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Suzi is an American ex-pat living in British Columbia. She's a cloth diaper addict, wife, mom of three, and President of the Prince George chapter of Cloth for a Cause.

GroVia Once Upon a Time GIVEAWAY!

Cozy Bums Diapers is my favourite cloth diaper store.  GroVia Once Upon a Time is my favourite print.  So helping promote Cozy Bums Diapers giving away a GroVia Once Upon a Time diaper is pretty much my idea of heaven!

Cozy Bums is celebrating a couple of things: right now, they’re in the midst of the GroVia Scratch Off event… and Cozy Bums is going to be operating the GroVia booth at MommyCon Vancouver!  Because Cozy Bums feels that the best way to celebrate anything is with a giveaway, we’re bringing you the chance to win this beautiful GroVia Once Upon a Time hybrid cover with snap closures.

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GroVia Once Upon a Time Giveaway!




bumGenius Elemental 3.0 Review!

I really, really wanted to review the new bumGenius Elemental 3.0 myself. Since my children have outgrown diapers, I’ve had to pass along cloth diaper reviews to awesome mom friends of mine. Bailey of Simply Mom Bailey has been provided the bumGenius Elemental 3.0 for review so that she could share her honest opinions.

There is nothing more exciting the release of a new cloth diaper, especially for the addict in all of us. The reveal of a redesign of the bumGenius Elemental at ABC Kids Expo 2016 was no exception to the excitement. Lucky for me, Cozy Bums was just the destination to pick up a new and improved BumGenius Elemental!

Our handsome model demonstrates the bumGenius Elemental 3.0

Personally, I have been a long time enthusiast for the first generation of the Elemental and I’m giddy with excitement to see the return of the rolled elastic.  Let’s see how this redesign holds up.

About bumGenius

bumGenius is a diaper manufactured by Cotton Babies, who also make Flip.  The company is based out of St. Louis, Missouri and run by the fearless CEO, Jenn Labit.  bumGenius has been a mainstay of the modern cloth diaper industry. The first bumGenius pocket diaper was created 2005.  From there, they have refined and developed their designs into the bumGenius 5.0, the bumGenius Elemental 3.0, the bumGenius Freetime, and the Flip.

bumGenius Elemental 3.0 Diaper Design

The Elemental 3.0 embraces many of the familiar design elements of its earlier predecessors, and continues to be an All-in-One Diaper. It’s the same shape and size, making it suitable for babies 8-35lbs. It still offers patented stretchy tabs. And inside the diaper, you’ll still find organic cotton and a loop design absorbency.

bumGenius Elemental 3.0 Review - Cloth Diaper Addicts

With the 3.0, we find the return of rolled elastics. The 3.0 features an organic cotton inner that backs the PUL (no more exposed PUL!) and is complimented with a SINGLE LOOP of luxurious organic cotton. Both the loop and backing consist of three layers of organic cotton, providing you with a total of 6 layers of absorbency.

What I Love about the bumGenius Elemental 3.0

Who doesn’t love an All-in-One? Aside from the classic reasons to love a simple, easy to wash diaper, here’s what I love about the Elemental 3.0.

  • Organic Cotton! One of my first priorities when choosing a diaper is natural fibres. I love keeping synthetics at bay. Natural fibres give me an easy care diaper that washes out beautifully.
  • Longer & Skinner Loop. The loop in the 3.0 is slightly longer and skinnier than previous versions. This extra bit of length and narrowness of the loop make it easier to fold up on the shorter rises. This simple change reduces the overall bulk at the front of the diaper.

Inner of the new bumGenius Elemental 3.0

  • Seriously Trim. The Elemental has always been a trim diaper, and the 3.0 is no exception! A few changes in the shape of the loop, give a cleaner fit both in the front and back. And my little man’s tush couldn’t get any trimmer if it was a disposable.

An amazingly trim fit with the bumGenius Elemental 3.0!

