Getting Brave with Using Cloth Diapers – An Overnight Sensation

I’ve finally done it.  I’ve taken a bold new step in using cloth diapers with Eudora.  When I’d attempted this method of using cloth diapers with Norton, it was, more often than not, a failure.  With Eudora, I’ve had much more success.

I’m using cloth diapers overnight.

I’m finding that it’s much more successful with Eudora.  You see, I very seldom had a wet bed with her in her disposable diapers, and that’s with her sleeping nine to thirteen hours at a stretch.  The rare occasions that I did find a wet bed in the morning was because she’s just so darned skinny and has such a high rise.  She sort of manages to wiggle out of the disposable.  I find my precious baby girl sporting a plumber’s crack under her sleeper.

Since disposables don’t seem to fit my skinny girl all that well, and she’s not the heavy wetter that her big brother is, I gave my BumGenius Freetime a shot.  When I got her up in the morning, the diaper was saturated… but the bed was not.  Nor were her pajamas or swaddle.  I’d had some overnight cloth diapering success.

I only have two BumGenius Freetime diapers in my stash, so I decided to give a chance to the other diaper that I thought might manage.  After all, this combination had an occasional success with Norton, and that kid pees like a faucet… especially at night.  I used a Tots Bots Easy Fit diaper with an added bamboo insert.  It also worked.

So, now I have three overnight cloth diapering solutions with Eudora.  I’m thrilled.  This is something that I’d been terrified of trying due to the repeated failures that I’ve had with my boy.  At this rate, I may be able to limit the use of any and all disposable diapers to when Grandma Kitty and Grumpy Red are baby-sitting.  That would be completely and totally awesome.  It’s my fervent hope that Eudora outgrows the massive box of size two Huggies diapers we bought from Costco long before we run out.

Are you using cloth diapers overnight?  What’s your magic solution?

Wordless Wednesday – Capturing Sunbaby

I bought a single Sunbaby diaper to try out of curiosity.  (Blog post coming up!)  I like to show off my kids in their fluff as much as possible, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to capture an active toddler with a single click.  Here’s Norton!

Scrunchy toddler face!

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Cloth Diaper Addicts, Price Points, and Snobbery

Cloth diaper addicts are plentiful.  There are a lot of women who love their fluff.  Cloth diaper addicts exist in all levels of income, and there are brands that are out there to help people of all income levels be able to afford using cloth diapers.  In fact, the start up cost associated with using cloth diapers is one of the things that scares people away from starting in the first place.

While having a conversation with an online group, I made the comment that cheap diapers are often cheap for a reason.

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Why We Don’t Use Cloth Diapers with Velcro Closure

In the beginning, I would only buy cloth diapers with snap closures.  I avoided Velcro and Aplix closure because of the dreaded diaper daisy chain, wear out potential, and other issues.  Eventually, though, I caved.  At that time GroVia hybrid diapers were only made with Velcro.  TotsBots Easy Fit diapers were in the first generation design and were also only made with Velcro.  There were so many awesome diapers that I wanted to try.

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Best Cloth Diaper Shopping Experience EVER

If you’ve read my blog for more than a week, you already know that I’m a cloth diaper addict.  I refer to Cozy Bums, my local diaper shop, as my dealer.  I always joke that on the rare occasions that I do shop elsewhere, I feel like I’m cheating.  There’s a reason why I’m so loyal to my local store.  Well, a few reasons, really, but the big one is that I consistently get the best cloth diaper shopping experience ever.

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Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Addict

I joke all the time about being a cloth diaper addict.  Several of my mommy blogger friends (yes, Heather and FunnyMum, I mean you) are very much in the same boat.  I’ve been teasing the proprietress of Cozy Bums about the need for a Cloth Diapers Anonymous group.  I’m starting to think that it might be a good idea.

It’s been a month and a half since I’ve bought any new fluff for my cloth diaper stash.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s been a month too long.  I keep looking at new fluff and drooling.  I’m preoccupied by the idea of trying out Best Bottom diapers, particularly since that adorable new Cookie Monster print should be at my diaper dealer’s shop soon enough.  As I drool over the Cookie Monster, I look at some of the other Best Bottom diaper patterns and think about getting one right now so I have some new fluff to play with.

I know that I don’t need to add to my cloth diaper stash.  I know that I have plenty of diapers to choose from, and plenty of diaper types.  I’ve got hybrids, pockets, all in ones, fitteds, and prefolds.  I’ve got Velcro and snap closure.  I’ve tried (and loved) most of the big brands, and tried out a couple of the smaller brands with varying results.

But I still want new fluff to play with.  Are you a cloth diaper addict?  How large is your stash?

Join the Cloth Diaper Addicts Anonymous group on Facebook to discuss all things fluff!

Charlie Banana Cloth Steal!

Due to my cloth diaper addiction, I find myself browsing cloth diapers far more than healthy.  I just came across a deal that I’m finding hard to resist!  Zulily has Charlie Banana cloth diapers on sale until July 29th, 6 am PDT!

*drool*  Not that I need to add to my cloth diaper stash…


New Best Bottom Diaper Fuels My Cloth Diaper Addiction

Just today, I learned from my favorite cloth diaper dealer store Cozy Bums that there’s a new Best Bottom diaper coming out.  Up until this point, I’ve been mildly curious about a Best Bottom diaper… but I’d yet to see a pattern or color that I just had to have.  Of course, because of the nature of my cloth diaper addiction, I’m constantly curious about new fluff.  I was getting more curious by the day, but I was also mindful about the ridiculous size of my stash, my husband’s wish for me to stop buying cloth diapers, and a host of other things that document my cloth diaper addiction.

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Can Your Cloth Diaper Stash Ever Become Too Big?

Can Your Cloth Diaper Stash Ever Become Too Big? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

This was my diaper stash as of July 2012. I’ve added another couple of dozen since then. :-/

I was reading my friend Heather’s blog over at The Parenting Patch yesterday, and she asked the question that all new cloth diaper addicts ask: Will your cloth diaper stash ever be big enough?

If you’d asked me two years ago, I’d have told you that your cloth diaper stash can never be too big.  But that was then.

Now?  Oh, yes, not only is my cloth diaper stash big enough, it’s actually a bit too big.  I’ve sold a few diapers and am looking to sell a few more before I become a cloth diaper hoarder.  You see, in spite of my complete and utter awareness that I have more cloth diapers than I need, there are still a couple of cloth diapers that I’d love to add to my stash.  I still look at the Blueberry Butterflies diaper and drool.  I keep hoping that if I get rid of enough, the husband will let me get that diaper without complaint.

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Infant Diaper Rash and Flipping Out over Cloth Diapers

One of the biggest reasons that I love using cloth diapers is that the dreaded infant diaper rash is very seldom an issue.  Still, though, I don’t use cloth diapers exclusively.  I use disposables overnight because there is nothing in the world that will keep my children from drenching the bed.  Heck, Norton periodically floods a disposable.  That kid is just a heavy wetter.   We also use disposables on outings.  However, Eudora developed a nasty infant diaper rash last weekend, and it’s got me rethinking using disposables on her when we do less than two hour trips out.

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