Are You a Cloth Diaper Addict? Infographic

You love cloth diapers. You put your baby in cloth diapers. But are you actually a cloth diaper addict? Find out using this handy but hilariously true infographic.

Am I a Cloth Diaper Addict? Infographic

Are you a cloth diaper addict? Did you get caught in the spiral of denial? Be honest!

Perhaps I Need a Custom Cloth Diaper

I’ve never bought a custom cloth diaper before.  I’ve never had anything made to order for… well, pretty much anything, really.  Lately I’ve been thinking that it might be time for me to go the custom cloth diaper route.

Why?  Well, maybe it’s just because I’m in “a mood,” but I was feeling blue and decided to browse cloth diapers online.  At my favorite store, I was just “Got that, some of those, tons of those, meh, yeah, got it, tried it, ad nauseum.”  The more I looked around, the more it seemed like I just plain had about one of every type of something that I saw… unless I wanted to start ordering from the States again, of course.  I got the Rumparooz diaper print that I was crazy about.  I’ve got the Blueberry Butterflies diaper, and now the rest of the Swaddlebees prints I was crazy about are on the way.  I felt like I was running out of diapers to buy.  And, really, while that might make my husband thrilled to tears, it frustrated me.  I was feeling experimental.  I wanted something different to try.

And I started thinking about fun.  How awesome would it be to find a Bad Badtz Maru diaper?  Someone should make one, right?  After all, Hello Kitty cloth diapers exist.  Why wouldn’t Bad Badtz Maru or Keroppi have diapers, too?

Would you believe that I couldn’t find that on Etsy?  *sigh*

One created Cookie Monster Poppy Cloth diaper by my friend Heather. Maybe she could make my Bad Badtz Maru?

It dawned on me that there were a few options that I had for something different.  I could visit Heather at the Parenting Patch and get her to hook me up with something cute through her Poppy Cloth creations.  I’ve been threatening to order a bunch of diapers and have them sent to Heather to do cute things with, anyway.

Or I could get really experimental.  I could just get a custom diaper made through Etsy.  Now that would be something different that the rest of the world wouldn’t have.

Or, hey, maybe I should just take a break on buying cloth diapers.

Psh, yeah, right.  That’s so not going to happen.

What kind of diapers do you look for when you’re feeling diaper adventurous?

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Diaper Bag Contents – Packing Light with Cloth Diapers

I don’t need to carry the kitchen sink when we go out.

I love chatting with other moms about diaper bag contents.  Sometimes I’m just amazed by the amount of things that moms pack.  Other times, I’m almost a little smug because my diaper bag contents are quite minimal.

When Norton was first born, my diaper bag contents were ridiculous.  We used disposable diapers on the go because there was so much to carry already that I didn’t want to add fooling with using cloth diapers to the pile.  I carried outfits, diapers, toys, burp cloths, wipes, scented bags for disposing of Norton’s diapers, baby powder, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, pacifiers, receiving blankets, bottles, and more.  Getting ready to leave the house with a baby required the same level of preparation as taking a family vacation.

It was ridiculous.  I never used the vast majority of those things.  Why on earth was I carrying so much in such a huge bag?

I didn’t make the same mistake with Eudora.  In fact, even with using cloth diapers on the go, I can still pack extremely light.  For a trip to my in-laws’, I can still get away with a small backpack roughly the same size as Norton’s Skip Hop backpack.  In fact, I’m thinking about getting a girly Skip Hop backpack to carry Eudora’s things because it’s just so much more fun.

Here’s what I carry for Eudora for an expected three hour trip to Grandma and Grumpy’s house:

*3 cloth diapers
*1 wet bag
*1 travel case of disposable wipes
*1 travel size bottle of baby powder
*1 changing pad
*2 changes of clothes
*3 receiving blankets and/or burp cloths
*2 bottles
*2 cans of Alimentum ready to drink formula
*a couple of toys

If Grandma is baby-sitting for a few hours, I pack three or four disposable diapers and leave the cloth diapers at home.

That’s it.  And it fits in one little tiny diaper bag, plus there’s room for my Coke Zero, my iPhone, and my tablet.  If she were less inclined to throw up constantly, then I could probably get away with packing even less.  It may sound like I under pack, but I’ve never been caught without enough supplies for a trip out.

Norton carries his own things to his Grandma and Grumpy’s in his Skip Hop backpack.  That’s only because he always brings a couple of toys, his iPod, a sippy cup, and his Pillow.

What do your diaper bag contents look like?

Best Bottom Diaper and Magical Timing

Hey Mom? I know you just changed me into a Best Bottom. I know you just put diapers in the wash. But guess what I made?

I love my new Best Bottom diapers.  I’m having a lot of fun with them.  However, there’s one issue that I’m having with Best Bottom diapers… and it has absolutely nothing to do with the diaper itself.

For two weeks now, I’ve been trying to get a picture of Eudora in a particular outfit with her Best Bottom diaper in Wild Berry.  Every time I try, though, I’m not fast enough to snap a picture or get her in the outfit for one reason or another.  Usually, I think “Meh, it’s an all-in-two.  I’ll just put in a fresh insert and all will be good later.”

However, later never comes.  And that later is the one thing that is making me crazy.