  • Single Loop. Unlike the previous double loop, the single loop means easier clean up at the end of the day (*ahem* Poop doesn’t get squished between the layers and result in many an irritated mama trying to spray it clean).

Improvements & Concerns

My husband and I have one major area of concern with the bumGenius Elemental 3.0. As the Chief Poop Sprayer, he was the first to address the issue with me.

The Loop. That darn Loop. When it comes to spraying a diaper clean that lovely, darling loop of cotton absorbency becomes a poop catcher. My husband wished to provide visual demonstration, but we held back. This was a constant complaint of mine with earlier versions, and continues to be my biggest concern. I *just wish* they had decided to cut the end of the loop to allow it to flap freely for the removal of solid waste (and to allow me to fold it up to maximize absorbency where I need it most).

If you use any sort of cloth diaper liner, whether it be fleece or disposable, this is probably a moot point.

A few other concerns I have…

  • Absorbency isn’t great. It’s about average compared to other major natural fibre All-in-One’s, and on par with the previous Elemental.
  • It would be LOVELY if the Elemental 3.0 offered the option for stay dry. Personally, a stay dry diaper isn’t make or break for my little guy, but I understand that many families value this.


The bumGenius Elemental 3.0 ranks highly on my list of recommendations and I strongly encourage you to give it a try. You’ll fall in love, and soon be collecting a rainbow of Elemental 3.0’s to complete your stash. Choosing an organic cotton all-in-one will not let you down.

The new bumGenius Elemental 3.0 is beginning to arrive at Cozy Bums Diapers.  All colours are available for pre-order and will be shipped out as they arrive.   Cozy Bums expects to have all colours (except for Fearless) in stock by the end of the month.  Fearless should arrive in mid to late December.

AppleCheeks Don’t Worry Reveal!

Meet the newest AppleCheeks in the AppleCheeks family… Don’t Worry!

AppleCheeks Don't Worry is available at Cozy Bums Diapers!

Don’t Worry (known on AppleCheeks colour charts and AppleCheeks Facebook groups as “DW”) is a limited edition diaper that’s very similar in colour to the Bee Happy swim diaper.  Even though Don’t Worry is a limited edition diaper, we expect it to be available for at least six months.  You can find this new colour available in most product lines by AppleCheeks.  Currently, it’s available in the new AppleCheeks one size, AppleCheeks size 1, AppleCheeks size 2, Mini Zip, Size 1 Storage Sac, and Size 2 Storage sac.

Here are some comparison photos so that you can get a better idea of what Don’t Worry looks like:

Don't Worry is on the Left, Bee Happy is on the right. Awful pic!

It’s nearly indistinguishable from Bee Happy.  DW just has a higher gloss because it’s a PUL diaper.

But I couldn’t get a nice comparison shot of the two physically side by side, so here’s the stock image comparison.

Don't Worry, it's awfully close to Bee Happy!

When compared to the bumGenius colour Clementine, you can see that the two are very nearly the same colour, but Don’t Worry is more saturated.

bumGenius Clementine on the left, Don't Worry on the Right. Extremely similar!

It’s a very nice, bold colour to add to your baby’s wardrobe.  (Definitely a bolder choice than the bumGenius counterpart!)  If you’re contemplating dressing your little one up as a bumblebee for Halloween, Don’t Worry is the perfect colour.  There’s also an added bonus: with AppleCheeks bamboo inserts, you don’t worry about leaks!

Will you be adding the Don’t Worry diaper to your stash?

Don’t forget to visit the Cozy Bums Diapers Facebook page to enter in the Don’t Worry Mini Zip giveaway!  This giveaway is open to US/Can, and ends 10/16/2016 at 9pm Pacific time.


Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop – Cozy Bums Diapers!

I am shamelessly biased, but I firmly believe that everyone should shop at Cozy Bums Diapers.  Cozy Bums Diapers has been my local retailer since I first started my cloth diapering journey back in 2010… and after a while, I bought so many diapers that Kerri, the owner, decided it was time to either hire me or cut me off.  And this year, Cozy Bums Diapers turns 9 years old!

