ScrubADoozy Review

Disclosure: I received a ScrubADoozy at no charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% honest and mine.

I am a spoiled, pampered little princess.  I rely on my diaper sprayer far more than I should.  However, at my mother-in-law’s house, I have no diaper sprayer.  You’d think that I’d be able to get by without one for a couple of hours on Sunday, right?  You’d be wrong.  It seems like both of my children enjoy having particularly disgusting poos while there.  That’s why I’m in love with my ScrubADoozy. [Read more…]

Cozy Bums Diapers – #FluffyXmas Spotlight

I’m so excited.  This year will be the biggest package I’ve ever been able to offer for the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway hop.  It’s so big that I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to top it for next year.  Even better?  There will be TWO packages up, one for Canada and one for the United States/Canada.  Cozy Bums is sponsoring the Canada only package. [Read more…]

The Sassy Monkey Review

Last month, I received a diaper from The Sassy Monkey to facilitate writing a review.  As always, I’ll be completely and utterly honest as I go through the points of the fitted diaper.

Who Is The Sassy Monkey?

The Sassy Monkey is a WAHM diaper shop located in Lexington, Kentucky.  Candace, the artist behind The Sassy Monkey, makes diapers and other textiles that are available in her Etsy shop.  I discovered her through the Diaper Frenzy Congo.  I’ve used both her hybrid fitted and a fitted fitted (no hidden fleece, just a standard fitted) with great success.

The Sassy Monkey Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The Sassy Monkey Diaper

For this review, I received a standard fitted diaper with serged edges.  The outer is a cotton knit while the inner is made of organic bamboo velour.  In between the cotton and bamboo velour, there are hidden layers of super thirsty heavy organic bamboo fleece.  The inner doubler is heavy organic bamboo fleece layered between organic cotton velour.  It can be tri-folded for three layers of absorbency or quad-folded for four layers.

Sassy Monkey Inner (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

What I Love About The Sassy Monkey

The Sassy Monkey (Cloth Diaper Addicts)I’m just amazed by how pretty this diaper is.  I’m not a big one on the whole striped diaper thing, but the print on this just made me happy.  As always, though the first thing that I do when I get a new diaper is start picking it apart for manufacture flaws.  Is the stitching even?  Are the edges clean?  Is everything straight and aligned properly?  When I looked at The Sassy Monkey fitted diaper, the answer was a resounding “yes.”

Then there’s the fit.  The cotton knit is a stretchy fabric, which guarantees a perfect fit on Eudora.  The diaper also features a snap down rise to make it one size, which is my preference for any one size diaper.  The snaps are perfectly aligned and have the right little popping sound Sassy Monkey Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)when they are snapped and unsnapped.

As for absorbency, I’m not getting all that I can from the super thirsty layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece.  The diaper is just too pretty to hide under a cover, which means I have to change her before the entire diaper has had a chance to absorb.  The good news is that I can get about an hour and a half of uncovered wear from The Sassy Monkey fitted.  If I were to cover it, I suspect that it would last my light wetter all night.

The Sassy Monkey fitted diaper is just plain squishy and the organic bamboo velour inner is just amazingly soft against the skin.  Honestly, it’s so snuggly that I’d kind of like to see loveys made from that material.

What I Don’t Love About The Sassy Monkey

I’m kind of at a loss on this one.  Usually, I can find something to nitpick, even if it’s a tiny, small detail.  The only thing that I can really come up with is that I wish that the diaper were a hybrid fitted instead of a fitted fitted so that it would last longer.  That’s not actually a flaw at all, though, because it’s not the diaper.

The Sassy Monkey in a Nutshell

If you’re into WAHM diapers, then The Sassy Monkey is one that you need to give a shot.  I suspect that I’ve found a new cloth diaper maker to collect.  You can find her diapers on Diaper Frenzy Congo at Facebook and on her Etsy store.

Babyville Boutique Review (Closed)

As always, though, I think I’ve got the best ever prize pack: a Babyville Boutique package valued at $35!  The amazing thing about Babyville Boutique is that they bring high quality PUL and other diaper supplies to major fabric outlets.  In fact, Babyville Boutique is the ONLY cloth diaper supply maker who offers diaper making supplies at our local Fabricland.  They make diaper making accessible to anyone who wants to learn. [Read more…]

Best Bottom Trainer Review

Potty training.  The bane of my existence.  When it’s time for potty training (or potty learning, whatever), getting the right pair of underwear for your toddler can make all the difference.  For Norton, I found that the Best Bottom trainer was a great trainer.

Best Bottom Trainer Style

The Best Bottom trainer is a sized trainer that looks a lot like underwear on the outside.  The inside is lined with PUL and the trainer is designed to be used with particular inserts by Best Bottom.  Another great thing is that they are made in the USA!

