Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail Review

It’s not very often that I find a wet bag worth raving about.  Really, a wet bag is kind of the unsung hero of my cloth diapering experience: it’s necessary, I use them a lot, but they don’t get shown off or bragged about.  In four and a half years of cloth diapering, we have never used a wet bag that my husband felt was worthy of him even having an opinion.  Until we got the Funky Fluff hanging wet pail.

When I was in Las Vegas for the ABC Expo, I met up with Kathy of Funky Fluff… and she sent me home with the Funky Fluff hanging wet pail for a review.  The first thing that I used my Funky Fluff hanging wet pail for was dirty laundry storage while staying in the hotel.  It did a great job at that… but once I got it home, then it was time to really put the Funky Fluff hanging wet pail to the test.

Funky Fluff Hanging Wet Pail Review

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff is a Canadian home-based business started by two moms and friends in the Toronto area. Kathy and Tricia spent many a night after their kids were in bed designing a diaper. Their versatile designs and contrasting colors made Funky Fluff happen. These ladies are also exceptionally giving. They’ve been known to help Cloth for a Cause, my personal favorite charity, on more than one occasion.

About the Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail

The Funky Fluff Hanging diaper pail is designed to have a configurable strap method where you can position the straps how you’d like.  It’s a heavy grade fabric that will hold plenty of diapers and has a pleated front.

What’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail

I LOVE the handles on the Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail!  You can configure the straps to criss-cross, make two handles to go over the bathroom towel rod, or two handles side ways to go on a hook.  Best of all, because of the way these handles are configured and attached, there’s no sign of it wrecking the bag itself to keep it hanging up.  The other great thing?  The outside of the bag has never gotten wet.  No matter what disgusting, saturated mess I throw in there.  It’s honestly the best bag I’ve ever had about not sweating on the outside of the bag or what have you.  Plus, because it hangs and zips close, it doesn’t take up much space at all.  (So this is PERFECT for small bathrooms or nurseries!)

The Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail also holds a lot of diapers.  Funky Fluff’s website says that it holds around twenty diapers… but I’ve pushed it and actually gotten 30 diapers stuffed in.  Granted, I was really cramming on the last day, but that’s what happens when I have a lazy laundry period.  Even with all of that cramming, the bag was dry on the outside and the smells were contained.


The absolute best thing, though, is what sets the Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail apart from other bags: the pleated front.  That means that when you unzip the bag, it just falls open.  In four and a half years of cloth diapering, I have used a variety of wet bags and diaper pails.  This is the first and only time ever that my husband has expressed a preference for one dirty diaper laundry storage solution over another.

What’s Not Awesome about the Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail

I can only come up with two things… and one isn’t Funky Fluff’s fault at all.  One is that when I really slam the Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail full, my towel rod is obviously straining under the weight.  (That would suggest to me that I either need a stronger towel rod or I just need to suck it up and go do my laundry.)  The other is an improvement suggestion that my husband has… which also isn’t available in any wet bag at all: one hand unzipping.  If Funky Fluff were to come up with a way to make it possible to unzip their hanging diaper pail with one hand, it would be quite possibly the single greatest contribution to cloth diapering since the invention of the diaper sprayer.

I’d also like to see it available in more colors so that I could match it with my bathroom.  I like things to match.  I’m weird like that.

The Bottom Line

I sincerely wish that I’d somehow managed to have three of the Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail bags four years ago.  It’s an amazing product!

Have you used the Funky Fluff hanging diaper pail?  How do you like it?

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About Suzi

Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.


  1. Amanda Alvarado says:

    My favorite feature is the straps! I like how you can configure them different ways!

  2. I love that I can hang it up off the floor…and that it is so pretty! Awesome idea hanging it from the crib btw, never would have thought of that! Hubby loves that it doesn’t stink up the house, he makes a point to smell the outside each time he tosses in a diaper!

  3. I like that it doesn’t take space on the floor. Hanging stuff is the best!

  4. I love that the straps can go so many ways, and that it is so BIG! That’d be a handy wetbag to have!

  5. Denise Beeman says:

    No sweating on the outside sounds amazing, we live in over 85% humidity most of the year and that would be a big benefit!

  6. Simply that it hangs. Ours are just laying on the floor.

  7. Emily Ducatte says:

    I like how many diapers it holds…right now i have a pail for diapers downstairs but i change a lot of diapers upstairs and am too lazy to bring them downstairs until washing day…

  8. I love that it can fit so many diapers. Moms have been known to have diaper addictions…

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo recently posted…WIN at the Weekly #Giveaway Linky, WW, 12/4My Profile

  9. Allyssa Streeper says:

    The pleat in the front!

  10. Stacy Renee says:

    I like that the straps are adjustable so it can be hung wherever needed (or feasible!)

  11. My fave feature is that it hangs, which sounds silly, but we have such a small place and our bin takes up too much of it!

  12. The configurable straps are the best feature for me, so convenient !

  13. I like that it doesn’t take space on the floor. Which is helpful when you live in a small space!

  14. Katy Baird says:

    I love the size (it’s so roomy!) and the uber convenient straps.


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