Reflecting on “Those People”

Ever since Scary Mommy wrote her post on being one of “those people” who have had to depend on food banks at some point, there’s been some reflection going on around the blogosphere.  Some bloggers, like Jill of Life Is Not Bubble Wrapped, are focusing on helping “those people” in small ways that we can all do instead of condemning or demeaning them.

I already work to help “those people” as much as I can through my work with Cloth for a Cause.  There’s no shame in being one of “those people.”  Honestly, I pretty much agree with Matt Paxton of Hoarders: he’s said “we’re all three or four decisions away from pooping in a bucket.”  It can happen to anyone through a series of hard knocks. [Read more…]

AppleCheeks New Color Coming October 7! (Pre-Order Yours!)

AppleCheeks has many great qualities.  I love the versatility of the AppleCheeks envelope cover.  There’s another magical talent that the company has, too: the ability to create a buzz whenever there’s a change.  We’ve known that there would be an AppleCheeks new color coming.  We were told that there would be an AppleCheeks new color shell coming when they announced that they would be joining the ranks of the diaper companies who discontinued brown diapers.

Now we know when the end is coming!  We have just a few days to wait before the AppleCheeks new color is officially revealed.

AppleCheeks New Color Coming October 7! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Some retailers are being pretty kind and letting us pre-order the AppleCheeks new color right now!  Since AppleCheeks tend to be highly collectible, it’s always good to strike while the iron is hot and get your new color while you can.

Canada: Pre-order your new AppleCheeks at CozyBums!

United States: I haven’t found where you can pre-order yours yet!

What do you hope the new color will be?

Cotton Babies Discontinues Colors

Are you a fan of BumGenius or Flip diapers?  If you’re missing a few colors (or just want some extras), now is the time to stock up.  Cotton Babies has announced that some colors are being discontinued.

Cotton Babies Discontinues Colors (Cloth Diaper Addicts) [Read more…]

FuzziBunz Pink Puzzle – How’d I Miss THAT?!

I generally stay on top of changes made by FuzziBunz.  The very first diaper I put on Norton was a white FuzziBunz one size diaper, so it’s a brand that I’ve got a soft spot for.  That every interaction I’ve personally had with Tereson Dupuy, the founder, only helps with those warm fuzzy feelings.  I was amazed when I found that I’d missed the release of a new limited edition diaper: the FuzziBunz Pink Puzzle.  As always, the puzzle diapers are out to raise autism awareness.  This is a cause that’s special to Tereson due to her son Eden.  It’s her third diaper for autism (the first being the discontinued Light It Up Blue, followed by the limited edition Puzzle).

As for me, I’m unsure how on earth I missed the release of something so gorgeous! [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Community – We’re Mostly Sane

It seems that this month has been pretty rough on the cloth diaper community at large.  There’s been the Cotton Babies patent thing, which is showing some fairly unpleasant behavior on the part of some folks.  (No, I’m not blaming Jennifer Labit.  However, there are now some stores that I never, ever want to deal with because their words have soured me on wanting to do business with them.)  There was the post on The Stir that says point blank that cloth diapering isn’t worth the trouble and don’t even bother trying them.  And of course, there’s the Huffington Post piece that kindly portrays the cloth diaper community as a bunch of lunatics.

So, it’s not the cloth diapering itself that wigs me out. It’s the existence of cloth diapering communities. Like, why are there cloth diapering meet ups? What happens at those gatherings? Is one parent all, “So, do you have a sprayer attachment for your toilet?” and then another parent is like, “I do!” And then they’re both like, “Yay! Twinsies! Let’s be friends!”? Because I’m pretty sure that’s not enough to build a friendship on. [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Makers and Patent Protection

It’s been all over the cloth diaper world: Jenn Labit of Cotton Babies (maker of BumGenius, Flip, and Econobum) is determined to protect her company’s patents.  Some cloth diaper makers have decided that they will not sit back and allow their designs to be stolen while other companies take in the profit.  Tereson Dupuy of FuzziBunz has been fighting this battle for years.

Cloth Diaper Makers and Patent Protection (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Take a look at these two diapers and tell me that the print is not a knockoff. And that’s only the beginning.

I’ve seen some comments floating around due to these cloth diaper makers’ refusal to have others take credit for their work. [Read more…]

Brown Cloth Diapers Fall Out of Fashion

For a few years, brown was the new black.  It was wonderful for children’s clothing and nurseries; a lot of people don’t believe that black is appropriate for children because of its funereal uses.  It spawned a whole series of collections of pink or blue with brown accents.  Of course, like many trends, they find their way to cloth diapering.  Brown cloth diapers were plentiful.

Now, though, brown cloth diapers seem to be going out of fashion.  Best Bottom diapers discontinued their double chocolate diaper in February.  FuzziBunz discontinued the Choco Truffle diaper around July.  AppleCheeks announced that they were retiring Chocolate earlier this month.  Brown cloth diapers seem to be getting phased out by numerous companies. [Read more…]

Breastfeeding Women and Entitlement

A couple of weeks ago, there was a huge breastfeeding issue with Pine Centre Mall, the mall in Prince George, BC.  They told a breastfeeding mother that she was not allowed to nurse in the play area.  Of course, this meant rallying the troops: breastfeeding women and non-breastfeeding women joined together.  Instead of this becoming a nasty mommy war, we all stood together, unified, regardless of feeding method.  Pine Centre Mall changed its policy the same morning we had a nurse-in. [Read more…]

Diaper Need Will Get Worse

Oh, Proctor & Gamble.  You are not without your sense of timing, are you?  It’s National Diaper Need Awareness Week.  Disposable diaper banks are going into overdrive to collect donations to help struggling families with their diaper need.  Cloth diaper banks like Cloth for a Cause are doing our best to get the word out that cloth diapering is a viable alternative to those who cannot afford to either keep up with the costs of disposable diapers or to start their own cloth diaper stash.  We even point to participants in the Flats Handwashing Challenge to show that even people without washing machines can manage in cloth. [Read more…]

Childhood Obesity and Government Solutions

It seems like some of the solutions to childhood obesity would be fairly obvious.  Turn off the computer or game console and kick your kid outside to play.  Feed your kid healthy food.  While these solutions to childhood obesity seem to be self-evident, there are always reasons why these one size fits all solutions don’t fit everyone.

I read an article about how perhaps it’s time for government solutions to childhood obesity.  In particular, a Harvard professor is suggesting that it’s time to get CPS involved.  He’s suggesting that it’s more ethical to take the children away from their parents than to perform some sort of weight loss surgery (gastric bypass and the like). [Read more…]