Tips for Getting Rid of Cradle Cap (New People Co brush)


No one likes seeing cradle cap on their baby’s brand new skin, but unfortunately, some babies get it. Nope, it’s not a pretty sight. But there are things you can do, and if your baby hasn’t gotten cradle cap yet (not saying that they will), there are things that you can do to help prevent it, and if baby already has it, some things to help get rid of it.

Wash your baby’s hair.

Easy peasy. Wash your baby’s hair with a gentle shampoo two or three times a week. This can help prevent cradle cap by removing excess oil and dead skin. Don’t wash more often, because you can actually make cradle cap worse, if you do that.

Brush baby’s hair.

I know, some baby’s only have peach fuzz, but brushing even that peach fuzz will give baby a gentle scalp exfoliation, especially if you do it right after a bath. A great brush (that the company sent me to review) for that is the New People Company brush. This brush is great for everyday brushing, not just for treating cradle cap. Made out of recyclable plastic and top rack dishwasher safe, it’s surprisingly gentle yet effective (unlike those soft bristle brushes you get at the store). I used it on Little Man’s cradle cap right after his baths (without oil, as he had a very mild case) and it helped clear it up quickly.

If it’s really stubborn, try a little oil and brushing.

Olive oil seems to be the most popular recommendation. I would imagine coconut oil or vegetable oil would work as well. I have heard moms complain about coconut oil or their kids cradle cap getting worse when using oil though. Here’s an article with a little bit more info about that. Apparently some kinds of cradle cap can be caused by a form of yeast, and if your kid has that kind of cradle cap, olive oil can make it worse. If you go this route, try leaving it on your baby’s head for at least a few minutes before brushing. You shouldn’t have to use a lot, just enough to moisten the scalp. You can wash after if you choose or feel like baby’s hair is too oily.

All of my kids have had cradle cap unfortunately. My oldest boy had the worst and longest lasting case, though trying to clear up cradle cap with my girl’s thick hair was a pain too. Little Man got lucky and his was very mild. And it did help that I had access to a good quality brush like the New People Company brush. They’re a little pricey at six bucks a brush, but I think they’re worth it for how well they work.

You can follow New People Company on Twitter and Facebook.

Have you had to deal with cradle cap? Did you do any of the above?

Rock-A-Bums- A Rocking Diaper for Your Baby’s Rump

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If you have not heard about Rock-A-Bums, you need to read this.  They are one of my new favorite cloth diapers (I have two other favorites) and I cannot sing their praises enough.  There are a couple of things that I would like to see different, but overall, AWESOMENESS!  I was excited to get one at no charge to review of course (hello, new cloth diaper!), but after receiving it and actually using it, yeah, these are staying in the stash.  I just can’t bring myself to part with them.

Rock-A-Bums- Rocking Your Baby's Rump- Retro Modern Melissa

Does Everything

I really, really like that Rock-A-Bums markets these as a 5-in-1 diaper.  Yes, most pocket diapers can be used the same way EXCEPT as an all-in-two or one, but Rock-A-Bums is intended to be used in as many different ways as possible, not just as a pocket diaper, all-in-one, all-in-two, hybrid, or cover.

These diapers have snaps in the front and back where you can snap in the insert.  You can snap it in the front for an all-in-two or tuck the insert in the pocket and snap it in the back for an all-in-one.  There are openings in the front and back, with a flap of PUL across the front.  The back opening is nice and wide, so it’s really easy to stuff, even for big hands (I don’t have wide hands, just long ones).  Plenty of room to stuff it with whatever your heart desires- bamboo inserts, hemp inserts, prefolds, flats, the inserts that come with it, whatever.

Of course you can use it as a regular pocket diaper or even just as a cover.  Pretty cool, right?

Black Inside

Oooh, this is one of my favorite things.  This is the only diaper that I have seen with a black interior.  I’ve seen them with other colors, but this is the only one with black.  And it’s not the usual fleece either.  These suckers have a velour inner.  Oh yes.  They’re soft.  Very soft.  The downside to that is that they pick up all kinds of hair and loose fibers.  It sounds worse than it looks as you can see in the pictures above.

