bumGenius Audrey Shortage Sparks Frustration

I’m half surprised at how quickly the new bumGenius Audrey has sold out.  On one hand… after how fast the Jules diaper went, I expected a lot of women to buy quickly so that they could get it.  On the other, I saw more than one person comment that she hated the new bumGenius Audrey diaper.

Regardless of how one feels about Audrey Hepburn (the actress and activist that the bumGenius Audrey is named for), one thing is quite certain: this diaper has sold out less than 24 hours after its release.  It’s undetermined how many retailers have gotten it and how many diapers were actually made… but we do know that Cotton Babies has stated that it is a Limited Edition. [Read more…]

New bumGenius Genius Series Diaper!

Jennifer Labit has been doing a great job of keeping the buzz of new diapers going for Cotton Babies.  We’ve had some beautiful things come out over the last few months.  The last bumGenius Genius Series diapers to release were the beautiful, highly sought after, and briefly available Jules and Carroll diapers.  Now?  We’ve got a new beauty for the bumGenius Genius Series diapers…

New bumGenius Genius Series - Audrey (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Meet the Audrey.  The Audrey is a bit different from her predecessors in the bumGenius Genius Series.  Not since the Albert have we had a Genius Series named for the first name of the inspiration.

The Audrey is to celebrate a style icon and beautiful actress of the past: Audrey Hepburn.  Much like her namesake, the Audrey is decked out in beautiful sunglasses.  The shade of pink used is the perfect representation of Audrey Hepburn and the pinks of her lipstick and blush in the films My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  (Granted, it’s what they’ve been colorized to look like now, but still, it’s a beautiful, fresh pink that is now associated with Hepburn.)

At the time of publication, I have no information about when it will hit stores… but it’s safe to guess that it will be released at Cotton Babies stores some time this week, and will start hitting American stores in the next few days.  It will most likely make it to Canada two weeks after it’s widely available in the US.

We’re also not aware of how long this release will last.  Will it be a single run like the ultra limited Jules and Carroll?  Or will it be a long term release like Albert and Lovelace, or something in between like Irwin and Maathai?

Hopefully we’ll find out in the next few days how long this release will last.  What do you think of the Audrey?  Is she a worthy addition to the bumGenius Genius Series?

Blueberry Diapers Retires Colors

It’s official.  Get them while you can.  Blueberry Diapers has announced that they are retiring four of their patterned print diapers.

Blueberry Diapers Retires Colors - Cloth Diaper Addicts

Last week, Blueberry has announced that Baby Blooms, Messy Hands, Owls, and Stars will be no more.  Retailers can’t order them, so what’s left in the stores are what’s really left.  Get them while you can!

To make life a bit easier, I’ll list some stores that have any of these left at the time of publication.

Cozy Bums – One Size Deluxe (Owls, Baby Blooms) Capri Newborn (Owls)  Capri (Owls)

Nicki’s Diapers – Capri (Baby Blooms – newborn, Owls – one size), Basix (medium Baby Blooms, medium Messy Hands, medium Owls, large Baby Blooms, large Messy Hands, large Owls), Simplex 2.0 (medium Baby Blooms, medium Owls, large Baby Blooms, large Owls), One Size Deluxe (Owls)

I’m a bit sad that Baby Blooms is going away.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous print.  I love it, but I never used it much because I had such a hard time properly coordinating it with anything in Eudora’s wardrobe.  (Not because of the colors, but either because the shirt was too busy or the diaper was too busy for them to go together very nicely.)  I’m sort of feeling like I missed out on something special.  I’m not to upset about the owls, to be honest.  I never really was bit into owls.  Maybe this is a sign that owl print diapers are on the way out?

Which Blueberry print are you most happy to see retired?  Which one will you miss the most?

AppleCheeks Love Happens Reveal

After keeping us on the edge of our seats with teasers… and then holding out the suspense for another thirty minutes after the AppleCheeks Love Happens Reveal, they’ve finally let the cat out of the bag.

The AppleCheeks Love Happens Reveal introduced us to Pink About It and Love Happens!

love happens pink about it

Beware of False Cloth Diaper Prophets

I love cloth diapering.  I love my local cloth diapering community.  Really, cloth diapers are what I am passionate about.  Every single mommy friend I have cloth diapers.  Many of us have volunteered to help out with repair sessions of cloth diapers for the local chapter of Cloth for a Cause.  But what I’m seeing in the internet at large is troubling.  I feel like I need to issue a warning to the cloth diapering community at large: Beware of false cloth diaper prophets. [Read more…]

New BumGenius Color! Hummingbird!

I LOVE when new colors come out in any diaper.  The last new bumGenius release made me deliriously happy with Carroll, Jules, and the Chelsea Perry series.  Now?  We get a brand new solid bumGenius color.  The last time we got new bumGenius colors was when Mirror, Sassy, and Dazzle were released.

Since a whole lot of people were unhappy when the bumGenius color Ribbit was discontinued, they had to do something to make us feel better.  I think they’ve done it. [Read more…]

Big Hugs Elmo Gets No Love

I’ve been waiting for a recall announcement to come out on the Big Hugs Elmo doll.  I kept expecting it to come out any moment now, but have been disappointed by Hasbro’s refusal to issue a recall.  Why?

