Hot Topic Tuesday – How Long Should a Breastfeeding Mom Keep Up?

When it comes to how a woman feeds her baby, we have an interesting paradox.  On one hand, a breastfeeding mom with a newborn doesn’t seem to be a big issue.  If anything, that breastfeeding mom is given accolades for being such a good mom and doing the right thing for her baby.  She might be suffering, miserable, and working her way through it in the beginning, but she’s got some amount of social support.

As that baby grows up and beyond the tiny newborn phase, the support for the breastfeeding mom seems to wain.  In spite of the fact that it is illegal in most of the states (I think all of them, actually) and all of Canada, women are frequently sharing their stories of being asked not to feed their babies.  This fickle support begs the question: when has a breastfeeding mom been breastfeeding too long?

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How I Quit Smoking

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While moving old posts from an old blog from 2009, I came across a gem about how I quit smoking that I’d written in August 2009.  Considering quitting smoking is something that multitudes of people are still trying to do, I figured that it was still relevant and worth sharing.  So here you go!

I’ve seen several threads on message boards about trying to quit smoking.  As someone who smoked on and off for 15 years (and it was definitely more on than off), I know that it’s not easy to just quit cold turkey.  Not being able to use those stop smoking aids because of pregnancy won’t make it feel any easier.  (But, to be perfectly honest, those things aren’t really all they’re cracked up to be, anyway.  The gum is nasty, and the patch made me itch.) [Read more…]

The Origin of Breastfeeding Issues and Attempting to Overcome Them

I have never made a secret of my breastfeeding issues.  My breastfeeding issues aren’t things like poor milk supply or latch problems.  Instead, I have breastfeeding problems of the psychological variety.  (Thanks, Mom.)  I grew up with my mother insisting that breastfeeding was trashy, disgusting, dirty, etc.  I had no positive breastfeeding images to counter that.  For a long time, I was uncomfortable with other people breastfeeding around me…  But before you decide to string me up or cite laws, I’ll also let you know that I never, ever suggested that a breastfeeding mom stop breastfeeding.  I was never so arrogant as to presume that my discomfort trumped someone else’s right to feed her baby.  I figured that there were plenty of other directions to look, so I just did that.  My breastfeeding issues are my problem, not anyone else’s.  I didn’t get over my discomfort with being around breastfeeding until I found a lot of mommy friends (mostly online, but a few in “meat space”) who breastfed.  But that just meant that I was okay with being around my friends who were in the act, not that I was okay with it and found it normalized to the point that I was able to do so.  And it was years after my mother’s death that I got to the point of even being okay around it.  But the mere thought of me being the one to do the breastfeeding brings about unpleasant reactions, ranging from discomfort to nausea. [Read more…]