Wordless Wednesday – Fall Colors




Models are my own little ones, Norton and Eudora.  Location: the beautiful, scenic Rainbow Park in Prince George, BC.  Shirts by The Children’s Place.  Jeans by Old Navy.  Diaper by Ella Bella Bum.

Beaten Down to Exhaustion

I spent the majority of July in Radio Silence.  I didn’t do much posting.  There was a very simple reason for that, and that reason still exists.  I’m exhausted.  I feel beaten down and depressed.

Life with Norton is wearing me down.  For a while, I was able to make jokes about how we were getting into the Stockholm Syndrome portion of parenting a difficult child: I’d begun to sympathize and bond with my captor.  We’re slipping out of that wonderful ability to tolerate his nonsense.  I’d rather spend my days in bed hiding, avoiding my son. [Read more…]

Don’t Put Me in a Box – An Open Letter to Amy Glass

As much as I hate to link back to Amy Glass and give her any more attention than she’s already gotten, there seems to be no other option.  Read her post before you read mine.

Ms. Glass,

You and I clearly have different ideas on different things.  And that’s okay.  But I will say that I find some of your ideas to be exceptionally flawed. [Read more…]

A Brief Look at Canada Day History

Right now, my friends and family to the south of me are planning for their Fourth of July weekend.  We’re doing something similar up here in Canada, except for us, it’s Canada Day and it’s on July 1.  When I moved up here, about all that I knew about Canada Day history is that it’s basically the Canadian equivalent of the Fourth of July.  So many of their holidays overlap or are within a week of American ones that I didn’t give it much thought beyond that.  But I want to homeschool Norton, and he’s Canadian.  He needs to understand Canada Day history.

While Independence Day is to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence (and is symbolic of the United States beginning to be a country of their own after a bloody war), Canada Day history is entirely different.  On July 1, 1867, Queen Victoria signed a law to unite the three territories of North American (Canada – which was comprised of Ontario and Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick) to into an independent country known as the Dominion of Canada.  At that time, July 1 became known as “Dominion Day.”   Canada was no longer a territory of Great Britain, but since it was still officially ruled by the Queen, it was a Kingdom in its own right.  (In fact, Queen Elizabeth II’s titles include Queen of Canada.)

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that Canada was officially and truly separated from the British Empire.  However, the Queen is still our head of state.775209_canadian_flag

In terms of traditional Canada Day activities, it’s not that different from what Americans do for Independence Day three days later.  It’s filled with outdoor events like barbeques and fireworks.  Picnics are in abundance, and there are usually activities at various parks.  And of course, just like the American long weekend, it’s a popular time for family camping trips.  Of course, when as much of the country is preserved into national and provincial parks as Canada is, it only makes sense that we’d have an abundance of family camping trips that weekend.  There’s a ton of nearly untouched wilderness to camp out in.

Our Canada Day activities are going to be a little different than the norm, of course.  I don’t camp in spite of how much I do enjoy the great outdoors and the mildness of a Canadian summer.  (My idea of roughing it is staying in a standard hotel room with a queen size bed.)

Instead, I’ve got my eye on a Canada Day event of our own.  How do you celebrate Canada Day?

Originally written for another website on June 29, 2011.

Summer Bucket List for 2014

It’s definitely summer!  Schools in BC are out now as the teachers are on strike.  (And I totally agree with them, but that’s the subject of another blog post.)  The weather is beautiful, and Prince George is a veritable outdoor wonderland of parks and forests and things to do.  With that in mind, here’s my summer bucket list.

[Read more…]

Siblings at Play – Wordless Wednesday

I’ve always said that the best parts of living in Prince George are the urban forests and the abundance of playgrounds.  Norton and Eudora are enjoying this one.

IMG_0798  [Read more…]

My Kids Are Not Camera Shy

Let’s be honest.  My blog is littered with pictures of my children.  For the past four years, my offspring have been my usual test subject when I try new cloth diapers, figure out what works for us, read stories, or do anything child oriented.  I embrace the title of “mommy blogger.”  I’m a mommy.  I’m a blogger.

Some bloggers have kids that are camera shy, and it makes doing reviews a little more difficult… particularly if that review is for a diaper and said child needs to be present for photos to demonstrate fit.  My kids, however, are not camera shy in the least.  Eudora will prance around when I get the camera out if she’s in the right mood.  Norton is always in the mood.

Since we’ve gotten Norton housebroken, he hasn’t been the subject of any diaper pics.  (Really, it’s hard to take diaper pictures when I don’t want him in diapers for any other reason than overnights.)  Still, though, Norton wants to be the subject of pictures every bit as often as his sister.  Maybe more.  Whenever I take pictures of Eudora for blog pics, he rushes in to get his picture, too.


I will frequently have Norton run into Eudora’s room when he hears the camera click.  He almost always assumes that pose and says, “Mommy, take a picture of da bum?”

Norton is also a streaker.  I’ve never had a kid so difficult to keep clothes on.  This has caused some embarrassment, like when he stands in the big picture window in the living room and waves at neighbors.  With not a stitch on.  While it’s almost endearing that he’s so very uninhibited, I’m just not up for taking pictures of naked boy butt.

So that means that on those occasions when he does get clothes on (since sometimes telling him that we don’t take naked pics and he needs to put some clothes on is effective), I’ll happily take pictures of his tush.

Is your child in love with the camera?

Beauty and the Beast Brings Sadness

My littles love Beauty and the Beast.  It’s not really a surprise; it’s a wonderful animation in a musical format.  It’s the same reason that my kids love Frozen.  But my kids watching Beauty and the Beast just breaks my heart.

Eudora is now at the stage where she’s starting to repeat things.  Norton is starting to discuss the things that he sees.  Belle calls her father Papa. [Read more…]

Easter Funday – Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Easter Funday - Cloth Diaper Addicts

Since we have some lawn (even if it’s still brown), we took the kids outside to chase after bubbles! Eudora is clutching a striped sock monkey, while Norton is running around with a bottle of bubbles.


Easter Funday

Norton is discovering chocolate at Grandma and Grumpy’s house.


Easter Funday

Eudora is wearing her new Easter dress to Grandma and Grumpy’s house! (And she found a lost pink sock monkey… so she’s in heaven.)

Parenting Rights and Vaccination – Where do they end? Or begin?

I’m extremely pro-vaccination.  I make no secret of that and no apologies for that.  I’m also a believer in parenting as one chooses.  But right now, I’m in a quandary.  My pro-vaccination stance and my belief in parenting rights are at odds.

Because so many are exercising their parenting rights to keep their children in a way that I consider to be risky due to my pro-vaccination stance, I’m forced to wonder where your parenting rights end and mine begin.  The old saying is that “your rights end where his nose begins.”  Does that mean your parenting rights end where mine begin? [Read more…]