Rock-A-Bums- Rocking Your Baby's Rump- Retro Modern Melissa

Wide Elastic in the Back

I love having wide elastic in the back.  I feel like it keeps the poo contained better, with less of chance for it to wick onto clothes, blankets, car seat covers- You get the point.  The elastics around the legs are much skinnier.  I’ll admit, I would like the leg elastics to be a little wider, but that’s really a personal preference.  These do keep everything contained.

Four Rise Settings

I love having so many settings.  It makes for a better fit, I think.  Less chance for baby to be in a size in between.

Two Rows of Waist Snaps

I have to confess, I was more fond of hook and loop closures because I could get a better fit, but lately, I’ve been leaning towards snaps.  For one thing, I’m tired of passing Little Man to his papa or setting him in his swing minus his diaper.  Yeah, that’s happened.

Rock-A-Bums snaps are set close together and the two rows are offset, which allows you to get a great fit.  Also, they do not have hip snaps.  Which is great, because Sister (who’s about 37 or 38 pounds) is on the last few snaps, so she can still wear these and I don’t have to try and find some way to cover up hip snaps so they don’t dig into her skin (or just skip using the diaper completely).  I haven’t had a problem with wing droop on Little Man though, and he wears these snapped almost all the way in.

My only suggestion about the snaps would be to add some crossover snaps to one wing or both.  I know not every baby is built like Little Man, but he’s got a tiny waist and if I’d been trying to put these on him when he was a couple of months old, I probably would have needed crossover snaps.

Rock-A-Bums- Rocking Your Baby's Rump- Retro Modern Melissa

I have to admit, I love the red snaps on the black diaper.  These pictures are with one Rock-A-Bums insert.  My models would not hold still for me for their photo shoot. lol

Two Inserts Included

Most diapers include only one, or they might include a newborn and a one size.  Rock-A-Bums includes TWO full size inserts.  They’re made from several layers of microfiber topped with charcoal bamboo and have a snap on one end so you can snap them into the Bomb Shell.  They’re heavy duty enough that one will last Little Man a couple of hours (and he’s a super soaker).  Sister does not pee a lot, so these last her a good long while.  I tend to use cotton prefolds inside though (I do prefer natural fibers).  I think using both of the inserts would make a good nighttime diaper (it would be a bit bulky, but it would work), or even using one of these with a hemp doubler underneath would be great for bedtime.

It’s great that it comes with two inserts because you could use this diaper for day or night, without having to worry about getting anything extra.  They’re going to be offering a disposable option sometime in the future (hopefully soon!) and I would love to see them offer a natural fiber option like hemp.  That would rock!

The Colors

Right now, Rock-A-Bums comes in three colors.  They have red, white, and black.  All of them have the black interior.  I’ll admit, I am looking forward to seeing what prints and other colors they might come out with.  I personally would love to see a rocking purple. 🙂  The red and white have black snaps, while the black (like I mentioned) have red snaps.  I do have all three colors.  The red isn’t as orange-y looking as it seems in the pictures.  It’s a really beautiful red.


I love that these diapers come ready to use with two inserts and that they emphasize how many ways these can be used.  That might seem a little overwhelming to a cloth diaper initiate, but it’s really not.  These are one of my favorite diapers, and I really recommend them.  They also come with hook and loop closures, which I have not tried.

So if you are on the hunt for something new to add to your stash, or are looking to buy your first cloth diaper, I say you should get Rock-A-Bums.  They’re not pricey, they’re great quality, you get two inserts, and they look good on baby.  As far as I know, they’re only available through the Rock-A-Bums website right now.  These are rocking our world! 😉

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Buttons Cloth Diaper Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   All opinions regarding the Buttons Cloth Diaper are mine and 100% truthful.

