Defiant Toddler? Call Elmo!

While doing my regular surfing of Google News, I discovered an app. I love a good toddler iPhone app, and keep Norton’s iPod Touch filled with learning games. And the headline mentioned Elmo. A good toddler iPhone app featuring Elmo is even better. An app designed for gaining the cooperation of a defiant toddler sounds like gold.

If you’re running into sticky points with a defiant toddler, like a refusal to eat veggies or use the potty, a “phone call” or some FaceTime (okay, not exactly, but “video chat”) with the furry little red monster might help. Sort of.

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Toddler Potty Training + Restaurant = Parenting FAIL

I get the trials and tribulations of toddler potty training.  It’s been an ongoing issue, and I’m only thinking that we’re finally at the point where we’re making some progress.  However, most responsible parents realize that there’s a time and a place for toddler potty training.

The key word here is “most.”

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National Diaper Need Awareness Week

I read an article on the Huffington Post that caught my attention.  In the United States, the National Diaper Bank Network is declaring September 10-17 as National Diaper Need Awareness Week.  This is a good thing.

These banks, of course, focus on giving disposable diapers to needy families.  The reality is that diapers are a necessity, and it’s a necessity not covered by WIC, EBT, or any other sort of welfare in the States.  It’s a valuable service.  Not having enough diapers inhibits a mother’s ability to go to work (no diapers, no day care).  Not having enough diapers means that a baby will have to sit in a soiled diaper longer in order to stretch those resources.

Disposables aren’t the only kind of diaper out there.  They also aren’t the only type of diaper out there that is needed but disadvantaged families are unable to afford.

I think that cloth diaper addicts should recognize National Diaper Need Awareness Week.  However, don’t limit your donations to disposable diapers.  It turns out that there are actually cloth diaper lending charities and groups out there that will loan a cloth diaper stash to a qualifying family.  When the child is no longer in need of those cloth diapers, the stash is returned to the charity, rehabbed, and then passed on to the next needy qualifying family.

I’m fortunate that I can afford my own cloth diaper addiction.  But I do know that not everyone is equally fortunate.  That’s why for National Diaper Need Awareness Week, I’ll be donating to the cloth diaper lending charity in my area: Cloth for a Cause.

On top of that, for every diaper that I receive for a review, I will donate either that diaper to Cloth for a Cause or another diaper.  (Either from my stash of existing diapers or buy them a new one.)

If you have diapers that are in need of repair (broken snaps, elastics in need of replacement) and you’re just not interested in doing so, contact your local charity.  Chances are very, very good that  someone involved in the charity will be able to repair it in order to loan out to someone who needs diapers.  If you don’t have any diapers that you’d like to give away but some that need repairing, they may do the repair work for a donation.  Or keep an eye out for the necessary elastics to repair cloth diapers.  Any sort of donations related to using cloth diapers can only help.

Are You Guilty of the “Give in” Parenting Style?

It starts out slowly.  You’re going to be in line at the grocery store forever, so you hand your kid your iPhone to play with while you wait.  You’ve already installed some age appropriate toddler iPhone app, so you’re good to go.  Kid is entertained and you can wait in line without your kid screaming or other shoppers glaring at you.  Then he’s playing with your phone at appointments and on car rides.  Before you know it, your kid has your phone more than you do.

Or is it just me?

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August Child Consumer Product Safety Recall Round Up!

Every month, tons of items are recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, but unless it’s the big recalls (like the Bumbo chair), you won’t necessarily hear about it on the news.  Here’s the recalls you may have missed from August.

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Bring Your Own Diapers to the Hospital

A lot of cloth diapering moms get lazy when we’re in the hospital after giving birth.  We may already have a full cloth diaper stash at home just waiting for us, but we don’t typically bring our own diapers to the hospital.  We’re there to recover and bond (and if you’re post c-section, emphasis on “recover”).  Having to worry about storing cloth diaper laundry just isn’t something that appeals.  Fortunately, the hospital provides disposable diapers for use while you’re there.

At least, some hospitals do.  Some Canadian hospitals have adopted a “BYOD” approach to diapers.  Unlike American hospitals, our single payer system means that there’s not a plethora of insurance companies to bill and fight with.  Each province has their own universal health care.

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Parenting Decisions, Doing Time, and Amber Portwood

Wow. I do not understand the parenting decisions that some people make. (To be fair, there are people who don’t understand some of my parenting decisions, either.). In this case, I’m trying to understand why Amber Portwood of Teen Mom fame would choose to go to jail instead of rehab.

According to news sources, she was offered the opportunity to go to rehab and get cleaned up as part of a plea deal, allowing her to bypass jail altogether.  Her reasoning for backing out?  She told ABC News that “I felt like that wasn’t the life I wanted to live, I felt like I’d rather do my time, and get it over with, and make the best out of the situation that’s been handed to me.”  Whoa.  Seriously?

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Stroller Safety and a Cautionary Tale

There’s nothing in the world quite as wonderful for moving around a couple of kids like a double stroller.  It’s delightfully convenient¸ and it can be exceptionally safe if used properly.  Stroller safety is critical, though, for making sure that the stroller is a place of protection rather than a hazard.  When most people think of stroller safety, the only thing that they consider is making sure that the kids are belted in.  There’s more to stroller safety than just keeping the kids strapped down so that they don’t fall out.

A family from my hometown of Zephyrhills, Florida are learning this first hand.

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Lay Off of Snooki – She May Be a Better Mom Than You Think

Snooki – Image from Wikipedia

I loathe reality TV.  I refuse to watch it.  To me, there’s very little (if anything) actually real about it, and it’s tedious.  But even though I don’t watch it, I know who Jersey Shore’s Snooki is.  And she’s pregnant.  Lately, there’s been a quote floating around the web (I saw it on Facebook) that’s been attributed to her about her plans for being a mother.

“There is NO WAY I’m changing diapers when my baby is born. That is disgusting. That’s what maids are for and babysitters. I don’t have time for that. I’ll have them do that stuff. I’ll be there for the good parts like dressing my son up and making sure he got style. You don’t have to cook or clean or change diapers to be a good mother. My son will have everything that he wants.  He’s going to be a little star like his mommy.”

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Child Consumer Product Safety Recall – Bumbo Chair

I love my Bumbo chair.  I bought it for Norton and used it as our first “high chair” when we started solids.  However, the Bumbo chair has been the subject of many a product safety recall.  Today, Health Canada and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yet another joint product safety recall on the chair.

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