Eudora will, invariably, have a runny poop.

I mean a yucky, runny, greenish gray poo that reminds me of meconium.


When that happens, the diaper cover is soiled.  There’s no reusing that cover with a new insert.  All I can do is rinse it down and be relieved that the diaper contained it.

As much as I hate that she always soils that diaper cover before I can get a cute picture of her in a dress with that diaper, the good news is that the diaper contains it.  The Best Bottom shell contains that poo with fantastic ease thanks to the double gussets.  I have no doubt that if it was a disposable diaper, I’d have been hosing down an entire outfit and hoping to get the stains out.

Are you finding that you’re also prone to Murphy’s Law of Poop?  What’s your Murphy’s Law event?

Wordless Wednesday – My Diaper Models

Is there anything more adorable than a happy baby with a fluffy bum?  I don’t think so… except maybe my happy babies with fluffy bums.  Of course, I’m also a little biased. 😉

Eudora modeling Fuzzi Bunz One Size in Choco Truffle


Eudora models the Baby Kicks 3G in Poppy


Norton shows us how to read with feet in his Best Bottom diaper in Cookie Monster


The Downside with Adorable Fitted Diapers

It’s adorable. And if you’re crazy about diapers with owls on them, how could you stand to cover it up?

I’ve been browsing for some fitted diapers to try.  I’ve already figured out that I can’t use the Bumboo diapers, even though they are awesome.  Well, I can use the Bumboo fitted diapers, but my husband, who manages the bedtimes, can’t.  So I figured that what I need for fitted diapers is something that works like a pocket diaper.  You know, the rise is already adjusted before it even goes on baby.  All that you have to do is fasten the waist and it’s good.

I’ve found a few that are like that.  But there’s a huge problem.

They’re completely adorable. [Read more…]

The Disadvantage of Buying Cheap Cloth Diapers

I like a fair and balanced approach.  Previously, I’d looked at the pros of cheap cloth diapers.  There are also plenty of cons.

I have no objection to using China Cheapies when buying cloth diapers.  You use what you can afford and do the best that you can.  AlvaBaby and Sunbaby diapers are great for what they cost, but you really are getting what you pay for.  It’s that whole “getting what you pay for” thing that really, really irritates me when I see AlvaBaby diapers rebranded with other labels.  (I’m not going to name names; Heather at the Parenting Patch already did that, and did it well.)

[Read more…]

The Advantage of Buying Cheap Cloth Diapers

I’ve had someone call me a “diaper snob” once just because I have mostly premium brands in my stash.  Here’s a dirty little secret, though: I hardly knew anything about the “cheap cloth diapers” when I was building my stash.  Had I known that I could find reliable cheap cloth diapers, I may have been willing to try them.  Or at least treated them like a cute little accessory.

When you’re paying $20 to $30 for a premium cloth diaper brand, you tend to shop for longevity.  You’ll want a diaper that will be good for all seasons, a diaper that will fit your child from birth to potty training.  With a cheap cloth diaper, there is a different advantage altogether:

At five bucks, who cares if the diaper isn’t good all year around?

It’s not painful to the pocketbook to buy a couple of cute diapers with jack o lanterns or witches for Halloween.  (Of course, I’d buy a diaper with little flying witches on them all year round.  But that’s just me.)  It’s not a big deal to get a few diapers that have Santa or Christmas trees or Menorahs for the round of winter holidays.  It’s five bucks.  Big deal.

With a premium diaper, though, I’d flinch over the concept of spending $30 on a diaper that would only realistically be worn for a month a year when we’re in diapers.  At best, I’d get two months use of one diaper for one kid.  Which means that if I washed diapers three times per week and had that diaper for two years, it would be used maybe two dozen times.  I hate the idea of basically spending a dollar per use on a diaper.  It’s not terribly cost effective.

I liken it to the concept of spending $300 on a pair of shoes I’d only wear once.  No thank you.  It’s just not practical for me.  If I spend $300 on a pair of shoes, I expect them to be good, classic shoes that will last until I die.  If I’m going to buy some funky, trendy shoes that will only be in style for the season, I’d rather go cheap.  And that’s pretty comparable to how I feel about seasonally appropriate diapers.

But if I’m getting two dozen uses out of a five dollar diaper?  Well, gosh, then I’m right back down into disposable prices of roughly 21¢ per use.  Now that’s a pretty reasonable price.

Most of my cloth diaper stash is comprised of premium cloth diapers.  But believe you me, I’ll be busting out some cute as pie holiday printed cheap cloth diapers just to have fun.

Have you ever bought any “fashion diapers” for an event?

Wordless Wednesday – Rolling in Rumparooz

Eudora modeling her Rumparooz

Eudora modeling her Rumparooz

Getting to know her buddy Thing 2.


Plotting mischief with Thing 2

The Best Bottom Diaper that Reignited My Cloth Diaper Addiction

For a while, I was doing really good with my cloth diaper addiction recovery.  Sure, I’d look longingly at new cloth diapers from time to time.  I’d read my friend’s cloth diaper blog posts and comment, and give advice on stripping issues.  But when we went to a family reunion last month, I got Eudora a new pretty purple dress.  I wanted to get a new pretty purple diaper to go with it. [Read more…]