A Happy Toddler Is a Noisy Toddler

I’m pretty lucky in a lot of respects where Norton is concerned.  He’s a pretty happy toddler for the most part.  His behavior is generally not too… rotten.  And while he’s not exactly talking in a language that we can understand, he does make a lot of noises.  I’m also noticing that the noisier Norton can be, the more inclined he is to be a happy toddler.  The funny thing is that noises from my happy toddler are not shrieks or just happy screaming. [Read more…]

Judgment and Practicing What You Preach

I think religion can be a wonderful thing.  It can inspire people to live their lives a better way, to be kinder to their fellow man, and to strive to be as good and moral as possible.  Some of the mothers that I respect the most are deeply spiritual people who are guided in every move by their faith.  They don’t just talk a good game; they live their beliefs every day.

I also think that religion can be a detriment in the hands of the wrong person.  I’m not just talking about the big picture thing like the various holy wars of history.  (Remember the Crusades?)  Nor am I talking about the martyring of people like Sir Thomas More and Anne Askew.  I’m talking about the every day average hypocrite. [Read more…]