Bummis Duo-Brite ai2 Review

Since Eudora is approaching potty training readiness, I’m really feeling the pressure to try all the diapers before I run out of time. The Bummis Duo-Brite ai2 has been in my stash since they were released. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to give it a shot.

About the Bummis Duo-Brite

Like all Bummis products, the Bummis Duo-Brite is made in Canada from materials made in the US. The Duo-Brite cover is essentially the replacement for the Super Brite cover. However, the Duo-Brite has two sizes instead of 5 and snap closures instead of Velcro. The double gussets that made the Super Brite fabulous are also included in the Duo-Brite design. Unlike previous Bummis creations, the Bummis Duo-Brite is a true all-in-two diaper with a snap in insert. The Bummis Duo-Brite is a two sided insert: one side is a wicking material so that your baby’s bottom will stay dry; the other is organic cotton so that only natural fibers touch the skin.

Bummis Duo Brite All-in-Two Review

What I like About the Bummis Duo-Brite

Have I mentioned that it’s made in Canada with materials from the United States? Seriously, just buying Bummis Duo-Brite diapers makes me feel all virtuous: I’m creating jobs in both the country of my birth and the country I call home. I also like that you can have your choice of organic and stay dry fibers in the same insert. The insert’s method of snapping in only at one end guarantees that the same insert will fit regardless of which rise setting you use for getting the best fit to your child.  The seam down the middle to hold the two sides of the inserts together means faster drying time.  The inserts are quite thirsty and super trim. At first, I had a hard time telling which side was the stay dry and which side is the organic… so I asked Shirley of Bummis how to tell the difference.  It turns out that you can tell them apart by looking: the darker side is the organic side and the lighter side is stay dry.

Bummis Duo Brite All-in-Two Review

The double gussets do a fabulous job of containing any mess your child can produce (even the ones that make you wonder if you’ll need an old priest and a young priest). The inner is exposed PUL for an easy to wipe surface. And because it’s a two size system, you will be able to get a fabulous fit on your newborn at the small end and your toddler at the larger end.

Bummis Duo-Brite All-In-One Review

What I Don’t Love About the Bummis Duo-BriteBummis Duo-Brite All-In-Two Review

The Bummis Duo-Brite is the replacement for the Super Brite… And it came with the same prints that the Super Brite used. To put it simply, the Duo-Brite prints are not anything new or exciting, and cute prints and simple solids are an important consideration for me. (However, I do have hope that they will bring more of the beautiful limited Super Lite prints over to the Duo-Brite as time goes on.) I also find that the inserts can sort of rumple along the edges as they shrink a tiny bit in the dryer. Also, because it’s a two size system, it will mean buying two complete sets for the difference in size for both the inserts and the covers.

The Bottom Line

The Duo-Brite is a definite improvement over the Super Brite. At $56.95 US/$59.95 Canadian, it is a bit of a pricey diaper, but you should have at least one in your cloth diaper stash.

Have you used the Bummis Duo Brite?

Where to buy the Bummis Duo Brite (some affiliate links): Kelly’s Closet (US) Nicki’s Diapers (US)

Oko Creations Mama Cloth (And Giveaway!)

I have, as of late, been on a quest to have a greener period.  And a more comfortable period.  Sure, some of my attempts have been a momentous fail… but using Oko Creations mama cloth has been the closest I’ve ever been to having a happy period.

I’m going to blame Maman Loup for this one.  She’s been talking about how amazing Oko Creations is for a variety of reasons, and she convinced me to give them a try.  So Oko Creations sent me some samples to try them out so I could give you guys my complete, honest, and unbiased opinion.  Before I’d even received them, I was pretty darned stoked.

