost a couple from the PUL coming off when my boy was in diapers.

  24. I would choose a best bottom cover in hedgehog print!

  25. Lauren Bourgeois says:

    I’d choose a Best Bottoms cover because we have one and it is by far our most used cover. I need more for my baby’s bottom!!

  26. Patricia B says:

    I’d choose the best bottom cover. I’d love to try one. Haven’t tried that brand yet

  27. I would choose a groVia cover because I love the 2 that I have and they are super durable and cute!

  28. Ooh, I would either choose a GroVia or a Best Bottoms! I have one of each of them, but they have so many cute options that one isn’t enough!!

  29. I was afraid to use covers at first. I thought of flats and snappis. But, once I started reading more, and seeing how versatile they are, I was hooked. We have used Thirsties, BestBottoms, and Blueberry. We use various inserts– Thirsties are great, as noted in the review. We add hemp doublers for nighttime use and they work like a charm! They’re awesome for traveling because they take up much was room in a diaper bag than all-in-ones. Another benefit is that you can coordinate them to an outfit and not worry about mismatching after a diaper change. 🙂

  30. Either the best bottoms (love the prints and have heard good things) or grovia (I have their prefolds an love them).

  31. Cassandra Rae says:

    I would choose the Best Bottom diaper cover, they look like they have a great fit!

  32. Theresa Lyon says:

    I would love to try best bottoms. Haven’t tried that yet!

  33. I think I would get a Thirsties cover, esp if I can get it in Scottish Rose.

  34. I think I would choose a best bottom because I have never tried them and they have some really nice looking designs. Although I would consider grovia also.

  35. Ive heard so many good things about all the brands! I think id like best bottoms or gro via!

  36. Tricia Clifton says:

    I’d choose a thirsties duo wrap!

  37. I would choose the Best Bottom because I have never tried them but have heard wonderful things.

  38. sherry blamer says:

    I would choose a thirsties duo wrap in tbheir blackbird print. I love thirsties diapers.

  39. Jennifer S says:

    A hard choice! I think I would choose a Best Bottoms – they are my hubby’s (and grandparents’) favourite to use 🙂

  40. I would love to try the best bottom – all we use are pockets, and I’ve wanted to try this method for awhile.

  41. I would get a Flip in either Mirror or Hummingbird. Flip is my absolute favorite brand of covers, but most of our stash is either Zinnia or Blossom and I would love to add some neutral colors for baby #2.

  42. I just discovered my Love of Grovia, they are super trim and cute, Thanks for awesome giveaway

  43. I need another best bottoms! Love the fit!

  44. I think I would choose a Sassy Flip! I LOOOOVE the color and I don’t actually own it in any of my cotton babies products.

  45. I’d love to try Best Bottoms! We’re just building our stash and Best Bottoms would be a great addition.

  46. I would choose a GroVia as I’m in love with them. Very versatile, great fit, and easy to use on the go!

  47. I would choose GroVia since I’ve been dying to try one out!!
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  48. Judith Martinez says:

    I would love to have another Grovia shell.

  49. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I believe I’d try the Best Bottom cover. When I first started cloth diapering these were recommended to me, and I kind of forgot about them and don’t own any. I’d love to try one!

  50. I would love to try a grovia she’ll if I could get it in the poppy print! If not I would get the thirsties duo wrap size 2. I hhave one thirsties already and it is my favorite cover! I definitely need more.

  51. I’d choose a Bummis Super Lite I’ve been wanting to try this cover.

  52. I think I’d try the GroVia. I’ve never used one before and they are actually a local company.

  53. Best Bottom in Foxy Frolic is what i would choose!! I have had my eye on that print for a while now.

  54. I would love a best bottoms cover in foxy frolic or a flip cover in dazzle or zinnia!

  55. Kelly Sands says:

    If I won I’d choose the Bumis cover. I have Flip and Thirsties covers and love them, so I’d like to try something new.

  56. I’d probably pick a grovia, maybe in purple?

  57. Jennifer H. says:

    I’d love to try a Grovia cover.

  58. I like the flip covers. I have had two and I wish I had got them earlier. Loved them.
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  59. Miriam Matheny says:

    I’d like to try out a grovia! I like the Sweetgrass with snaps!

  60. Recently, I tried grovia for the first type and realized the fit was made for my son. I’d go for another one of those!

  61. Jennifer Tite says:

    I would want the Best Bottom cover Very Cherry! Super pretty.

  62. Dewi Sarah says:

    I would love to try any of them!! I only have Alva’s so anything but Alva’s would be a whole new experience for me that I’m sure I will love! 🙂

  63. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I would pick a flip because my favorite diapers are bumGenius and I have been wanting to try flips!

  64. Katy Baird says:

    I’d choose a GroVia cover, I’ve heard great things about them!

  65. I’d probably choose the Best Bottom…already getting some Bummis so I’d like to be able to try a bit of variety to see what works best!

  66. jenn mcclearn says:

    I would choose a best bottom cover. I do not own any yet but I have heard great things about them. They are also very cute 🙂

  67. Rachael Maillet says:

    I love my econobum set!

  68. I would have to go with Best Bottom! I love this USA made product! And it would make the perfect shower gift for a good friend!

  69. Brandi Elam says:

    I’d choose a Grovia shell in Drift (or citrus, if prints are not allowed).

  70. I would choose the Grovia because I have been wanting to try them out!

  71. I’d choose the thirsts duo wrap because I’ve always heard great things about them and they have cute colors and prints!

  72. Anastasia T says:

    I would love to try the Best Bottoms! I have Grovia on the way, but I’ve heard good things about Best Bottoms too!

  73. Angela Watson says:

    I would probably pick a Grovia cover. I don’t have one yet.

  74. I would choose a GroVia in Pudge.

  75. Kaitlin L. says:

    I’m really not sure which one I would choose since I haven’t tried any of those brands of covers. My favorite covers that I use right now are Econobum. So maybe a cover similar to that brand?

  76. barnolds barnes says:

    I think I’d choose a Thirsties. I’ve never tried one and I believe I have all the others.

  77. Shilo Wheatley says:

    I would choose a best bottom cover, I have never tried one, they are cute and I’ve heard a lot of people recommend them!

  78. Marian F. says:

    I’d either choose the Grovia or the Bestbottom. I have one of each and love them. They both have such cute prints!

  79. Morgan Bolden says:

    I would choose the best bottom because everyone says it is a great nighttime diaper.

  80. Alison Wiberg says:

    I would choose a flip in ANY gender neutral color!

  81. Lucy Smith says:

    Flip armadillo or Albert

  82. Our first cloth diapers we used were covers and prefolds. I recommend them to anyone wanting a fast drying, versatile and on the go option.

  83. Christopher James says:

    Exactly why I only use cloth diapers.


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