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I had a really hard time figuring out my own favorite things for this event.  I have so many great brands that I love!  With that in mind, I decided that it was time to celebrate a new favorite: the bumGenius Elemental.
Prior to now, there were multiple reasons that the Elemental was not my favorite diaper.  The biggest reason was that it was a non-stay dry fabric… and Eudora has such sensitive skin that she needed to stay dry.  I bought the new bumGenius Elemental when it first came out, hated it, and set it aside for over a year.
Now?  Eudora is approaching three years old.  She’s ready to potty train from a biological standpoint, but isn’t particularly interested.  She wants to wear her “pwetty diapers” and will absolutely freak out when I put underwear on her.  Even though she’ll sit on the potty.  Even though she’ll sometimes let me know when she has to go before she goes.  So with that in mind?  I’ve decided that there will be no more stay dry fabrics against her bottom unless it’s time for overnights.  It means that I’m no longer stuffing my pockets and am laying a natural fiber insert on top.  And it means that natural fiber all-in-one diapers like the bumGenius Elemental have become more appealing than ever before.
Five Reasons bumGenius Elemental is one of my Favorite Things - Cloth Diaper Addicts

Why bumGenius Elemental is a New Fave

1.) bumGenius Elemental diapers are trim.

bumGenius Elemental diapers are, like, really trim.  It’s so trim that I’m in the market for a cheap body fat calipur or similar device so that I can pinch to measure the thickness of a bumGenius Elemental versus a disposable diaper.  Now that Eudora is at the age of pants having the adjustable elastic, I no longer require a big fluffy cloth diaper bum to hold her pants up… so a trim diaper under pants is so very nice!  And if you’ve got a normal sized child that you often have to upsize pants to cover that fluffy cloth diaper bum, the trimness of the bumGenius Elemental diaper may be enough to keep your little in pants that fit without being too long.

2.) bumGenius Elemental diapers are organic.

The absorbent portion of the bumGenius Elemental diaper is organic cotton.  As much as modern synthetics surround us, sometimes it’s nice to get back to the basics of natural, organic materials when caring for our children.

3.) bumGenius Elemental diapers are soft.

It’s pretty interesting.  Over time, some interiors get scratchier or less squishy.  With the cotton inners of bumGenius Elemental diapers, they just get softer and softer every time.  I hang them for an hour while things without PUL get dried on high in my dryer, then I throw them and everything else with PUL that’s still damp in on low.  I’m pretty crazy about how soft they manage to stay while still making sure that my daughter feels the wet.

4.) bumGenius Elemental diapers are US made.

I have some definite preferences for things being made in Canada and the US whenever possible.  I’ll even spend a bit more to do so because I like the knowledge that my shopping habits are creating jobs in the country of my birth or the country of my residence.  The American manufacture of bumGenius products is a definite selling point for me!

5.) bumGenius Elemental diapers are pretty.

I love the colors of the Cotton Babies line ups.  I think the prints of the Genius Series are usually pretty awesome.  bumGenius Elemental diapers offer all of the same solids and most of the same prints that we know and love.  With bumGenius Elemental diapers, I get to have every single thing that I currently want in a cloth diaper.  That’s why they’re now one of my favorite things!

What’s your favorite thing about the bumGenius Elemental?

You can find the bumGenius Elemental at these affiliates: Cozy Bums Diapers (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Can), Lagoon Baby (Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shoppe (US)

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  1. I love that it’s an AIO!

  2. I have never used the Elemental – just the Freetime, 4.0 and Flip/prefolds. I would look forward to the organic option and AIO feature.

  3. Stephanie C says:

    I like that it is organic cotton!

  4. Carrie Barron says:

    I love that it’s made in the U.S. and still has a great price.

  5. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I love how trim they are, and that it’s still an AIO.

  6. I’ve never used these, but trimness in a diaper is always great! 🙂

  7. I love that the Elementals use organic cotton. That’s really appealing to me.

  8. Brittani F says:

    I love that they are organic! I’m all about organics!

  9. I just love AIO!

  10. I like that they are trim and made in the US

  11. Jen Eiserman says:

    i like how trim and soft they are; BG always has a great fit on my LO.

  12. I’m totally superficial; I love BG colours. I only have one AIO (Totsbots) so I’d be interested in trying another kind.

  13. I love that BG Elementals are so trim fitting and you can adjust the extra material to be where you most need the absorbancy. I love Bumgenius diapers in general (we have a lot more of the pockets than either AIO) for their unique stretchy tabs and all the bright colors & cute prints!