Big Hugs Elmo Gets No Love (Cloth Diaper AddictsWell, it turns out that there’s more to the furry little monster than spindly arms and complaints of being hugged too tight.  There have been reports of batteries melting in the little guy.  As soon as I heard about it on Facebook (it happened legit to a friend of a friend, not an “I’m hearing this thing that happened to a friend of a friend’s mom’s aunt’s cousin’s wife’s sister-in-law’s niece” thing), I pulled the batteries out of mine and called Wal-Mart.  Yes, we could return it, no problem… and they’d already had two returned that day for the same reason in the Prince George store. [Read more…]

Best Bottom Diapers Retires Colors

Best Bottom diapers correction: These colors are not currently discontinued.  They’re just being blown out by retailers due to stocking considerations.  It’s a smoking deal, though!

Do you collect Best Bottom diapers?  If you do, it’s time to make sure your collection is complete.  Not only did Best Bottom diapers release three new shells recently, they’ve also announced that four shells are being discontinued.

It’s time to say good-bye to some of my favorite Best Bottom diapers.

Best Bottom Diapers Retires Colors (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Cookies and Cream (black with white trim), Blue Moon (pale blue with light green trim), Strawberry Shortcake (pink with yellow trim), and Chunky Monkey (brown with beige trim) are going to disappear into the Best Bottom Diapers vault.

The good news for you is that if you’re out to get them, several retailers are blowing them out as part of the Black Friday 2013 savings.  As of publication, Cozy Bums (my local retailer) is selling them for $15.00 Canadian instead of the usual $18.50.  (Americans: before you read that and are grossly horrified, there are huge price differences for manufacturer’s suggested retail price in Canada versus manufacturer’s suggested retail price in the States.)

As for me, I’m a bit sad to see them go.  Those four are among my most heavily used Best Bottom diapers because they go so well with the majority of Eudora’s outfits.  I just might have to snag an extra Strawberry Shortcake and Blue Moon just in case the elastics fail.  (Like Heather at The Parenting Patch, I’ve had some elastics fail and they absolutely shouldn’t have.  I’m a fool, though, because I still love my Best Bottom Diapers.)

Just in case you were uncertain about the cuteness, here’s some adorable baby photos to convince you that you really do want them.



Which one of the retired Best Bottom diapers will you miss the most?

New AppleCheeks Joy! and GroVia Prints Available!

I’m just elated.  There’s nothing that quite makes my day like getting new fluff.  And this morning, the AppleCheeks Joy! reveal happened!

AppleCheeks Joy! Available at Cozy Bums

AppleCheeks Joy! Limited Edition Christmas Diaper available at Cozy Bums!

Just in case you missed the AppleCheeks Joy! reveal video, here you go:

I’m so, so excited!  Even better, we aren’t stuck waiting for weeks after a new release.  Cozy Bums, my local cloth diaper store and favorite place in the world to shop, already has the AppleCheeks Joy! up for order on their website.  I love AppleCheeks for their versatility and I have zero doubt that I’m going to love the AppleCheeks Joy! when I get it on Eudora’s bottom.  That they are Made in Canada by a Canadian company is an added bonus.

Not only did Cozy Bums get the new AppleCheeks Joy! diaper, they also got the new GroVia shells!

New GroVia Prints Available at Cozy Bums! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The GroVia prints are available in the all-in-two hybrid shells with both snap and hook & loop closures.  You can also get them in newly redesigned newborn size and in all-in-one.

I’ve already placed my order for the GroVia Pudge hybrid in snaps because it’s just too darned cute for words.  I should have my new Pudge and my AppleCheeks Joy! this afternoon so that they can go in tomorrow morning’s cloth diaper laundry.

Plus, there’s the new GroVia Magic Z stick!  The GroVia Magic Z stick is, of course, cloth diaper safe… and it has zinc!  Zinc is amazing at healing diaper rash.  Now moms won’t have to result to sposies and Butt Paste when their babies encounter the vicious teething rash.  I can’t wait to pick mine up and give it a try!

Are you getting the new AppleCheeks Joy! diaper?  Which GroVia print is your favorite?


New Tots Bots Frugi Prints Hit North America!

YAY!  They’re finally here!  If you’re a fan of Tots Bots and you love new and fun prints that will most likely be quite hard to find, you’re in luck.  The new Tots Bots Frugi prints have finally made it to North America.  Usually, Tots Bots are shipped to Bummis in Montreal, then they distribute them to North American retailers.  The Frugi line is a little different.  Frugi is a UK store that focuses on cute and cloth diaper friendly organic clothing, along with other natural parenting friendly products like organic tops that are cut for easy breastfeeding.  The Tots Bots Frugi diapers are shipped directly to the vendors from the UK!

Now the new Tots Bots Frugi prints are finally here at my favorite store ever: Cozy Bums, my local cloth diaper store located in Prince George, British Columbia.

The Tots Bots Frugi diapers are not carried by all Tots Bots retailers.  It seems that there are only a handful of retailers in the United States and Canada.  On the plus side?  These diapers are extremely adorable and made with the same quality that we love from Tots Bots.  On the down side, though, since they are shipped to each store directly from the United Kingdom, shipping is significantly more expensive.  That raises the cost of the diapers.

Still, though, check these adorable diapers out!  I’ve already ordered my Buzzy Bee diaper, and will probably order another one in Magical Woodland.  (The mushrooms remind me of Super Mario Brothers, which is just amazing.)  Which one is your favorite?

Tots Bots Frugi Now Available In North America! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)