Why Cozy Bums Diapers?

Cozy Bums Diapers has a fabulous selection of cloth diapers and accessories, along with competitive prices and a great rewards program.  You’ll find top brands at Cozy Bums like bumGenius, Flip, AppleCheeks, GroVia, and Best Bottom… along with more budget conscious brands like Imagine Baby.  We’ve also got a huge variety of wet bags, diaper liners, inserts, and other accessories.  Cozy Bums Diapers has one of the best selections of diapers and accessories in all of Canada.

But Cozy Bums diapers is more than just good diapers and good prices.  You’ll also get the benefit of experience: Kerri and I have both cloth diapered our children and have approximately ten years of children in cloth between the two of us.  We’re always willing to help troubleshoot and help you find the best diaper for your budget, your baby, and your style.   We’re proud to ship across Canada, and most Canadian brands to the United States.

Cozy Bums Banner

Win a Cozy Bums Gift Certificate!

Enter to win a $100 gift certificate from Cozy Bums Diapers, open to residents of the United States and Canada, 18+.  We’re confident that once you choose Cozy Bums Diapers, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else!

Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop
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Win an Ella Bella Bum from Cozy Bums!

For years, I’ve been a loyal customer of Cozy Bums Diapers.  What’s not to love?  For the last five and a half years, I’ve gotten amazing customer service from Cozy Bums.  Cozy Bums is my local cloth diaper store and Kerri, the owner, is an absolute darling to shop with.

And I’ve been a big fan of Ella Bella Bum diapers.  Ella Bella Bum diapers are cute, unique, trendy, and limited.  If I want something fun, like a Hello Kitty diaper or a Doctor Who diaper to appeal to my inner geek, the first place that I go is to Ella Bella Bum.  The quality is amazing.  I love their athletic wicking jersey inners.  They’re made in Canada.  The problem, though, was that I felt like I was cheating on Cozy Bums whenever I bought an Ella Bella Bum diaper.  Now?  I can buy my Ella Bella Bum cloth diapers with no guilt.  They’re now available at Cozy Bums!

To celebrate this awesome event, Cozy Bums has decided to give away ONE in stock Ella Bella Bum diaper to a lucky winner in the United States or Canada.  Enter now to win!

Win an Ella Bella Bum from Cozy Bums Diapers!

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – MC Sewing

Daily Cute Cute Fluffy Bum - MC Sewing (Cloth Diaper Addicts)This MC Sewing creation shows that it’s possible to show breastfeeding support and be super cute for Halloween at the same time!  This little princess is eighteen months old with a slim build.  MC Sewing is a Canadian WAHM who makes diapers that are fantastic for slender babies.  Our eighteen month old model here still has plenty of room to grow!

You can find more information about MC Creations on Facebook!

Funky Fluff DeLUX Hemp/Bamboo Soakers

Every time Funky Fluff comes up with something new, I’m impressed.  So when Funky Fluff asked me about sending one of their new products for review, I jumped at the chance.  The Funky Fluff DeLUX hemp/bamboo soakers have exceeded their usual standards of awesome!

If you love natural fibers, then you’ve had times of waffling between bamboo or hemp.  Which one do you want to use?  There’s the super softness and trimness of bamboo, but the cost effectiveness and lack of processing required to make hemp fabric….  How does one ever choose?  The Funky Fluff DeLUX hemp/bamboo soakers mean that you don’t have to choose!  You can have both.

About the Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo Soakers

Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo soakers are designed with a two layer hemp pad and a two layer bamboo pad stitched together down the middle.  As always, this soaker has snaps so that you can snap it to the shell or snap two soaker shells together.  These soakers can be used on their own to replace an insert in any Funky Fluff system or as an additional soaker to help with overnight absorbency.

What’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo?

