Green is for go.

Looking after the environment is becoming more and more important to us and celebrities are taking it upon themselves to promote various eco friendly uses as well as adapting many eco friendly practices themselves.  A lot of the big Hollywood stars can be seen out and about in their electric cars including George Clooney and Cameron Diaz.  Leo DiCaprio flies on commercial planes and uses his bicycle and many are using solar panels on their homes in an effort to cut down on electricity usage.  Designer Stella McCartney won a green award for her clothes and shoes range as she refuses to use fur or leather on her products.

A lot of people know the obvious ways to be green but as a pet owner there are more green actions you can take to help the environment whilst looking after your animal.  Every small action will help, for example walk your dog close to home, don’t get in the car to drive somewhere to walk unless you have no option but to do so.  Make sure you pick up your dogs mess and dispose of it responsibly in the allocated bins.   You can buy green products for your cat and dog, dog beds, clothes and accessories made out of recycled material for example.  Look for dog food and cat food that only uses natural products and is made out of recycled packaging or recyclable packaging.  If you want to go the whole hog you can even make your own bedding and toys for your pet out of your old clothes and material.  For example old bedding stacked together will make for a comfortable dog bed, socks tied together make for a great pull toy or bunched together to make a ball to throw and retrieve.  If you are good at sewing you can even fashion together mice or bird toys for cats to enjoy.


A lot of celebrities own pets and whilst some go to extreme lengths to build their dogs unique houses others are environmentally aware and will be taking responsible actions to ensure they are a green pet owner.