  14. I definitely love that BG Elementals use organic cotton inside the whole diaper. It’s really hard to find an AIO diaper that doesn’t use microfleece or some type of stay-dry fabric. THANKS BumGenius for creating an AIO diaper that is good for my baby’s skin, and great for the environment (PS if this diaper ever wears out… I can compost the inner fluff.. yes!)

  15. I love that they are organic and ethically made on the USA.

  16. The trimness is awesome. I would love to add some of these to our stash before our first LO arrives.

  17. Christina H says:

    I love that they’re organic and trim! I’ve heard so much about how wonderful GB are and they’re so cute!

  18. Jessica Haynes says:

    I love that it’s all natural fibers!

  19. I haven’t tried an elemental yet but I like that they are AIO and organic!

  20. I like that it’s US made! So many things are not these days

  21. The thing I like most about Elementals is that they are organic.

  22. Claudia Melikova says:

    I love the fact that they are produced in the U.S and the story behind their compaby. Just starting out in a basement or garage(brain freeze) and look how far they have gone. This goes to show that with determination and will one can acomplish their dreams and do something meaningful in life.

  23. I agree that these are pretty, and they seem trim fitting!

  24. I love how trim they are.

  25. Lindsay Jackson says:

    I have never tried one, only flips and 4.0’s, but I’ve heard they are super trim. I also love how easy they would be for grandparents/babysitters!

  26. I have yet to try the elemental, but being organic is a major plus in our book. I’m always looking for companies made in the US using sustainable products.

  27. I love how trim Flips are, so an AIO with organic cotton? Yes, please!

  28. I love the trimness and how easy they would be to use.

  29. Kari Barone says:

    May favorite feature would be the organic cotton interior.

  30. Michelle Douzat says:

    My favorite thing about elementals are that they’re AIOs, super easy for dad and grandma to help with diapers! 🙂

  31. I’ve never tried an Elemental before, but I’d really like to! I like that it’s an AIO and has organic cotton.

  32. Kathryn Connor says:

    One of my big reasons for cloth diapering is to help with potty training. Good to have a new tool!

  33. I love that it has a trim fit. It seems so many cloth diapers are so bulky.

  34. My favorite feature is the organic cotton. They are also very trim.

  35. Danielle Wojtusik says:

    I love that it is organic cotton and AIO! I have never tried one but would love to!

  36. Candice Balser says:

    I like that BumGenius Elemental cloth diapers are trim. That’s a really good feature when you factor in how a cloth diaper will effect the fit of clothing.

  37. Gladys Aguilar says:

    I love the convenience

  38. I like how trim it looks even as an AIO. I’ve only ever tried pockets, and would be interested in trying an AIO.

  39. I love that they are organic and super absorbant.

  40. My baby isn’t here yet so it’s hard to say how important some of these features will be to me. E.g., I still don’t have a preference for prefolds vs. pockets vs AIOs. However, I do appreciate that the cotton is organic.

  41. i love that they’re organic. thats the biggest selling point for me!

  42. I’m new to cloth diapers, and I have never tried BG Elemental, but I’m loving the fact that they are trim. As it being your number one reason you love them, they must be trim! I am super curious now!

  43. I love that its an AIO with organic cotton

  44. I love that they are AIO, are trim and are not microfiber.

  45. I’d love to try the BGE! I used Best Bottoms for my triplets for over 2 years and am looking for a different dipe for Baby #4!
    Jennifer @ GrowingUpTriplets.com recently posted…6 Ingredient Chinese Green Beans with Ground PorkMy Profile

  46. I love the freetimes!! We just switched to them!

  47. I Love that it’s organic!

  48. Brittany P says:

    I love that they are an AIO made in the USA!

  49. I like the variety and ease of use.

  50. Hannah Avery says:

    I like that it has snaps and is one-sized. I like the stretchy tabs Bumgenious makes too!

  51. Haven’t used one yet but I would say the fact that it’s an AIO

  52. Rachael VanDyke says:

    I love that they are organic and made in the usa. Both are very important to me when I buy anything

  53. Amber Collier says:

    I’ve never used an Elemental (or any BG- they cost too much 🙁 ) but I love that it’s “daddy approved” or an AIO (or as he puts it “one and done”).

  54. Katy Baird says:

    I’ve never tried the Elemental, but I love BumGenius because of their beautiful prints & covers. I would love to try an AIO from them since I mainly use 4.0’s

  55. colleen says:

    i love that they use organic cotton, thats very important!

  56. I like the organic cotton inside! We use the organic flip inserts & just love how soft they are.


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