Natural Fiber All-in-One Cloth Diapers

There’s a reason why there are so many different options for cloth diapers: everyone has different favorites.  Our babies are shaped differently and have different outputs.  Rather than just expecting us all to use the same thing and like it, now we’re blessed with an overwhelming array of cloth diaper brands to choose from!  But even with different brands, there’s different styles, different fibers, etc.  If you’ve decided that you love the convenience of an all-in-one, but only want natural fibers touching your baby’s bum, then this is the post for you!  Here’s a break down of some natural fiber all-in-one cloth diapers. [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Group Etiquette

I never thought that it would be necessary to write a blanket post on cloth diaper group etiquette.  After all, I’m certainly not a “Miss Manners” type and can throw down a little too easily.  Plus I’m forever saying that every cloth diaper group has their own culture with things to remember.  Dropping an eff-bomb, for example, may be considered appropriate on the Asylum, but it’s a great way to get a thread deleted (or possibly a membership revoked) from the Flash Mob.

Over the weekend, though, I’ve been noticing that there are some cloth diaper group rules of etiquette that should be universal.  I thought that it would be considered common sense, but I’m frequently told that common sense is not so common anymore.  So with that in mind… [Read more…]

Bleach Soak Cloth Diapers? I’ll Pass

Let’s be realistic: the bleach soak for cloth diapers controversy has been done and redone a million times.  There are people who will bleach soak their cloth diapers on a monthly basis and “never have an issue.”  So I’m not going to tell you that if you bleach soak cloth diapers they’re going to burst into flames.  They won’t.

But I’m not going to tell you that your diapers will always be perfectly perfect after you bleach soak cloth diapers.  That would be a lie. [Read more…]

Snap or Velcro in your Cloth Diaper Stash?

When one decides to use cloth diapers, one quickly finds that there’s a whole lot to learn.  You’ve got different styles (prefolds, fitted, hybrid fitted WAHM, hybrids, pockets, all-in-two, and all in ones) to choose from, and then within those different styles are a plethora of brands.  And the start up cost to building a cloth diaper stash doesn’t help.  It can be super overwhelming with an intimidating price tag to start.  Before you even start buying, a common question is how big of a cloth diaper stash you need to start.  Once you make that decision and figure out the style, there’s another decision to make: how should your diapers close?  Do you want Velcro cloth diapers or snap cloth diapers?  What are the pros and cons of Velcro cloth diapers versus snap cloth diapers?  Or would you rather use pins or covers?  Maybe from there you choose a brand to start with… or you choose a brand and let that influence the type of closure. [Read more…]

4 Reasons Cloth Diaper Covers are Awesome

Lately, I’ve been seriously loving the diaper covers.  Prefolds and covers have been a method of cloth diapers that’s been around for… well, pretty much ever, though what the covers are made of and how they are styled have changed over the years.  I’m not really feeling the prefold love these days… but cloth diaper covers?  Covers are awesome.

[Read more…]

Reasons to Avoid ClothDiapers.Us.Com

Generally, I avoid calling out specific sites.  Yes, there are stores out there that I love and will flog to anyone who will listen… but I’ve only come across two cloth diaper stores that are so darned gross that I never want anyone to shop with them.  Ever.  The first was Shop Diaper.  Lindsay of Maman Loup’s Den did a wonderful post explaining what’s so awful about them.  So did The Anti-June Cleaver (and her readers’ comments).  They did it so well that there was no need to reinvent the wheel; they said it all.  Today, I learned about a new gross place.  They are ClothDiaper.Us.Com.  I won’t link them because I don’t want anyone to click to them from my site.

[Read more…]

Natural Fiber Inserts for Us!

For the last four years, I’ve been just fine with the microfiber inserts that came with the majority of our cloth diapers.  I always figured anyone who just had to use natural fiber inserts all the time were overstating the wonders of natural fiber or understating the benefits of microfiber.

Until now. [Read more…]

Buyer Beware – Cloth Diapers on eBay

This morning, I was perusing eBay.  Sometimes I go through to see if there are any hard to find cloth diapers on eBay.  Maybe it’s something that I’m looking for (like an AMP Very Cherry) or it’s something I already have and I’m curious what I could realistically sell it for when the time comes.  Or, you know, maybe it’s just because I’m cloth diaper obsessed and have too much time on my hands.  Whatever.

[Read more…]

Recommending China Cheapies Makes Me Cringe

Without fail, I see people post frequently about wanting to start cloth diapers, but not being able to afford the “expensive brands” like bumGenius.  (Bonus points for seeing this come up on the Cotton Babies Flash Mob, where people are slightly rabid over their bumGenius diapers.)  Sometimes people will recommend ways to get cloth diapers without paying retail price.  Then there are the comments that make me cringe: I see people recommending China Cheapies.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not about snobbishness and elitism.  I do have some China Cheapies in my stash.  However, when I’m speaking with people who are new to cloth diapers, I don’t feel comfortable recommending China Cheapies at all.  There are a few simple reasons for this. [Read more…]

Newborn Cloth Diapers – Get the Right Fit

I never bothered with newborn cloth diapers.  Norton was eight pounds, four ounces.  Eudora was eight and a half pounds.  With that in mind, I just plain didn’t see the point.  However, not everyone has big babies.  In fact, my friend Nikki has tiny little babies.  Her babies are so very tiny that newborn cloth diapers are a must.

Meet Small Fry.

Newborn Cloth Diapers - Get the Right Fit (Cloth Diaper Addicts) #makeclothmainstream

Small Fry was, at the time of this photo, 8 days old.  She was a full-term birth, but still weighed under 6 pounds.  My smallest baby outweighed her by a full pound, and that one was not cloth diapered.

That means that Small Fry was going to be my first chance at using newborn cloth diapers.

Nikki had a plethora of newborn cloth diapers to work with; she was one of the recipients of my cloth diaper cakes.  However, Small Fry being so… well, small… made it a bit of a challenge.  Everything was just too big and was gapping at the legs.  And since Small Fry is an exclusively breastfed baby, she produced delightful blowouts that got everywhere.

Nikki absolutely did not want to use disposables.  Not at all.

That meant that it was time for me to come over with some tiny diapers, play, and help get the right fit.  (This is another reason why I love my local cloth diapering community: they let me borrow their babies for diaper tests.)

Even better?  Small Fry is a somewhat cooperative model.  Sure, she gets a bit annoyed with multiple diaper changes happening one right after the other, but as long as she gets frequent breaks to eat, she’s pretty all right.

General suggestions: If you’re starting with an extremely tiny baby, you’ll need extremely tiny diapers.  I’m talking about diapers that are so tiny and adorable that your non-expectant cloth diapering friends will look at them and start to spontaneously ovulate from the tiny cuteness.  You’ll also find that pulling up at the wings can help a slightly too big diaper fit, even if it’s not pretty.  Sometimes, esthetics have to take a backseat to function.  When you’re changing every hour because the little newborn will scream if there’s a drop of wetness in the diaper, that’s one of those times.

Also keep in mind that one size diapers will not fit a super tiny baby.  Even ones that claim that they fit babies as small as six pounds will give a horrid fit.  I’ll have some brand specific reviews of newborn cloth diapers with pictures of our little mini model all week.

Did you start cloth diapering with an exceptionally tiny newborn?  How big was your baby for his or her first cloth diaper?