Oko Creations is Canadian

I have an infinite preference for products made in Canada and the US.  It guarantees that I will be spending my money on products that are ethically made in a country where workers are protected from unfair labor practices.  I know that the products will be well made in a safe environment. [Read more…]

Mini Kiwi Pocket Diaper Review

I thought that I was running out of cloth diapers to try, particularly from bigger companies that sold their product in cloth diaper boutiques.  Then my friend Lindsay put Mini Kiwi Diapers and I together for a review.  Simone of Mini Kiwi graciously sent me a package diapers and accessories, including this Mini Kiwi pocket diaper, to try out so that I could write a review.  As always, my opinions are completely mine because I’m far too opinionated to keep them to myself.

Mini Kiwi Pocket Diaper Review [Read more…]

Funky Fluff 2.0 Review

For the sake of disclosure, I received this Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 cloth diaper to review. I’m far too opinionated to let something like that influence my opinion!

When Maman Loup let me know that the new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 was in need of reviewers, I jumped on the chance.  I really loved the original incarnation of the Funky Fluff Stay Dry (which I used primarily as a pocket diaper), so I was excited to see what would come next.

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff is a Canadian home-based business started by two moms and friends in the Toronto area. Kathy and Tricia spent many a night after their kids were in bed designing a diaper. Their versatile designs and contrasting colors made Funky Fluff happen. These ladies are also exceptionally giving. They’ve been known to help Cloth for a Cause, my personal favorite charity, on more than one occasion.

What’s Changed in the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0?

The original Funky Fluff diaper had double gussets, but the new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 has done away with the double gusset system.  The middle of the diaper is a bit narrower for a trimmer fit.  The inserts are just a tiny bit narrower to accommodate the slimmer design.  The back elastics are a bit wider.

Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 Review and Giveaway, Cloth Diaper Addicts

What’s Awesome About These Changes?

When you’ve got a newborn, double gussets are king. It’s pretty much a necessity for containing runny breastfed newborn baby poo, especially if you’ve got a once a week pooper. However, once you get past that stage, the double gussets are less convenient, particularly in the “peanut butter poo” stage. Getting rid of the double gussets has made it far more convenient to use the shell as an all-in-two; the microsuede-topped insert can just lie on top instead of on top of double gussets. This also gives a trimmer fit when taking advantage of the all-in-two option.

The narrower middle and the narrower inserts? That means that you’ll have no problems tucking your Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 diaper under a pair of jeans. Plus, less bulk overall makes for a much better looking fit.

The widening of the back elastics is a comfort measure. You know how sometimes you get that sock line on your legs after you take the socks off? That’s from the pressure of the elastics. Not a crucial issue, but it’s not particularly attractive. We like to see it even less on our babies who can’t verbalize if it’s too much pressure or whatnot. That wider elastic means that the pressure point is distributed over a wider area, which means red “sock line” reduction and more comfortable fit.

Funky Fluff 2.0 Stay Dry Review and GiveawayWhat’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0?

I’m seriously in love with all of the changes. They’re little things, but those little things added up to make one really, seriously cool diaper. I’ve always been a fan of the contrasting snaps on the PUL, and this hasn’t changed. It’s an awesome little diaper… and I think I should add more to my already excessive stash just for the color combos!

I also love the fact that it’s a diaper that comes with options. I love versatile diapers that can be used in a number of ways, and the pocket/all-in-two option of Funky Fluff never disappoints.

About Those Options…

Now there are even more options available. Once upon a time, when you bought a Funky Fluff diaper, you got the inserts that you got and that was it. Now, for those who love to use the Funky Fluff as an all-in-two, you can order additional inserts so that you can get two changes out of your Funky Fluff shell instead of one. Or (and this is one of my FAVORITE new options with the Funky Fluff a la carte ordering) if you like the stay dry shell and bamboo inserts, you can just order the bamboo inserts separately to use in your Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 as a pocket.

What Would I Change?

There’s really only one area that I would change on the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0. It’s a really minor, petty thing, but it’s worth mentioning… otherwise it would just be a perfect review. The hip snap? It’s awesome for preventing wing droop issues, and I love it. But it snaps into the bottom row and I’d prefer it to snap into the top, just because the hip snap is usually the last snap that I use. That, however, is such a minor issue that’s just a personal preference that it doesn’t impact the overall awesomeness of the diaper.

