How Being a Mom Can Reduce Me to My Underwear

My being a mom idol is June Cleaver.  That woman could rock the pearls like no other.  In my perfect fantasies about being a mom, I’m dressed in a pair of rockin’ jeans and an awesome top.  I wear earrings and a necklace.  My hair is perfect, and I actually do my makeup.

Then, of course, there’s the reality.  The reality is that my children can make it difficult to dress like a hot mom.

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DIY Kid Closet Dividers

I love shopping for baby clothes.  And toddler clothes.  Because I try to be a thrifty mom when it comes to buying cute baby clothes, it means that I often buy clothes ahead for both Norton and Eudora.  However, being a thrifty mom and buying ahead is a big fail if the cute baby clothes are missed and outgrown before your kid even has a chance to wear them.

I’ve found that the biggest thing that makes buying clothes ahead work is just a little bit of organization.  Even if you’re not a super organized mom or a terribly crafty mom, there are things that you can do to help keep your stash of kid clothes organized.

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How to Encounter the Wrath of an Angry Mom

There are some things that make me an angry mom.  Or at least an irritated one… like the assumption that my husband baby-sits instead of parents.  Or when Norton decides to dive bomb off the back the couch and somehow hurt my back.  Because I love my children, I do my best to exercise restraint when the angry mom comes out.

This morning, though, I did not exercise any restraint on the angry mom beast within.  Well, I tried to keep my voice down, but that was it.  So what brought out the mommy rage?

Let me tell you a little story.

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An Involved Father Doesn’t Baby-Sit

My husband is a wonderfully involved father.  There are things that he’s done with our children that I haven’t, even though I’m a stay at home mom.  Those things are part of his role as an involved father.

I seldom take care of Norton’s bath.  It’s been something that he’s done with his daddy since coming home from the hospital.  It’s entirely possible for me to go months without giving Norton a bath or putting him to bed.  I have never given my daughter a bath.  I rarely put her to bed at night.  Those are all part of Daddy’s rituals.

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Looking for a Great Family Dog? Try Your Local Shelter

T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie, adopted from BC SPCA North Cariboo branch seven years ago.

I am, admittedly, a dog person.  I think that often the only thing missing to complete a family is a great family dog.  I’ve been fortunate.  Not only do I have Winston the Wonder Chihuahua, I also have T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie.  She is the very definition of a great family dog.

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Best Homemade Bread Recipe EVER!

Okay, so I don’t do a lot of posting of recipes.  I’m not the creative, make your own recipe type of person, and I don’t want to scalp someone else’s recipes to post on my blog.  However, last night I had the most amazing homemade bread, and since the husband created this, I can share it with no fear of copyright infringement.  The husband has given me permission to share the best homemade bread recipe EVER.

No, this is not an exaggeration.  He made it last night while I was walking the dog because we were out of bread and neither of us wanted to to go the store.  (Seriously, how awesome is this guy?  I’d rather take the dog on a walk through the woods than bake bread, so he put the bread machine that’s been languishing on the top of my kitchen cabinets since I was afraid to tackle a real homemade bread recipe.)  In the morning, I got up and found that there was a beautiful loaf of fresh homemade bread waiting for me.

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From Overwhelmed Mom to Super Mommy

Just a little over two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about being an overwhelmed mom who needed to remember that she can’t do it all.  I have to say, what a difference two weeks makes.  Last week, I started making the transition from an overwhelmed mom to… well, not exactly super mommy, but it’s getting closer.

I finally got my house clean.  Or at least, partially clean.  Last Sunday, I had time since the kids were cooperative to clean the upstairs.  I cleaned both kids’ rooms, the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen.  I got all of the laundry folded and put away.  It was good.  I felt instantly relaxed because I wasn’t surrounded with chaos.  I wanted to keep it that way.

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Overwhelmed Mom Needed a Reminder

I’ve realized some things since bringing home Eudora.  The biggest thing that I’ve learned is that it’s so much harder to go from one to two than to go from none to one.  Even with the husband using a lot of vacation time to work part time-ish so that he can help out, I frequently find that I am a completely overwhelmed mom.  I know that the biggest reason for the overwhelmed mom feelings is how many things I want to do and think that I should do versus how many things I can realistically do.

I keep trying to figure out how to do an arts and crafts thing daily with Norton, get my house back to immaculate and keep it that way, cook a big breakfast and dinner, get a postpartum workout routine going and do it every day, take the kids to the park, and do the weekly activities on Norton’s roster.  I’d fretted to one of my friends about this, and… well, this is why I love K so much.  She told me that anyone who tells me that she is doing all of these things is either “pulling your leg or on meth.”

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The Helpful Toddler Experience

I am astonished.  For the first time, I have gotten to experience a truly helpful toddler.  Usually, when I talk about Norton being a helpful toddler, it’s done with a heaping serving of sarcasm.  You know, like he’s so “helpful” when he decides to push the carpet shampooer when I’m using it, or how it’s so “helpful” when he goes into the dishwasher and throws clean silverware on the floor.

But today, Norton was really a helpful toddler, and it just amazed me.

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Some Days Being a Mom is Like Being a Pillow Pet

I love being a mom.  More specifically, I love being a mom to Norton and my two pups.  I’m home with them every day and we spend a lot of time playing and just snuggling.  But sometimes, apparently being a mom is synonymous with being a pillow pet.  You see, we have pillow pets scattered around the house.  All of the kids love to roll around on them and snuggle down on them for a nap.  We’ve got an elephant in the living room, a monkey in the nursery, and a giraffe in Norton’s new room.  They all get loved… and lounged on.

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