bumGenius Chico – Formerly Known as Rudyard Kipling

I never thought that I would talk about race relations on Cloth Diaper Addicts.  It’s a website devoted to cloth diapering, not social justice.  Today, though, those two worlds collided.  All because bumGenius gave us a new diaper.

At 12:45 Pacific time, Cotton Babies released this diaper:

bg-ft-kipling-300It’s pretty, isn’t it?  And the print is so very clearly inspired by Disney’s The Jungle Book.  It’s what the masses have wanted: a Disney inspired diaper.  However, before The Jungle Book was a novel written by Rudyard Kipling.  Rudyard Kipling was a brilliant writer.  He was a literary genius.

In the Cotton Babies bio that they’d had on Kipling, they’d mentioned his support of British Imperialism.  I, initially, thought that it was the white paternalism and desire for power and riches that was British Imperialism.  I didn’t realize that British Imperialism went far beyond love of British culture and wanting to spread it everywhere through the growth of the Empire.  It wasn’t until today that I learned that there was a much, much less wholesome side to British Imperialism.  Kipling embodied that side.

He was a racist.  Not just a little racist who casually didn’t like people of another colour but kept his mouth shut.  No, he actually wrote a poem called White Man’s Burden.  I was personally horrified when I discovered the depth of his bigotry.  So, apparently, was Jennifer Labit.  Cotton Babies made the decision to rename the diaper Chico after a Latin American activist.

I will not vilify them for this decision.  Or for naming the diaper after Kipling in the first place.  Some very, very good things happened today because of this.  Some amazing conversations on race were had in a group that typically deletes them very quickly.  Some of the women of the Black Women Do Cloth Diaper group discovered some allies that they did not know that they had.  Cotton Babies made it clear what they want their brand to stand for… and it’s not racism.

There have been times in the past when I’ve been less than thrilled with Cotton Babies’ decisions.  (Hey, I’m human.)  But today?  Definitely not one of them.  Race is a conversation that we need to have.  We need to discuss the institutionalized racism that leads to black children being kicked out of a pool, or to black children being disciplined more harshly than their white peers for the same infractions in schools.  We need to discuss the actualities of the Spanish speaking population and their families, rather than let The Donald make his case.  We need to discuss the fact that Canada is far from perfect in terms of racial biases, and that First Nations families are still being destroyed through government interference today.

Cotton Babies opened a door for conversation that has needed to happen for quite some time.  I, for one, hope that eyes were opened and that the conversation continues.

New AppleCheeks Swim Diapers!

I am in LOVE!  AppleCheeks has once again thrilled us with a beautiful reveal.  This time around, we’ve got two new swim diapers: Bondi and Beth of Fresh Air.  While I think that Bondi looks a lot like St. Lucia (which is a favourite in our stash!), Beth of Fresh Air is so darned lovely that I’ll have to send on to an AppleCheeks rejuvinator to have some hidden PUL and fleece put in so that Eudora can wear it up until she potty trains!

Here’s the beautiful new AppleCheeks Swim Diapers.  Which is your favorite?

ac-bondi-swim-225 ac-lavender-swim-225

Best Bottom Lace Discontinued

Best Bottom Retires LaceIs Best Bottom Lace your favorite print?  Or have you been on the fence about adding Best Bottom Lace to your stash?  If you’ve been debating, you’d better grab it quick.  Best Bottom Lace is now retired.  Once it’s gone from the stores, it’s gone forever.

I’m glad I got mine.  It’s one of my favorite Best Bottom prints… and it’s only been around for something like a year and a half, so it’s not a particularly aged print.

Will you be sorry to see the Best Bottom Lace print go?

At the time of publication, you can still find the Best Bottom Lace print at these stores (some affiliates): Cozy Bums (Canada, snap only), Kelly’s Closet (US, hook & loop only), Lagoon Baby (Canada, snap only), Nicki’s Diapers (US, hook & loop only)

Thirsties says the Polka Dance Is Over

Almost two years ago, Thirsties introduced us to Polka Dance as their newest print.  Folks were elated by the variety of colours in the Thirsties Polka Dance.  It was released in covers, all-in-one diapers, and the duo sized pockets.


The Polka Dance is over.

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Canadian Dollar Impacts Cloth Diapers

If you’re a Canadian who has bought something from the States recently, then you know that the Canadian dollar is in the toilet.  At the time of writing this post, $1 US = $1.18 Canadian.  That’s awesome if you’re in the States and you’re buying Canadian merchandise.  (So, Americans, this is a great time for you to load up on AppleCheeks, AMP, Bummis, and Funky Fluff from stores north of the border.)  But if you’re in Canada and your favorite cloth diapers are imported through the States, it’s a little less awesome.  $1 Canadian = 85¢ USD.

Canadian Dollar Impacts Cloth Diapers (Cloth Diaper Addicts) [Read more…]

bumGenius Maathai Re-Release!

Have you been desperate for a bumGenius Maathai, only to find that they were out of your price range since they’ve long since been discontinued?  Or you love the print, but you only like Flip?  If your fingers are fast enough, you might be in luck.

bumGenius Maathai Re-Release

bumGenius had some of the Maathai fabric still in storage, and since so many people on the Flash Mob had been begging for the return of this print, Jenn Labit decided to give the people what they want.

Maathai has been re-released, but on a limited basis.  It’s only available at Cotton Babies, not from any of the Genius Retailers.  And now, you can get it in bumGenius 4.0, bumGenius Elemental, bumGenius Freetime, bumGenius Newborn or Flip.

What do you think about the bumGenius Maathai re-release?  Do you think that this will help or hurt the limited edition resale market?

Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites and How They Hurt

Ever since Shop Diaper made their appearance nearly two years ago, there has been an unsettling trend: cloth diaper knock off sites are spreading like a disease.  Cloth diaper knock off sites offer nothing beneficial to the cloth diaper community and offer plenty of harm, so with that in mind?  I feel that comparing them to a disease is very, very accurate.

Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites & How They Hurt

What Makes Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites Appealing?

I can easily see why these cloth diaper knock off sites pop up.  China does not have the same copyright or patent laws that we have in North America and in Europe, so they don’t have any legal issues in their own countries with making knock offs.  And because they can make their product so very cheap with substandard materials and shoddy labor conditions, it’s easy for them to offer merchandise that looks the same at first glance at a fraction of the cost.

For parents who are looking to cloth diaper without breaking the budget (and often without education on the implications of shopping with cloth diaper knock off sites), the opportunity to buy a diaper for $9.95 when it looks the same as a diaper that sells for $20 seems like it’s just too good to pass up.

How Do Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites Hurt?

Cloth diaper knock off sites hurt any legitimate business and they’ll hurt the customers, too.

Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites Hurt Manufacturers

It’s hard to design a great product.  It’s hard to get financial backing to actually make that great product.  It’s why cloth diaper businesses often start in someone’s living room and gradually grow.  (Ella Bella Bum is my favorite manufacturer to use as an example in this regard.  The company started as a single person doing everything, then grew to a small team working in her basement, and is currently up to a full-blown commercial space for production… all while maintaining that same level of service and owner interaction that she had when it was just her working alone.)

When legitimate cloth diaper manufacturers do the leg work of designing that perfect diaper and finding the right materials and manufacturing… cloth diaper knock off sites hurt them by stealing their work and producing a substandard product.

Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites Hurt Small Cloth Diaper Boutiques

Cozy Bums is a big name in Canada… but, really, it’s run out of the store owner’s basement.  It’s run by the owner with some help from her mom, and a little bit of social media stuff by someone else.  Kelly’s Closet has less than ten employees, and that’s one of the biggest names for buying cloth diapers in the US.  When people buy imitation products, it’s hurting legitimate businesses that create jobs for actual, real people.

Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites Hurt Families Like Yours

People are often looking for a cost effective way to buy cloth diapers.  When buying from cloth diaper knock off sites, you’re running some risks.  Some cloth diaper knock off sites have been known to provide horrendous service.  Wrong things or missing things are sent.  You may encounter rapid failure rate.  If Customs searches your package, you may not get it at all, as these items are knock offs that do not meet federal standards.  Customs can and will seize packages of that nature if they catch it.

Then, of course, there’s the support.  When you buy from a small cloth diaper boutique, you’re also buying their product knowledge and their warranty.  Cloth diaper boutiques are usually owned by moms (or moms and dads as partners) who have cloth diapered and knows their product.  They are able to give you advice or walk you through how to handle a warranty claim if your compliant diaper fails for whatever reason.

It’s quite possible that shopping from cloth diaper knock off sites will cost you more in the long run: diapers that need to be replaced, diapers that aren’t working, etc.

Some Cloth Diaper Knock Off Sites

I will not directly link to any cloth diaper knock off sites, and I ban them from advertising in my Google Ads.  That being said, some of my blogger friends and I have written about various cloth diaper knock off sites.  I’ll link you to those so that you can check up on individual sites without visiting them.

Amazing Cloth Diapers

Have you ever bought diapers from cloth diaper knock off sites?  What was your experience like?

New AppleCheeks Diapers for Halloween!

I am SO thrilled about the new AppleCheeks diapers!  Eudora is approaching potty training readiness, so I’m out to get her in all of the cuteness I can possibly manage while there’s still time.  AppleCheeks didn’t disappoint!

New AppleCheeks Diapers for Halloween!

Meet the new AppleCheeks diapers, Boo! and Trick or Cheeks!

Boo! is Lake Echo with Orange You Glad color fleece and snaps.  Trick or Cheeks is Orange You Glad with Lake Echo snaps and fleece.  I’ve already pre-ordered mine so that I can get them on Eudora as quickly as possible!

You can pre-order the new AppleCheeks Diapers at Cozy Bums Diapers and Lagoon Baby in Canada. 

Cloth Diapers for Baby Dilly?

Jill Duggar Dillard shared an Instagram photo of herself and her husband… and shared that they were considering cloth diapers for Baby Dilly.

Cloth Diapers for Baby Dilly?Let’s be honest: I’m thrilled.  I can’t think of a better way to #makeclothmainstream than for them to be a regular staple on a reality show.  Of course, there’s more to it than just that.  Cloth diapers for Baby Dilly is the way to go, and that’s largely because I’m quite certain that there will be dozens of siblings for that little one.  (I don’t watch the show because I don’t do reality TV, but I’m not living under a rock.)  However, the young Mrs. Dillard’s family members used cloth at one point and quit because it was “too time consuming.”  When you consider that the young Mrs. Dillard grew up in a house with so many siblings that an in-home laundromat would be required to keep up, it’s not surprising that they’d give up on it. [Read more…]

New Cloth Diaper Release – AMP, AppleCheeks, Blueberry, Funky Fluff & FuzziBunz!

It’s been a huge week in terms of new cloth diaper release announcements!  To recap, we’ve got a whole bunch of new cloth diaper prints and colors to choose from.  There have been new cloth diaper release announcements from AMP, AppleCheeks, Blueberry, Funky Fluff, and FuzziBunz! [Read more…]