Bottom Line?

I thought that the original Funky Fluff Fusion was a great pocket diaper. Thanks to these changes, the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 is now an awesome all-in-two diaper, too. So if you aren’t the lucky winner, you should most definitely go out and buy a few to add to your stash!


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Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go Cover Review

I frequently receive products for testing so that I can share the results with you.  Even though I receive product for free, it does not impact my opinion.  Every now and again, though, someone asks me if I’d like to review a diaper meant for a newborn baby.  Since my youngest is now two, I’m a little past the newborn stage.  Fortunately, our local cloth diapering community is filled with awesome moms who don’t think it’s the slightest bit strange for me to ask to borrow a child as a test subject.  For the Nuggles Tuck-Wrap-Go cover and Nuggles Naturals organic bamboo prefold, I borrowed my friend Nikki’s daughter Small Fry. [Read more…]

Ella Bella Bum Trainers Review

Just before Christmas, I got something pretty awesome from Sam at Ella Bella Bum.  She sent out some Ella Bella Bum Trainers for testers… and we tested like you wouldn’t believe with Norton.  I’ve been meaning to write a post to extoll the virtues of the new Ella Bella Bum trainers, but I have to admit that I’ve been a little reluctant.  (And not because of the quality.)

Here’s the run down:

Ella Bella Bum Trainers Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

Like all Ella Bella Bum products, the Ella Bella Bum trainers are proudly made in Canada at the EBB shop in Welland, Ontario.  They are sized in small, medium, and large, with the intention of fitting 2T, 3T, and 4T respectively.  The Ella Bella Bum trainers have a hidden layer of PUL and adjustable side snaps.  The outer is a cotton knit for extra stretchy ability.  Like most trainers, these are intended to hold roughly one pee and will ensure that your child feels the wetness.

What’s Awesome About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

Like all EBB products, the Ella Bella Bum trainers are quite unique.  Instead of a mass produced, standard product made in a factory overseas, you’re getting a product designed by a mom with some funky, fun prints.  Norton’s Ella Bella Bum trainers has an orange stretchy knit band, yellow stretch panels with orange snaps, and astronaut puppies on a navy background.  Elements of the orange and yellow are found on the astronaut puppies.  He calls those particular undies his “Space Puppies.”Ella Bella Bum Trainers (Cloth DIaper Addicts)

I was reluctant, at first, because Norton had considered anything with snaps on them to be a diaper.  (And that’s part of why I had no love for Flip trainers.)  In this case, though, the fact that the rest of the construction resembles underwear made all the difference.  The snaps made it possible to get a better fit on Norton, while the stretchiness of the panels made it easy for Norton to pull them up and down.

As promised by Sam when she was making them, they really do hold about one pee.  The outside of the trainers may become wet if it’s enough of a pee (and not just a dribble as your little runs off to the potty), but you will not find a puddle on your floor.  This means that they are most definitely not suitable for naps or overnights if your little one will flood a diaper during those times, but they work quite well for potty training.

I have to admit, though Norton is actually potty trained, we still use trainers in his wardrobe because they are just so darned cute.  It’s how this addict is managing to wean herself off of diapers.

What’s Not Awesome About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

This one part that is not awesome is part of why I put off on writing this review for so long.

It has nothing to do with the quality.  (As always, I’m impressed with the quality that comes from the Ella Bella Bum team.)

It’s actually a little bit of selfishness on my part.  Ella Bella Bum trainers sell out so quickly at stockings that I was kind of sort of keeping it a bit of a secret so that I could have a better chance of getting some more for myself when she has them on sale!

The Bottom Line

The price point on Ella Bella Bum trainers is a bit higher than most brands: $30 a pair.  But like most EBB products, they’ll hold their resale value nicely.  There’s also the added benefit of knowing that they are ethically made in Canada by a small mom-owned business.  Functionally, they work exactly as intended.  I totally recommend them.  (But please, any size but boy friendly medium, as those are what I buy for Norton!)

You can find Ella Bella Bum trainers at the Ella Bella Bum store.  Stockings are on Thursdays and sell out in minutes!

