Hot Topic Tuesday – Child Free Restaurants

I’ve heard all kinds of things on the ‘net about restaurants that have made a conscious decision to ban children below a certain age.  Some parents are enraged.  Some parents are thrilled that there are now options to have a quiet meal without listening to someone else’s children.

As for me, I love the idea.

Wait.  Before you burn my mom card or tell me that I must be a horrible parent to not want children around or something, allow me to elaborate.  We take Norton out to dinner on a regular basis.  We’ve gone to chain restaurants like Denny’s and White Spot that have a lot of kid friendly cuisine.  We’ve gone to sushi restaurants, family friendly sports bar restaurants, and a fondue house.  Among other places. [Read more…]

I Know How to Verify – Gratitude Project #17

Of all the things that I’d figured would eventually come up in my Gratitude Project posts, I’m surprised at this one.  However, after all of the nonsense that keeps showing up on Facebook, I’ve realized that knowing how to use Google is definitely Gratitude Project worthy.  Every few months, we all see this: someone posts something stupid and gets everyone in a tizzy.  My favorite ones (and by “favorite,” I mean the ones that most make me want to gouge out my own eyes) are the fake Amber Alerts and the Facebook Will Charge You frenzy.

I’m very grateful for knowing how to use Google and for a more than passing familiarity with [Read more…]