Infant Behavior – Bring Out the Claws!

As much as I love holding Eudora, as much as I delight in the new and different infant behavior she displays… there are some things that are just…  Ouch.  On one hand, this infant behavior is a good thing because it’s baby signing.  On the other hand, there’s that “ouch” factor.

What’s going on?

Well, when Eudora gets hungry, she starts opening her hands and closing them.  This is essentially the baby sign for “milk.”  I reinforce it by using the sign when I bring her a bottle.  That’s not the problem part.  That’s actually awesome.

The problem part comes when I’m holding her and feeding her.  She continues to make that sign, but she does it by scratching.  I keep her nails short, but she’s got nails like mine: it doesn’t matter how short her fingernails are; they are still razor sharp.  She’s very nearly drawn blood with me.

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Eudora Talks – A Happy Baby Video

How Toddler Tantrums and Other Actions Influence Infant Behavior

If you’ve ever raised a toddler, you’ve dealt with toddler tantrums.  It’s a fact of life, and the best that we can do is hope that we can appropriately deal with toddler tantrums when they happen in public.  What I didn’t expect was how toddler tantrums would impact Eudora.

Apparently, Eudora does not like loud noises.  While Norton could sleep through all manner of dogs barking, kids yelling, and anything else, Eudora is a very light sleeper.  On more than one occasion, Norton has thrown a tantrum that has caused his baby sister to wake up.

And let me tell you, that most certainly does not help my response to these tantrums.

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Baby Onesie Slogans – Some Aren’t Exactly Cute

Norton rocking an appropriate baby onesie slogan.

I love, love, love pithy baby onesie slogans.  The ones from Think Geek are often particularly awesome, like “I am the reason we can’t have nice things” and “Geekling.”  I love and kept some of the ones from when Norton was a baby, like “Daddy is my hero!”  But not all baby onesies slogans and designs are particularly awesome.  Actually, there are a few that I would never, ever put on my kid.  Not even if you paid me.  In fact, I would probably burn some of them.

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Being a Parent – It’s a Juggling Act

Being a parent is hard work.  Anyone who says it’s easy is either delusional or has a fleet of nannies doing the real work.  (Don’t get me wrong, being a parent is one of the most rewarding things I’d ever done, even though the pay sucks.)  As much as I love Norton and Eudora, there’s one thing that I haven’t figured out.

Okay, there’s more than one.  But for the sake of this blog post, let’s just focus on this one particular thing.

How do I deal with two kidlets demanding my attention at once?

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When Infant Milestones Go Backwards

With Norton, I tracked his infant milestones relentlessly.  Every month, I’d open my trusty copy of What to Expect the First Year and do a series of blog posts on how Norton had done for that month’s list of infant milestones.  I was focused, and I think I was looking for some validation in regards to being a parent.  That level of focus drove me to distraction when the public health nurse asked me about Norton using crayons and his words (or lack thereof) when we went in for his vaccinations.  I took my not giving Norton crayons to color with (since he was still putting everything in his mouth) as a sign that I wasn’t doing all that great at being a parent.  I cried over his language delay, thinking it must somehow be my fault, even though he was ahead of the curve in so many other toddler and infant milestones.

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Adventures in Babywearing – Facing in or Out? (Hot Topic Tuesday)

Today my friend Heather at Parenting Patch asked a Hot Topic Tuesday question: do you wear your baby facing in or out?  I’ve been fairly variable with adventures in babywearing.  I’ve done a lot more adventures in babywearing with Eudora than I did with Norton, but that’s generally because Eudora is much clingier than Norton ever was.  My style of babywearing has changed quite a bit with each of my children.

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Hot Topic Tuesday: Baby Shoes

There’s nothing that I love more than a pair of cute baby shoes.  They’re an adorable, tiny little accessory that I can easily hold in my hands later when I marvel over how much my baby has grown.  And, really, a pair of cute baby shoes can complete an outfit.

The question asked this week, though, is should babies wear shoes?

No.  They certainly don’t need shoes in the same way that adults do.  In terms of development of those tiny, cute baby feet, shoes are actually not so great.  It’s important to “set your piggies free” for bone development, et cetera.

However, there are more to owning cute baby shoes than fashion.

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When Toddler Behavior Leads to Infant Injury

Norton is a rambunctious toddler boy with rambunctious toddler behavior.  Like most toddlers, he’s happy to bounce off the walls and get into things.  And his toddler behavior often leads to time out.  This time, though, we had an incident that led to a panicked call to the doctor and a trip to the hospital.

Norton stepped on Eudora.  Hard.  On her chest.

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Baby Exersaucer FAIL

Norton loved our baby exersaucer.  I got it when he was around three months old… maybe a little bit older than Eudora.  Being the planner that I am, I’d kept our baby exersaucer after Norton outgrew it.  We were going to have another baby at some point, so there was no point in buying the same toys twice.

Well, I finally pulled it out for Eudora.  I figured she was big enough to play with it; she wasn’t too far from Norton’s age when I bought it for him.  After carefully cleaning every nook and cranny of our exersaucer and making sure that every speck of dust was gone, the husband and I were ready to put Eudora in the new toy.

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