Diaper Sprayer – A Useful Accessory

While perusing my local cloth diaper group, a question came up.  A member asked how a diaper sprayer works.  Since I think that my diaper sprayer is pretty much the greatest cloth diaper innovation since pocket diapers, it was a question that I was happy to answer.  [Read more…]

Is Cloth Diaper Detergent Build Up a Lie? (Diaper Advice)

Everyone has their own twists on how they do their diaper laundry.  Some are religious about timing, others are all about the extra water, and some feel that their detergent is what makes or breaks their diapers.  Recently, though, I came across a comment on a diaper laundry post about how cloth diaper detergent built up is a lie.

“Detergent build up is a *myth* there is absolutely no such thing as detergent build up. Do you strip your clothes on a regular basis? No? Hum… That’s funny. Because they’re made of the same materials… Weird right?” – Brittany Malone [Read more…]

Can I Mix & Match Cloth Diaper Inserts? (Diaper Advice)

Can I mix and match my cloth diaper inserts?

Cloth diaper inserts can make or break a diapering experience.  With that in mind, people frequently want to know if it’s okay to mix and match your cloth diaper inserts.

Like most bits of cloth diaper advice, it depends.Can I Mix & Match Cloth Diaper Inserts (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Cloth Diaper Inserts Size

It’s important to use cloth diaper inserts that fit.  I would never use an original FuzziBunz minky insert in a BumGenius diaper.  The minky inserts are just far too narrow.  The size difference is so great that it would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.  Because of the gap, the diaper would leak.  Badly.  Likewise, I wouldn’t try stuffing a BumGenius insert in an original FuzziBunz Elite, either.  The BumGenius diaper is so very wide that there’s no way it would fit comfortably.  You’d be forcing it in and your baby would end up with a weird, probably uncomfortable wrinkle under the bum.

[Read more…]

Eczema Rash and Cloth Diapering

I never, ever thought that I would come across something with Eudora that could threaten our cloth diapering lifestyle.  Ever.  She’s not a heavy wetter like Norton, so there was never an issue with finding an overnight cloth diapering solution.  Best Bottom actually work just fine for her overnight.  Then, of course, we ran into the diaper rash that never ends.  Ever.  If not for perseverance and dedication, eczema rash might have just licked me.

How did we end up with an eczema rash on her little bum? [Read more…]

Washing Cloth Diapers with Baby Stuff? (Diaper Advice)

Is washing cloth diapers okay with my baby clothes?

Most of the questions that I see about fluff generally pertain to washing cloth diapers.  When it comes to washing cloth diapers, we all have our own routines.  The basic gist, though, is “cold or warm pre-wash cycle, extra long hot wash, double rinse.”  With that in mind, there are plenty of reasons to avoid washing cloth diapers with baby clothes… and the rare exception where I would. [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Supplies for the Lazy Mom #Throwback

I admit it.  I am lazy as all get out when it comes to cloth diapering.  Yes, I love the fact that cloth diapering is reducing what I put in the landfill.  I love the fact that my son’s little heiney gets red far less often in cloth diapers.  However, I don’t love to work hard.  So, I choose cloth diaper supplies that allow me to work smart (or be lazy), not work hard.  What cloth diaper supplies give me that freedom? [Read more…]

What Do You REALLY Need to Start Cloth Diapering?

I’ve learned a ton in the four years between now and when I decided to start cloth diapering.  I never really am aware of how much I’ve come along until I start looking at my throwback posts… and then I kind of have to laugh.  In a recent throwback, I had my theoretical “what I need to start cloth diapering” list.

Here’s the thing, though, the more I think about it.  You really, really don’t need much to start cloth diapering.  You can start small and build up as you go.  I mean, really, I have a ridiculous amount of diapers now, but I most certainly didn’t start out that way. [Read more…]

Stinky Cloth Diapers Solved #Throwback

On more than one occasion, I’ve posted about the stinky baby issues that arise with Norton.  Norton himself is not a stinky baby, but he does have this wonderful gift for causing stench.  I’ve blogged about stinky diaper pail issues and ammonia stink.  The good news is that I’ve found a product that helps with reducing the stinky cloth diapers issue.

