Parenting Lessons Learned – Feeding Prunes

My children are great for offering me parenting lessons.  Not because they offer formal education, of course, but because parenting lessons are always learned on the job.  Usually, though, I learn things more along the lines of what not to do.

Feeding Eudora solids has been no different.   (Warning: this is a poop lesson, so you may not want to be eating while you read this.)

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Daily Play = My Parenting Goal for October

I’m not a stranger to setting a new parenting goal for myself.  Sometimes I meet those goals, sometimes I don’t, but I always feel like a better mom for having made the effort.  Lately, I feel like I’ve been lacking in the creative toddler play department.  Things have been hectic and busy.  I’ve been trying to get my house back in order, grow both of my websites, control my chronic migraines, and a bunch of other things.  All this means that I’ve dropped the ball on quite a few things.

So, now it’s time to get back to the basics of why I wanted to be a stay at home mom in the first place.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom so that I could actually be with my kids.  I missed out on a lot with Andy due to a variety of factors, and I always wanted to “do it better” with Norton and Eudora.

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Baby Formula Pulled from Washington Shelves

I’ve fed all three of my children baby formula. So far, I’ve been fortunate to never find the baby formula that I use to nourish my babies on a recall list or pulled from grocery store shelves. Last night, I read an eye opening article. It surprised me and made me more than a little sad about how far some people would go to make a buck.

Earth’s Best Organic Soy baby formula has been pulled from the shelves of QFC and Fred Meyers stores in the Seattle area after a parent in Kirkland, Washington found that a label had been peeling away to show a label of a cheaper brand of formula beneath. My first thought was “Oh, factory mistake.”. I’m apparently a little naive, though, as Kroger (the owner of QFC and Fred Meyer) pulled the product off the shelf. Their reasoning for pulling was due to a far more insidious reason than my mistake theory: product tampering.

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Puppy Love! (A Video)

Eudora loves her puppy, and her puppy loves her back. <3

Mommy Guilt, Infant Crying, and Toddler Tantrums

I suspect that mommy guilt is a universal phenomenon.  If you work, there’s some mommy guilt because you’re not home with your child 24/7.  If you stay at home, there’s that mommy guilt because you wonder what kind of example you’re providing for your child.  How can you tell your kids that they can be anything they want, and that school is valuable and important if you’re “just a stay at home mom”?

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a different kind of mommy guilt.  You see, frequently when I’m taking care of Eudora, Norton will scream for something.  He needs more milk.  He wants down from his chair at the table.  He can’t find Pillow.  It could be anything, but it feels like having to wait more than thirty seconds will kick off a toddler tantrum of epic proportions.  And when Norton starts having a tantrum, Eudora freaks out and explodes into an inconsolable ball of infant crying.  That leads to Mommy wanting to freak out and have her own screaming/crying fit.

But of course, I can’t do that.  I have to try to make sure that none of the explosions happen and everyone feels happy.

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Wordless Wednesday – Baby Girl Turns Six Months!

Eudora will be six months old on Friday.  I’m amazed at how quickly the time has flown.  Here’s my beautiful girl modeling some of her clothes before they’re packed away as officially outgrown!

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Toddler Empathy Warms My Heart

I’ve always wondered about how one would teach one’s child empathy.  I kind of figured that it would be something that children would learn as they started to realize that other people had feelings, too.  Or, you know, I guess during one of those special moments of toddler awareness or something.  Last night, I had a beautiful moment of toddler empathy that just…  Wow.  It almost made me a little teary.

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A Bikini, Jessica Simpson, and a Parenting Controversy,

I do not comb the Internet looking for parenting controversy involving famous parents.  Honest.  However, it seems like my Google news feed loves nothing more than a parenting controversy that centers around a parenting decision made by someone with more zeroes in their bank account than I have in mine.

This time it was Jessica Simpson who made the news.

The headline that caught my eye didn’t even mention anything about the singer/actor/designer/whatever else she may be.  It was “What kind of mother parades her baby on TV in a string bikini?

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So How ‘Bout that Infant Growth Thing?

Eudora will be six months old next Friday.  She’s my little tiny baby girl.  When she was born, she was eight and a half pounds.  While there are people out there who have much bigger babies, Eudora was in the 82nd percentile for weight on the infant growth chart.  That’s not exactly a small number.  As we’ve struggled with excessive amounts of baby barf, various formulas, and reflux medicine, her weight percentile on the infant growth chart has continued to drop.

Yesterday we saw the pediatrician (which is a specialist here) instead of our family doctor.  She weighed fourteen pounds and twelve ounces.  So in six months, she’s dropped from being in the 82nd percentile to being in the 31st percentile for weight and 67th percentile for height.  So much for the whole “don’t worry about it; she’s still growing” thing.

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Packing Away Baby Gear Makes a Sad Mommy

We have an abundance of baby gear. Some baby gear has hardly been used, not by Norton or by Eudora. The pack n play is folded up and stored in the closet under the stairs. It was used maybe a dozen times. The matching stroller is also under the stairs. In fact, the only piece of matching baby gear that’s still in use is the car seat.

Even the baby swing is gone.

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