Bummis Super Brite and Newborn Prefolds

When my friend Nikki had her tiny, tiny little girl, she found that a lot of newborn diapers were just plain too big.  That meant I got to problem solve: I came over to help her get the right fit.  Nikki had plenty of newborn size Bummis prefolds to work with, and she’d already decided that she really loved the bikini twist fold for containment.  However, her covers (which were mainly Blueberry Capri newborn size) were far too big for Small Fry.  I came over to experiment with some diapers and we started with the Bummis Super Brite.

About the Bummis Super Brite

The Bummis Super Brite newborn cover is smaller than other Bummis covers.  The Super Whisper Wrap, Super Whisper Snap Wrap, and Super Lite newborn covers fit newborns starting at six pounds.  The Bummis Super Brite starts at four pounds.  It was the perfect size for Small Fry.  Even better?  Bummis covers are made in Canada.

Bummis Super Brite - Cloth Diaper Addicts

As you can see, the Bummis Super Brite fit Small Fry without any weird tugging or adjusting.  It simply went on and fit.  Granted, because the Super Brite newborn size cover is so small, it will be one of the first things that Small Fry outgrows.  However, during this time, it’s perfect.  Even better?  It has double gussets to contain the messy of runny newborn poo.

Would I Recommend It?

If you’ve got a tiny newborn and you really want to start cloth right away, Bummis Super Brite is your best shot.  It’s absolutely worth it in the newborn stage, and when you’re in the bigger sizes, you’ll get more longevity out of those covers as their growth slows.

Pros: Perfect fit, reasonable price.

Cons: Shorter life span, doesn’t have great resale value.

Where to buy: Cozy Bums (Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US)

Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry All-in-One Newborn Cloth Diaper Review

It’s been a while since I’ve had a newborn baby, and I’ve never had a newborn baby small enough to start with a newborn cloth diaper.  When Nuggles contacted me about doing a review on their newborn cloth diaper, I knew that I’d have to do something a little different.  I had to borrow a baby.

Nuggles Itty Bitty Stay Dry AIO Newborn Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Fortunately, the local moms in our cloth diapering community did not find it remotely odd that I asked to borrow a baby for newborn cloth diaper testing.

About the Tester

Small Fry is an extremely tiny little newb.  When she came home from the hospital, I ended up making a field trip to visit so that we could try a variety of newborn cloth diaper options on her and fix the leaking issue.  Small Fry is also a very heavy wetter, able to saturate a newborn prefold diaper in a single wee.  (My frie

nd somehow manages to produce freakishly heavy wetters.  I’m not sure how something so tiny can wet so much in one go.)  While her bladder makes Small Fry less of a perfect tiny tester, her wee size makes her perfect for testing the fit of a newborn cloth diaper.

About Nuggles

Nuggles is a Canadian cloth diaper company with original designs from a Canadian mom.  Her product is ethically made in China by a reputable manufacturing facility, using 100% certified OEKO materials.  The products are tested in Canada.

About the Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry AIO Newborn Cloth Diaper

The Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry All-in-One Newborn Cloth diaper is an all-in-one diaper with a sewn in soaker.  There are no flaps to adjust, tuck, or line up.  This means that there’s no stress for the sleep-deprived mom; the Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry goes on just as easy as a disposable.  It is a snap closure diaper with a color-coded snap down umbilical notch.  There are also functional double gussets.

What’s Good About the Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry

It is truly itty bitty.  Like most newborn diapers, it’s designed to fit littles.  The Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry says that it fits babies from 5-15 pounds.  I have no doubt that it will absolutely fit babies in the five pound range; Small Fry was certainly that small, and she had little chicken legs to boot.  It fit Small Fry beautifully, and it managed to contain her massive weekly EBF baby poosplosion without an issue.

Nuggles Itty Bitty Stay Dry AIO Newborn Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

What’s Not?