The Buttons cloth diaper is a newer, low cost all-in-two diaper on the market.  Like most all-in-two diapers, it works with a reusable shell and inserts that you can change out.  The inside of the diaper is an exposed PUL with double gussets.  The inserts are purchased separately and come in two sizes, small and large, in order to get you a good fit and good absorbency for the size of your baby.  Buttons diapers are a one size diaper with a snap down rise to allow you to get the best fit.

Buttons Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts) [Read more…]

Diaper Dawgs- Woman’s Best Friend in Diaper Laundry

I often leave these little monsters in my bathroom until my husband gets home from work. I dread dealing with them. Stinky dirty little things. We have two bathrooms, so I can avoid them for a while. But I always know they’re lurking, just waiting for me.

Yeah, okay, that sounds like the beginning to a really bad scary movie. What are these little monsters? Poopy pocket diapers. Yeah, those are my least favorite part of cloth diapering.  These Diaper Dawgs I received to review are great not only for diapers, but puppet shows too. The kids and I had a great time playing with them when they came in the mail.

Diaper Dawgs are your friendly neighborhood watch dogs.

These are great. They’re little silicon mitts that cover your fingertips to protect them from that icky stuff that you find lurking in your diapers. They’re shaped like a dog’s head, complete with little ears. The inside of the mouth is textured, so it holds the diaper more easily without slipping. Which is great, because I hate having to fish diapers out of the toilet.  And you can use these to fish diapers out of the toilet too. Well, as long as they’re floating.


You can use these to hold diapers while you’re spraying them out, or you can use them to pull the inserts out of pocket diapers or to pull apart all in twos.

Even if you aren’t using cloth diapers, these can be used to handle a nasty disposable blowout, taking the poopy clothes off, and taking the diaper to the trash. Yes, you should still wash your hands, but at least you won’t be washing poop off your hands.


Request these at your favorite cloth diaper store so they’ll start carrying them. You can purchase them at Kelly’s Closet (affiliate link). Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


Loving Little Bums- Lovey’s

Who doesn’t want their baby’s bottom to stay soft, smooth, and rash free?  No one, that’s who.  Lovey’s sent me their stick and spray, and let me tell you.  These two products are a great way to keep baby’s butt soft and rash free.  I could go on and on about these two products, but I’ll try and keep it short. 😉

Lovey’s Tushi Stick

I really prefer stick diaper ointments.  They’re just so much easier and less messy than having to stick your fingers in a tub or squeeze a glob on your fingers.  Seriously, I have a bunch of ointments, and I reach for a stick before I reach for anything else.  I do prefer to have separate sticks for each child though.

My Lovey’s Tushi Stick gets used on my girl’s rump.  I love it!  It’s got all natural ingredients, has a very light and nice smell, and works great.  It lasts a good bit too.  Sister is very prone to diaper rashes, but since we started using this with every diaper change, she hasn’t gotten any (except the one time I left her diaper on too long… that can only be blamed on me).

I’ve also been using it on her arms and legs (she has this rash that doesn’t go away and doesn’t bother her- her doctor says it’s from some virus she had when she was a baby or something like that), and it seems to be helping. We use it about twice a day.

Flat out, the Tushi Stick is great.  I highly recommend it.  I would get two, one for bums and the other for boo boos and things like that.

Lovey’s Tushi Wash

Now this stuff I really really really love.  I would love a lifetime supply of this stuff.  I was so sad when I used up the bottle they sent me.  I tried to make it last as long as I could, but it wasn’t as long as I would have liked.  Maybe it’s because I love it so much, but it seems like the bottle got used up pretty quick, and I was just using it for butt cleaning duty.

Why do I love this stuff so much?  For one, the squirt bottle is great, easy to use.  For the other, wiping my babies’ butts off after spraying this stuff on them was so easy.  It got that sticky toddler poo off no problem.  It made their butts feel like silk.  The spray made the washcloth glide across their skin, rather than drag.  Niiiiice.  I would love to clean my butt with something like that.