Stinky Cloth Diapers Solved (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Okay, so his diaper still stink when I put them in the washing machine.  Considering the fact that his urine smells strongly of ammonia right now, even when he uses his potty, there’s not much that I can do about that beyond try to cover it up.  Rockin Green detergent now makes a product called Shake It Up! that you sprinkle into the pail to keep the stinky diaper pail at bay.  It helps, but it doesn’t completely vanquish the issue.

However, the problem that I was starting to have again (even after strips and rocking a soak) was that the diapers were smelling a little, um, not brand new fresh when I pulled them out of the dryer.  I suspect that the fact that I have slightly hard water and Norton has exceptionally potent pee make a wonderful combination.  I can handle stinky cloth diapers when it’s time to do wash cloth diapers, but I cannot handle stinky cloth diapers when they are supposed to be clean.

Rockin Green detergent has recently come out with their Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer.  I have to say, it helps.  What you do is use two tablespoons of the Funk Rock in the rinse cycle that you run before you actually wash your cloth diapers.  The first time that I washed Norton’s cloth diapers with the Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer and followed up with Rockin Green detergent (Hard Rock formula), the diapers came out of the washing machine smelling absolutely brand new fresh and divine.  They came out of the dryer, still complete with that nice diaper smell.  The second time I used it, it worked just as well.

I’m about half way through my first package of Funk Rock, and I’m already thinking that I should order more.  I’d hate to run out, particularly since it’s helping so much.  I remember that when I first started using cloth diapers, I struggled with a lot of things.  Washing, choosing the right type of diaper, and so forth.  But now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m a pro, but I’d definitely say that I no longer have any form of cloth diapering issues.  Now all that I have are cloth diapering solutions.

Have you ever battled stinky cloth diapers?  What worked for you?

Originally written December 6, 2010.  At this point, I absolutely do consider myself to be a cloth diapering pro.  Back then, though, I thought that “cloth diapers shouldn’t stink and stinky cloth diapers are a problem” included when they’d been sitting in a diaper pail.  I thought wrong.  I do, however, still use Rockin Green detergent religiously, and the Funk Rock is a consistent part of my cloth diaper laundry routine.  I no longer use two tablespoons per pre-wash cycle; one tablespoon is sufficient.

Where to buy Rockin Green products: CozyBums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (Canada/US), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Can)

Giving Cloth Diaper Wipes Another Chance #Throwback

I’m trying harder to go for more green parenting initiatives in my home.  I’ve tried cloth diaper wipes before, and found them to be just too gross at that time.  Well, I’ve decided to give them another shot.  After all, I’m already doing the laundry to wash cloth diapers, anyway.  So, really, it’s not like the cloth diaper wipes would be more work, right?

Well, here’s being optimistic. [Read more…]

Cloth Diapering Needs – Just Starting Cloth #Throwback

I’m seriously hoping to get everything for our cloth diapering needs done and ordered this weekend.  Obviously, some things are out until the nursery nightmare is resolved, but here’s to getting as much done as possible.

I’m totally interested in cloth diapering.  The pros are not putting diapers in the landfill, plus not putting the chemicals next to Norton’s little bum.  Plus, I won’t have to buy disposable diapers all the time.  I remember purchasing disposable diapers for Andy, at roughly a case per month at Sam’s Club with the parents.  Cloth diapering can either completely eliminate or severely reduce that.

The cons of cloth diapering, of course, are that it can be prohibitively expensive to start out.  If you can afford the lump sum starting fee, then you’re in the good.cloth-diapering-needs

So, that gets to my cloth diapering inventory.  I currently have… wait for it… exactly five cloth diapers.  Clearly, that’s not really going to be enough to do it.