Small Fry is such a heavy wetter that the Nuggles Bittee could not keep up with her output.  However, when I tested the diaper (by pouring water on the AIO and pressing it to simulate the pressure of baby’s weight), the unboosted diaper was able to hold 167 mL of water… which is just under 3/4 of a cup.  With the added bamboo charcoal booster, it was able to hold another 70mL.  Combined, the Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry and booster can hold about a cup of water.  What that tells me is that the Nuggles Bittee diaper will be amazing for a reasonably wetting newborn… but it’s insufficient for an extreme heavy wetter.

Also, because the Nuggles Bittee AIO doesn’t have any flaps to adjust, it means that the diaper take a long time to dry.

In a Nutshell?

At $15 per diaper, the Nuggles Bittee AIO is a reasonably priced newborn cloth diaper.  It’s functional and effective, plus pretty darned cute.  I’d say it’s a worthwhile addition to any newborn cloth diaper package.

Have you tried the Nuggles Bittee Stay Dry AIO newborn cloth diaper?  How did it work for you?

You can find the Nuggles Bittee at Cozy Bums Diapers!



The Laundry Tarts Strip It! Review

Disclosure: The Laundry Tarts Strip It! review was not at all compensated.  I paid for the product myself and decided to write about it.

I generally pride myself on the state of my diapers.  They are clean, non-smelling, and rarely stripped.  I’ve been using Rockin’ Green for three and a half years, and only changed once to a different detergent… and hated it so badly that I didn’t even use up all of the other detergent before going back to my beloved Rockin’ Green.  And as much as I say that if your cloth diaper laundry routine isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it… I’ve been kind of going into sticker shock every time I’ve needed to get a new pack of Funk Rock.

When Norton and Eudora scattered baby powder all over her bedroom, they created a really, really big mess. [Read more…]

Helping Barbie (and Other Dolls) Look Good


We are Barbie girls in my house. I played with Barbies when I was a kid and now my little girl plays with them. I will confess, my girl and I play with her Barbies now. Mostly it consists of me dressing and undressing them. Seeing the Barbies available now, I wish they could have been available when I was younger (hello, articulated joints!). Since my girl likes playing with her Barbies so much, when I got the chance to pick out something from Doll Clothes Superstore to review for free, I did jump at it.

Variety of Doll Clothes Available

The Doll Clothes Superstore has a large selection of various kinds of doll clothes for sale. They have clothes available for Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, American Girls, and more. And they’re all at very reasonable prices.

Barbie Dress

So I let my girl pick out which Barbie doll dress she wanted, and she picked out Midnight Stroll. Miss Mary Ann even sent a small selection of shoes that match the dress. My girl was pretty excited to receive the dress. She insisted on picking out a Barbie to dress up right away. Then she was very particular about which pair of shoes she wanted Barbie to wear. Sister can be picky like that. 🙂


I was very happy to see how nice the Barbie doll dress looked. I think it’s made from a good quality polyester satin. The Midnight Stroll outfit comes with the dress and a shawl. On the page it says it comes with a hat, but I don’t see one pictured and we didn’t receive one. I wasn’t expecting to get one, just noticed that it says that it comes with a hat.

The quality of the workmanship of the dress is pretty top notch. And as you can see, Theresa looks pretty darn good in it. Definitely ready for date night with Sister’s footless Bratz boy doll. The shoes we got are high quality too. They fit our Barbies very well. Unfortunately, Big Brother emptied out the bag I had placed the shoes in and we can’t find two of the shoes (figures that it wasn’t a matching pair). Sister liked having new shoes to match her other Barbie doll dresses.

These dresses are handmade either by Miss Mary Ann or some ladies she knows in Indonesia.

If you have a doll lover in the family, I recommend checking out Doll Clothes Superstore. Especially if you have an American Girl lover. She could get a matching outfit! You might end up having to get all your girl’s (or boy’s) dolls new outfits so they won’t be hating on each other.

Coupon Code!

Yay for coupons! Miss Mary Ann was very nice in providing a coupon code for my readers. Enter “clothdiaperingdcs” to get 10 % off your purchase, no minimum.