Was that weird? That might have been a little weird.  But seriously, I want more Tushi Wash.  I love the Tushi Stick too, and I’ll want more when that’s gone, but I really want more Tushi Wash.  Awesome stuff.  Both of them smell great and work great.  I can think of so many more ways to use both of them.  Boo boos, chafing, irritation, cleaning up faces and hands… the list goes on.  And yes, they are safe for cloth diapers.

Where to buy?

Tushi Wash is readily available in Canada at various stores.  If you’re in the US, you’ll have to order from Amazon at the moment.  You can order the Tushi stick here and the Tushi Wash here (affiliate links).  They are a little pricey ($14.99-16.99), but I think they’re worth it, especially if you’re looking for something to really soothe your or baby’s skin or that’s all natural.  You’re definitely paying for quality.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep in the know when their products go on sell or you might have a chance to win some free.

GroVia Magic Stick Z – Give Zinc a Chance!

I did not receive the GroVia Magic Stick Z for free.  I bought it when it first came out and am glad I did.  Since Eudora has eczema that flares up on her tush, I have to be super careful with her.  If you sneeze at her, she’ll end up with a dry, raw patch somewhere.  Sometimes it’s on her leg or her back.  Other times, it’s on her rump.

When dealing with eczema, it seems counter intuitive to want to keep the area dry…  After all, it’s basically really, really dry and itchy skin.  However, the wetness on the skin (especially in the diaper area) is most definitely not a moisturizing agent.  That’s where the GroVia Magic Stick Z comes into play. [Read more…]

Ethical, Fair Trade Coffee? Yes, Please!

I was fortunate enough to receive a bag of Ten Thousand Villages Tanzanian Medium Roast Coffee… but I’m not a coffee drinker, so I brought it to a friend to review.  Even though I don’t drink coffee, I have a lot of coffee drinkers in my life.  I like to bring them “the good stuff” because I find that caffeinated people are nicer to work with.  At the same time, though, it’s also important to me that whatever coffee I bring also be ethical.


This is what Jo, one of my coffee drinkers, had to say:

Suzi knows the way to a new mum’s heart. She came over the other day with a bag of coffee and abandoned it at my house. It was a Tanzanian medium roast, fair trade coffee from Ten Thousand Villages.

Disclaimer: I am recent to being a coffee connoisseur. In the last year, I have warmed to the idea that coffee is delicious, as well as being an avenue to put caffeine into my body. Prior to that, I would mask the taste with as much sugar as I could safely use without my teeth dropping out.

Back to this coffee: It was nice. It was smooth, with a full bodied flavour. Most importantly, it didn’t leave a nasty aftertaste. After my first cup, I read the packaging. It is supposed to leave ‘impressions of orange and dark chocolate’. I went back for another cup. The orange and chocolate notes are there, but they are subtle. What was obvious, though, was that this was an enjoyable cup of coffee, and I’ve gone back to it a number of times. It’s definitely one I would buy again.

That being said, I realize that not everyone likes a medium roast.  Some people like dark roast coffees, and that’s where Level Ground Trading comes into play.  Level Ground Trading trades directly with small scale coffee farmers and roasts the coffee for Ten Thousand Villages.  It’s also fair trade coffee, which is important for a guilt free caffeine dose.

Have you tried fair trade coffee?  What’s your favorite country for coffee harvest?


Level Ground Trading is offering Gift Bundles on their webstore.  Prices include shipping in Canada & the USA.

BabyKicks Nursing Pads


BabyKicks makes some pretty good cloth diapers, but I bet you didn’t know that they also make nursing pads!  Yep.  If you are a heavy leaker, just had your baby and started nursing (ouch, the engorgement!), or are just looking for something to last you all night, BabyKicks nursing pads might be just what you are looking for. [Read more…]

Guest Post: Brilliant Bums Review (part 2: The Return of the Brilliance)

Hi, I’m Jo. I blog sporadically (at best) at A Crunchy-in-Training (which is actually kind of inaccurate. I’m already crunchy as *expletive deleted*), where you can follow along with my commentary about crunchy things and hot men. Mostly hot men.