This brings me to the baby needs list for cloth diapering.  I’ve searched high and low online for a nice, comprehensive baby needs list for cloth diapers.  I’m finding a nice and ridiculous range of diapers suggested.  One site actually suggests 36 cloth diapers!  If you’re using something inexpensive like Birdseye diapers, then no problem.  However, pocket diapers or all-in-one diapers are fairly pricy, and the vast majority of people would find the price for that quantity to outprice the cost of disposable diapers for a year.

A friend of the family cloth diapers, and has said that I can get away with a dozen, and just do laundry every day.  I kind of don’t feel that that’s enough diapers for my cloth diapering needs.  So, I’m kind of winging it here with my own conclusions.

I figure I should buy another twelve FuzziBunz one size diapers.  That will put me up to a total of seventeen diapers, which gives me a day and a half supply for a newborn, and roughly a two day supply when he gets bigger.  Honestly, it’s not like I want to leave them hanging around for too long.  No matter how much effort I take to keep the smell out, it will build up.  Right?  Especially if I take too long between washings?

I’m also not a big fan of the idea of scraping baby poop into the toilet.  I want to cloth diaper, but I want to do it without the ick factor.  So that means that I need to get a roll of cloth diaper liners.  They’re flushable, so I don’t have to deal with… well, poop.

I also figure I should get a single pack of size one disposable diapers just in case I hate the cloth.  CozyBums, my local distributor, will take back unused, unwashed diapers, so they advised that I wash one and try it first to see how I like them.  That makes sense, especially since they are over $20 a diaper.

I figure I should get a bunch of baby wipes, too.  I really don’t like the idea of washable baby wipes, because that’s defeating the whole purpose of using the flushable liners.  Besides, at least they’re biodegradable.

Then there’s the stuff that applies regardless of what type of diaper you’re using: diaper cream and baby powder.

I’m also going to need a wet bag for schlepping dirty diapers back to the house after an outing, plus a place to stash the dirty diapers waiting for laundry.  So that means I need to get a travel bag and a diaper pail liner for storing ickies.

Oh, and extra wetness protection for overnight, so hopefully I won’t have to change sheets due to the great flood of Norton’s diaper overtaking his crib.

So, I’m going with the following shopping list:

12 FuzziBunz one size diapers

1 roll of inserts

1 travel dirty diaper bag

1 diaper laundry bag

2 AppleCheeks hemp liners

1 pack of Pampers size one diapers

1 travel pack of baby wipes

1 regular pack of baby wipes

1 massive refill pack (on sale at Wal-Mart this week)

Pending negotiation with the husband, of course, I’ll order those this weekend.  Because I’m local, CozyBums will either drop them off at my house while she’s running errands, or I’ll pop over to her house and pick them up while I’m running errands.  It’s going to come out to a fair chunk of change, but, hey, it’s only a one time chunk of change that will be around for Norton’s future sister Eudora when she’s born (hopefully).  So, it’s definitely a long-term cost saving measure, even if the upfront part is a bit much.

What would you suggest for a cloth diapering needs list?

Originally written January 16, 2010.

Update: It’s so cute to come across these posts from when I was trying to figure out cloth diapering.  It drives home how little I actually understood about cloth diapering and cloth diapering needs until I was in the thick of it.  What’s the reality?

Yes, I absolutely could have done fine with the 18 or 19 FuzziBunz diapers I’d started with.  It is, however, a starter stash, not the size stash that is appropriate for exclusively cloth diapering.  The amount of washing would be a lot of wear and tear on the diapers, and I suspect that if I’d stuck with only that amount, they would not have made it to Eudora.  Additionally, prices have come down, making it easier to get enough diapers for your cloth diapering needs.  When we started buying, FuzziBunz were nearly $25 each.  And that was an average Canadian price back in 2010.

My concerns about dealing with poop were ridiculous.  In the end, we stopped using flushable liners and just got a sprayer.  I was all wrong about my cloth diapering needs for storing dirty diapers.  And of course, now I’m really annoyed when people use “insert” and “liner” interchangeably.