These inserts are, in a word, designed to be superior in every possible way.  The inserts are sewn together with two lines down the middle so that they’ll dry faster.  They’re quite trim.  In fact, the 2.0 bamboo inserts are just over 1 cm thick… while these new, super awesome hemp/bamboo inserts are less than 1 cm thick.  I actually took a picture of a diaper stuffed with the old bamboo and the new LUX hemp/bamboo.  There was a full centimeter of difference between the two.

What’s Not Awesome about the Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo?

While these inserts do dry faster than the old 2.0 bamboo inserts, they still take longer than some to dry.  They also can get a bit rumpled in the dryer.  (If you’re bothered by your inserts not being perfectly flat, this may be a source of irritation for you.)  And at $15.95 Canadian, they are a bit pricey (though you do get two inserts for that price: a small and a large).

In a Nutshell?

If you have a heavy wetter, this is a great option for you.  If you like your baby to wear skinny jeans, then this is a MUST for you!  I’m so crazy about this insert that I’m going to just buy Lux covers and get the new Funky Fluff deLUX inserts to stuff!

You’ll be able to stock up on these tomorrow at Cozy Bums and other Funky Fluff retailers!  But because Funky Fluff is awesome and loves their customers, you can enter to win THIS amazing package!

Funky Fluff Prize

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – MC Sewing

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - MC CreationsHappy World Breastfeeding Week!  Breastfeeding advocacy never looked so cute as it does on this little eighteen month old princess.  The diaper is made by MC Sewing, a Canadian WAHM.  These diapers are a great fit on slender little ones.  Our model has plenty of room left to grow!

You can find out more about MC Sewing on her Facebook page.

bumGenius Chico – Formerly Known as Rudyard Kipling

I never thought that I would talk about race relations on Cloth Diaper Addicts.  It’s a website devoted to cloth diapering, not social justice.  Today, though, those two worlds collided.  All because bumGenius gave us a new diaper.

At 12:45 Pacific time, Cotton Babies released this diaper:

bg-ft-kipling-300It’s pretty, isn’t it?  And the print is so very clearly inspired by Disney’s The Jungle Book.  It’s what the masses have wanted: a Disney inspired diaper.  However, before The Jungle Book was a novel written by Rudyard Kipling.  Rudyard Kipling was a brilliant writer.  He was a literary genius.

In the Cotton Babies bio that they’d had on Kipling, they’d mentioned his support of British Imperialism.  I, initially, thought that it was the white paternalism and desire for power and riches that was British Imperialism.  I didn’t realize that British Imperialism went far beyond love of British culture and wanting to spread it everywhere through the growth of the Empire.  It wasn’t until today that I learned that there was a much, much less wholesome side to British Imperialism.  Kipling embodied that side.

He was a racist.  Not just a little racist who casually didn’t like people of another colour but kept his mouth shut.  No, he actually wrote a poem called White Man’s Burden.  I was personally horrified when I discovered the depth of his bigotry.  So, apparently, was Jennifer Labit.  Cotton Babies made the decision to rename the diaper Chico after a Latin American activist.

I will not vilify them for this decision.  Or for naming the diaper after Kipling in the first place.  Some very, very good things happened today because of this.  Some amazing conversations on race were had in a group that typically deletes them very quickly.  Some of the women of the Black Women Do Cloth Diaper group discovered some allies that they did not know that they had.  Cotton Babies made it clear what they want their brand to stand for… and it’s not racism.

There have been times in the past when I’ve been less than thrilled with Cotton Babies’ decisions.  (Hey, I’m human.)  But today?  Definitely not one of them.  Race is a conversation that we need to have.  We need to discuss the institutionalized racism that leads to black children being kicked out of a pool, or to black children being disciplined more harshly than their white peers for the same infractions in schools.  We need to discuss the actualities of the Spanish speaking population and their families, rather than let The Donald make his case.  We need to discuss the fact that Canada is far from perfect in terms of racial biases, and that First Nations families are still being destroyed through government interference today.

Cotton Babies opened a door for conversation that has needed to happen for quite some time.  I, for one, hope that eyes were opened and that the conversation continues.

