Finger Painting Leaves the Bucket List

Last week, I figured out all of the fun stuff that I was hoping to do with my kids this spring.  One of the big ones was that I wanted to work on my own avoidance of things that make messes… and I wanted to let the kids loose on finger painting. [Read more…]

Spring Time Bucket List

Finally!  Spring is here.  Sort of.  Okay, the calendar says it’s spring.  My driveway is clear of ice.  Most of the snow has melted away from my front yard… but my back yard still has a couple of feet of white stuff covering the ground.  It’s warm enough to not need snow boots, but still generally too cool to go outside without at least a light hoodie.  It’s close enough for me to create my spring time bucket list.

Spring Time Bucket ListSpring Time Bucket List (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

1.) Go out to the woods with the dog (once the ice clears).  T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie is getting pretty lazy, and we’re both carrying a few more pounds than we should.

2.) Get the kids finger painting.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made finger paints for Norton, and I’ve never made them for Eudora.

3.) Fluffy play date (“no pants party” to show off the fluff) for the littles in our cloth diapering community.  It’ll be a bonus if I can get some cute matching fluffy bum pics.

4.) Take the kids to a library story time.

5.) Get Norton to actually ride his run bike.  He’s been asking about his bike, so maybe this will be the year he finally uses it.

6.) Paint Eudora’s toe nails with Piggy Paint.

7.) Take the kids to Exploration Place.

8.) Make Easter Egg Rice Krispy Treats.

9.) Color Easter Eggs

10.) Make Peeps cupcakes.

11.) Build Norton the most epic train layout ever.

Unfortunately, spring time in Prince George is a bit lacking.  There’s still snow, things are melting, and it’s not really nice out.  Summer, fall, and winter are the best times to do something around town.  But we’re here, we’ll make the best of it, and the kids will have some great fun.

Our summertime bucket list will be significantly longer and we’ll have more time to enjoy it.

What’s on your spring time bucket list?

Birthday Party! #WordlessWednesday

The weekend before last, we had a double birthday party for my littles.  Norton was turning four and Eudora was turning two.  Since the littles are only eight days apart, they’re still at the age where a joint birthday party makes the most sense.

Norton's Balloon (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Norton loved his balloon from Grandma and Grumpy!

Eudora Balloon

Eudora is showing off her own balloon and her pretty party dress!

Lightning McQueen Cake

That’s one gorgeous Lightning McQueen cake! Norton loved it.
We hired a local WAHM baker to do the cakes this year so that Daddy could enjoy the weekend instead of spend it decorating cakes. It was WELL worth it!

Elmo Cake

Eudora had a “Melmo” cake. She was so happy to see it!

Norton's Cake

Norton was so quick to blow out his candles (and he blew all four of them out!) that we didn’t even finish singing Happy Birthday. In spite of holding the fork, he didn’t get to eat the whole thing.

Eudora was so cute blowing out her candles!  She only blew out one, but she got the idea.  That's pretty awesome.

Eudora was so cute blowing out her candles! She only blew out one, but she got the idea. That’s pretty awesome.

My babies are now two and four!  Happy birthdays to my Norton and Eudora.  I’m looking forward to many more.


Best Friends in the Making

When Eudora was born, I wasn’t sure that Norton and Eudora would ever have a great relationship.  Norton mainly ignored her for the first few months.  Then he just got annoyed with her most of the time.  I had days when I didn’t get much of anything accomplished but keeping the kids alive… and considering how much time I spent refereeing those two, it was a pretty big accomplishment.  I had zero hope for them becoming friends… let alone becoming best friends.

Now?  The wow factor of kids getting along hasn’t lost its magic.  There’s still plenty of fighting, but now that they are both verbal, it’s gotten much better.  Sometimes Norton will lead Eudora off to play by saying “Come on, my friend Kiki!”  She’ll take his hand and they’ll run off to his room to play trains.  The two will often play quietly for hours, with the occasionally happy shriek as they share.  Sometimes he’ll get mad at her for disconnecting a couple of pieces or because she played with Old Puffer Pete, his favorite Chuggington engine.  Still, though, it’s usually something resolved in a few minutes.  After all, even best friends can fight.

Of course, there are drawbacks to this newly developed best friends phenomenon: now instead of spending the time working to keep them from killing each other, they are ganging up on me.  They’ll climb the kitchen counters together.  Norton will open the baby gate to go downstairs (where I DON’T want them to go) and encourage Eudora to join him.  I will, however, gladly take the two getting along over mutual assaults any day.

When I see things like this?  I really, truly appreciate it and hope my babies grow up to stay best friends.

Best Friends in the Making (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Did you run into a rough patch with your littles getting along in the beginning?  Did they also become best friends?

Kids Getting Along Is Magical

I’m amazed.  Today, Norton and Eudora are playing rather well together.  They’re mostly playing in his room… and I haven’t had to get up to intervene.  I realized that it was going to be a nice moment of kids getting along when Eudora ran out of Norton’s room.  She wasn’t running out crying.  He wasn’t chasing after her yelling angrily because she took off with one of his toys. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to the Working Mother

Dear Working Mom,

I’d like to thank you.  I know that quite often, the working mother is vilified for one reason or another.  In light of seeing some of the comments that my fellow stay at home moms have made to separate the divide, I feel that it’s important to acknowledge what you, the working mother, are doing for me. [Read more…]

Coping with Depression While Being an Effective Parent

No lie.  When I wrote the post on Norton’s suspected autism last week, I had hit rock bottom.  I was sobbing.  I was overwhelmed.  It felt like everything around me was falling apart.  The simple fact of the matter is that I was coping with depression… and I was coping very badly. [Read more…]

Microfiber Inserts Saved My Television

Most pocket diapers come with at least one microfiber insert.  Sometimes they even come with two (a small/newborn size and a large/one size insert).  However, not everyone likes to use those microfiber inserts in their diapers.

Still, though, even if you do use microfiber, that second tiny insert is often not the most useful thing ever.  So what do you do with those unused microfiber inserts? [Read more…]

My Dogs Growl at My Kids – And That’s Okay

I have a confession.  Some will say that this makes me both a terrible pet owner and a terrible parent.  Both of my dogs growl at my kids from time to time.  I don’t reprimand the dogs for growling at the kids.  I’m more inclined to reprimand the kids when the dogs growl. [Read more…]

Goals for 2014

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.  Ever.  However, I am a fan of setting goals for myself.  Goals are a long term thing to accomplish, while New Year’s resolutions are a “I’ll do this forever or never do this again starting January 1!”  That’s really, really not my bag.  Goals are something that can be set any time, for any reason.

So, with that in mind, these are the things that I want to accomplish in 2014. [Read more…]