Guest Post: Brilliant Bums Review (part 2: The Return of the Brilliance)

Hi, I’m Jo. I blog sporadically (at best) at A Crunchy-in-Training (which is actually kind of inaccurate. I’m already crunchy as *expletive deleted*), where you can follow along with my commentary about crunchy things and hot men. Mostly hot men.

Since I am the neighbour the Suzi referenced in her original review of Brilliant Bums diapers, and I got her onto the crackfluff that are Shelby’s awesome diapers, when she arranged to review Brilliant Bums, she brought me into the loop. I have a serious addiction to Brilliant Bums diapers, and I eagerly stalk the Diaper Frenzy as well as following Shelby’s FB page. I have six Brilliant Bums diapers (with one more on the way, which I hope to include a photo of), in a variety of styles: All-in-one with pocket, Pocket and Hybrid Fitted. And the Mancub is only 5 months old.

Let me start at the beginning. [Read more…]