Simplee by Nuggles – A Canadian Delight

When Bethany from The Little Sprout asked me if I wanted to review the Simplee by Nuggles all-in-two, I was interested.  I’d heard of Nuggles and knew that it was Canadian.  Last year, I borrowed a cloth diapering friend with a newborn to review the Nuggles newborn diapers, so why not?  After all, it’s an opportunity to try something new and give an unbiased opinion!

I received the Simplee by Nuggles in Sirinity with a bamboo inner.  That suited me because lately, I’ve been all about making sure that Eudora feels the wet since we’re at that point where she’s ready to housebreak physically, even if she has no inclination to do so at this time.

Simplee by Nuggles Review - Cloth Diaper Addicts

About The Little Sprout

The Little Sprout is a small cloth diaper shop in Petawawa, Ontario run by the ever charming Bethany.  The Little Sprout carries a growing selection of cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories, baby carriers, mama cloth, and more!  And for the discerning Canadian who wants to support Canadian companies, a large portion of her stock is either made in Canada or made by a Canadian owned business.

About Nuggles

Nuggles is a Canadian owned cloth diaper manufacturer who has their diapers made overseas.  The diapers were designed at a kitchen table in Canada by a mom who wanted the best solution for her baby.  Now the diapers are ethically made in China and are 100% CPSIA compliant.

About the Simplee by Nuggles

The Simplee by Nuggles all-in-two is designed to be used either as an all-in-two or as a pocket diaper.  The inner fabric is a bamboo and it includes two bamboo inserts that can be used individually or as a pair.  These inserts are designed to snap into the interior of the diaper as well.  If you stuff, snapping in the insert is optional and the inserts are designed to agitate out in the wash.  Additionally, there’s a strip of PUL in the front of the diaper to prevent wicking in the front. The Simplee also has a double gusset and a hip snap to prevent wing droop.  The rise is adjusted in in front with four levels of snap rise, giving five levels of height adjustment.  The Simplee by Nuggles is designed to fit from 8-40 pounds.


What I like about the Simplee by Nuggles

There’s really only one word that I have to describe the Simplee by Nuggles: trim.  I use both inserts on Eudora because she decides when she’d like a diaper change these days instead of me.  Even with both inserts, it’s still exceptionally trim.  Eudora is at the stage of having blessedly ploppable poo, but the double gussets would be fabulous at the runny poo stage.  If, however, you’re in the peanut butter poop stage, the double gussets aren’t of the obnoxious variety that are difficult to spray out since the second gusset is PUL.  Since I want Eudora to feel wetness, I love the bamboo interior of the Simplee.  I can realistically see the diaper fit up to 4o pounds, as Eudora is on the fourth row of rise snaps.  There’s still another rise for her to go, and she’s twenty-eight pounds.

While I use the Simplee by Nuggles as a pocket, the diaper is designed so that you may stuff it as a pocket or snap the inserts on top like an all-in-two.  The benefit to snapping, of course, is that it stays put.  Even better?  Nuggles has some gorgeous prints, some of which I’ve only seen on high end European diapers that are not readily available in North America.


What I don’t like about the Simplee by Nuggles

Because of the bamboo, I find that it takes longer than I’d like to dry.  Bamboo inners are quite slow to dry on any diaper because of the nature of the fabric, though, so it’s not really a surprise.  Additionally, Eudora is a really light wetter and I still need to use two inserts for it to last several hours.  I suspect that a heavy wetter would require additional boosting.

In a nutshell?  If you’re looking for a light, adjustable diaper in a myriad of prints, the Simplee by Nuggles is a great option.

How to Get Simplee by Nuggles

If you’re in Canada, pay a visit to The Little Sprout and purchase a Simplee by Nuggles for your very own!  Or you can be REALLY lucky and win one for yourself.  The Little Sprout is giving away one in-stock Simplee by Nuggles to TWO lucky Canadians!