Postpartum Workout and Two Roads Diverged

The view of Shane Lake along the trail

For all of the things that I grumble about when it comes to living in Prince George, BC (the crappy shopping being the biggest one), there’s one thing that I do love about this place: it really is beautiful.  This is a city that actually has urban forests.  Since forestry is a huge industry here, this isn’t a city that’s completely divorced from nature.  Plus, summers are pretty mild here… so that means I’ve got a lot of options for a postpartum workout.  I could get my postpartum workout done by going swimming in one of the many lakes, or by going for a swim in one of the gentler areas of the river.  Or I could go for one of my favorite ways of taking in the beauty of British Columbia and getting a good postpartum workout done: go for a hike.

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Best Homemade Bread Recipe EVER!

Okay, so I don’t do a lot of posting of recipes.  I’m not the creative, make your own recipe type of person, and I don’t want to scalp someone else’s recipes to post on my blog.  However, last night I had the most amazing homemade bread, and since the husband created this, I can share it with no fear of copyright infringement.  The husband has given me permission to share the best homemade bread recipe EVER.

No, this is not an exaggeration.  He made it last night while I was walking the dog because we were out of bread and neither of us wanted to to go the store.  (Seriously, how awesome is this guy?  I’d rather take the dog on a walk through the woods than bake bread, so he put the bread machine that’s been languishing on the top of my kitchen cabinets since I was afraid to tackle a real homemade bread recipe.)  In the morning, I got up and found that there was a beautiful loaf of fresh homemade bread waiting for me.

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Postpartum Workout – Turbo Jam, Toddler Style

I bust my butt doing my regular postpartum workout routine.  On a perfect day, I get up stupid early (like 5 a.m.), feed Eudora, put her to bed, and then hop right into my postpartum workout from there.  Some days, though, she doesn’t wake up until around 7, which is around when Norton gets up… so the postpartum workout will have to wait.  Other days, she’ll wake up at like 3 a.m… and that’s just way too early for me to put on my workout clothes and break a sweat.

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Postpartum Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Impatience

Today is an important day.  I turned 34.  And I’m finally admitting that I’m 34… and no longer “25 and holding.”  I’ve been working hard on postpartum weight loss.  Seriously working hard on postpartum weight loss.  For four weeks, I’ve worked out every day.  I’ve been trying to get my body back and get both my husband and myself into shape.

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Postpartum Fitness, Two Left Feet, and Turbo Jam

Oh, Chalene.  You’re so happy, but you also seem like you have the ability to be snarky.  You’re cheerful, but you’re not the cheerleader fake perky type.  You push, but you’re not obnoxious.  You’re awesome.  I enjoyed ChaLEAN Extreme‘s weight lifting circuits, and I heard awesome things about your Turbo Jam series.  It seemed to make perfect sense to integrate Turbo Jam into my postpartum fitness routine.  After all, my postpartum fitness plans aren’t just limited to fixing the flab that didn’t tighten up after baby came out… my postpartum fitness routine is also intended to slim me down to at least the size I was for my wedding.

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Postpartum Fitness and Becoming a Super Mommy

I’ve had so many goals on my quest to become a “super mommy” that I had to break them down in parts to make it more doable.

Goal 1: Keep up the house.

Goal 2: Cook dinner

Goal 3: Take Norton and Eudora to the park every day

Goal 4: Read Norton a story every day

Goal 5: Focus on postpartum fitness and health.  (Or, work out every day.)

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Infant Safety, Bumbo Chairs, and You

Norton eating apples in his Bumbo chair

Bumbo chairs are popular little items.  My local Facebook buy and sell page always has them up for sale or people looking to buy them.  They’re popular for good reason: little babies who can’t sit up on their own yet but prefer to be upright can be… without mom or dad having to hold them continuously.  I loved my Bumbo. It’s what we used for Norton when we first started feeding him solids in lieu of a high chair. We’d sit on the living room floor and feed him, one parent bravely and carefully feeding him (and keeping the puppies at bay) while the other manned the camera. They’re wonderful little devices… if and only if parents keep infant safety in mind.

You see, it seems that infant safety is the biggest issue with Bumbo seats.  Infant safety isn’t an issue because of the Bumbo seat itself, of course.  The issue arises because of people not actually following the directions.

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Planning a Postpartum Workout Plan

I know what I’m looking the most forward to about no longer being pregnant.  Okay, maybe not 100% the most (that probably goes to “sleeping on my stomach” and “no longer having to stab myself daily for gestational diabetes  testing”), but it’s certainly right up there: getting my postpartum body back to where I want it.  I have a two prong approach to my plan: a good postpartum workout to be done daily and starting the Body by Vi 90 day challenge.  Well, maybe it’s a one and a half prong approach: a good postpartum workout to be done daily and starting the Body by Vi 90 day challenge when breastfeeding or pumping are taken off the table.

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Can Body by Vi Improve Family Health?

Fact: my husband has a weight problem.  I’m also not exactly as slim and trim as I used to be, regardless of how much I work out (when I’m not pregnant).  We’ve done various things to improve our family health.  You know the usual suspects: better nutrition, more home cooking and less take out, and so forth.  Not only is family health important because I love my husband and want to keep him around for… well, ever, but I also want to provide healthy lifestyle examples for Norton and Eudora.  It’ll be easier for them to focus on family health as adults if they have a good background to begin with.

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Gestational Diabetes and the Land of Confusion

You know, I thought I had a pretty good handle on gestational diabetes.  I mean, really, this isn’t my first go around.  I had gestational diabetes with Norton, and I managed to keep my numbers well in the normal range on a consistent basis.  This time, I’m learning that everything that worked with my gestational diabetes last time is just a great big ball of fail this time around.

Last time, the trick was figure out what I can eat.  Okay, great.  Once I established what I can eat without completely blowing my numbers (and even hot fudge sundaes from McDonald’s were fine), I was good to go for the rest of my pregnancy.  Truth be told, I didn’t have to do a whole lot of adjusting.

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