Since I am the neighbour the Suzi referenced in her original review of Brilliant Bums diapers, and I got her onto the crackfluff that are Shelby’s awesome diapers, when she arranged to review Brilliant Bums, she brought me into the loop. I have a serious addiction to Brilliant Bums diapers, and I eagerly stalk the Diaper Frenzy as well as following Shelby’s FB page. I have six Brilliant Bums diapers (with one more on the way, which I hope to include a photo of), in a variety of styles: All-in-one with pocket, Pocket and Hybrid Fitted. And the Mancub is only 5 months old.

Let me start at the beginning. [Read more…]

Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers Review

Ever since I started stalking the Diaper Frenzy! Congo, I’ve had my eye on Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers.  Looking online at the images had me interested in her pretty combinations… and when one of my neighbors (and fellow addicts) got a couple of Brilliant Bums, I really wanted to try one out.

I was thrilled when I won a cute little Elmo diaper for my Elmo loving princess.  And then when I got the opportunity to review that diaper and offer up a semi custom from Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers for the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway hop, I was on cloud nine.

Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)About Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers

Shelby, the WAHM behind Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers, is based out of  Oregon.  She’s been making cloth diapers under the Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers name since 2012.  Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers offers a variety of styles: all-in-two, all-in-one, newborn fitted, and pockets.  She’s also willing to give a mom the closure that mom wants: snaps or Velcro.  Since most of her diapers offered are semi-customs or customs, you’ll get the diaper that you want.  Her turnaround time is also quite reasonable!  For price points, her diapers generally start around the $22 USD mark… which is a remarkable steal for the quality you get, particularly considering an insert is included!  (Honestly, Shelby, you may want to consider raising your prices.  It’s reasonable for that quality!)

My Brilliant Bums diaper is one that was just perfect for Eudora: Elmo.  It’s a pocket diaper with a microsuede inner.  The insert is a bamboo hemp blend.

What I like About Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers

Shelby’s customer service is on the ball.  She gets tracking on her packages and actually provides you with the number.  It’s fantastic to be able to pinpoint where your fluff mail is before it gets to you.  Once the diaper gets there, it’s even better.  The stitching is clean and even.  Really, her sewing skills are fantastic.  I suspect the reason that she is able to offer her diapers at such an amazing price is because she is skilled: she has her system down so she can do it relatively quickly.

As for what I like about my diaper, the quality is there.  As mentioned, the sewing is flawless.  Everything is symmetrical.  The snaps are nice and tight without being too tight.  It fits Eudora wonderfully well and she’s always happy to wear that one since it has “Melmo” all over.  The insert that comes with is well-made and effective at absorption.

What I Don’t Like About Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers

Really, my diaper is amazingly well made.  The only change that I would make is I’d love to see athletic wicking jersey added to the selection for inners simply because it’s my new favorite thing to have against Eudora’s sensitive tush.  My diaper has a microsuede inner, and that’s perfectly effective at wicking and still more resistant to smells and stains than fleece.  The insert is a contoured insert.  I don’t have a great love for that design, but, again, that’s an issue of personal preference rather than a flaw with the diaper.  In a nutshell, there is absolutely nothing wrong.  It’s just little things that are personal preference.

Would I Recommend Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers?

Absolutely!  Her prices are on par with that of premium diaper manufacturers with the added bonus of supporting a work at home mom.  Her diapers are semi-custom, so you’ll be getting something unique.  Plus, she makes art.  If not for the fact that my husband is cutting me off, I’d probably order another dozen.  Since I can’t… I’m just going to suggest that every single person who reads this page order at least one from Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers.  You need her cute and fun fluff to round out your stash.

Where to Find Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers

Brilliant Bums Cloth Diapers are listed on Etsy, but your best bet is to hunt for her pretty things on Facebook or snatch up her fluff on Diaper Frenzy! Congo.