Best Bottom Trainer Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

What’s Awesome About the Best Bottom Trainer

The Best Bottom trainer is often sold in a pack with three feel wet inserts.  However, just because your little one is begging to wear underwear, that doesn’t mean that he necessarily gets the idea.  (I know that Norton didn’t.)  And sometimes, it’s good to have extra wetness protection.  With that in mind, you can use the Best Bottom diaper inserts in sizes small and medium.  It’s also possible to just get through the entire day in one trainer, particularly if you change inserts.Best Bottom Trainer Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The design also makes it easy for your toddler to pull the underwear up and down.  The lack of side snaps make it feel more like underwear and less like a diaper to my boy.  I find the price (typically around $25 CDN/$23 USD) to be pretty reasonable, especially considering how many uses you can get out of the Best Bottom Trainer.

What’s Not Awesome About the Best Bottom Trainer

There are very few colors in the Best Bottom Trainer line up: blue, green, pink, purple, and white.  I’d love to see more fun colors and prints involved!  I like to match my son’s underwear to his clothing just as much as I enjoyed matching his diapers.  The lack of side snapping, while awesome for feeling like underwear, sucks if there’s a poo.  I also find that the fabric flap can get wet on my son, which leads to me putting a shell in the wet bag earlier than planned.  I’m also not too keen on the instructions calling for a warm wash instead of a hot wash.  That means that I either a.) have to do a separate load with my cloth diaper safe detergent or b.) have to wash them on the “wrong” setting.  I wash mine on hot, anyway, because washing something that my kid defecates in on warm is just… gross.

In a Nutshell?

The Best Bottom Trainer isn’t perfect, but it’s my absolute favorite trainer to date.  And it’s one of Norton’s too.  If it only had a picture of Lightening McQueen, he’d never want to wear anything else.

Have you used the Best Bottom trainer?

Where to buy: CozyBums (Canada), Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)

GroVia Hybrid Review

The GroVia hybrid diaper has been around for years.  It was actually one of the first diapers that I’d bought for Norton when I started to experiment.  As much as I loved the all-in-two concept of the GroVia hybrid, there were things that I didn’t love… so I filed it away under “neat, well made, but not for me.”  Since I first tried the GroVia hybrid, though, things have changed.  Most of the things that I didn’t love have been changed… almost like GroVia knew exactly what I was looking for without my saying a word. [Read more…]

FuzziBunz One Size, Elite, and 2013 Elite – What’s the Difference?

In the three and a half years I’ve been cloth diapering, I’ve watched some changes to the design on FuzziBunz.  Since I started out with FuzziBunz one size diapers, they’ve been a regular staple in my cloth diaper stash.  I’ve bought each new and improved version of FuzziBunz even if it’s just for no other reason than to compare how the design has changed over the different versions.  Locally, I’ve become the FuzziBunz guru since I can tell at a glance what version is being offered on our local community swap page.

Once you know the differences, it’s pretty easy.

FuzziBunz One Size, Elite, and 2013: What's the Difference?! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

FuzziBunz One Size

FuzziBunz One Size diaper came out sometime in 2008 or 2009.  They were a pretty revolutionary diaper: the shell was based on their popular Perfect Size Medium diaper, but had more snaps for adjustability… including that oh-so-important hip snap.  The FuzziBunz diaper also had the adjustable buttonhole elastic that was accessible without turning the diaper inside out.  I loved that FuzziBunz One Size buttonhole elastic was numbered.  It made for easy adjustment on getting all of Norton’s diapers set the same.

The FuzziBunz One Size also came with two microfiber inserts: a newborn size for when baby was wee and a larger size for when baby was bigger (and therefore wetting more).  Additionally, the FuzziBunz One Size included a spare pair of numbered buttonhole elastic.  Initially, I found it to be irritating because that meant I had to not lose them.  Fortunately, I threw them in a drawer in the nursery and they remained safely stored until I needed them.

FuzziBunz Elite

FuzziBunz Elite diapers came out in 2011 or early 2012.  I bought one in Cotton Candy for Eudora shortly after we were home from the hospital because I had a girl, darn it, and I wanted pink diapers for her little bottom.  The FuzziBunz Elite had some design changes that were meant to be pretty darned amazing.  The snap configuration was a bit different, but it still had three snaps on the front tab.

The FuzziBunz Elite diapers were significantly smaller in cut than the original FuzziBunz One Size diaper.  This was great because it meant that they fit Eudora quite well when she was still tiny, and they were exceptionally trim.  At the same time, though, they didn’t fit my two year old Norton as well as the originals.  The sizing would have been phenomenal if FuzziBunz had gone with a two stage system similar to that of AppleCheeks and Thirsties.

The FuzziBunz Elite still came with two inserts, but now the inserts were minky instead of microfiber.  This was beneficial because minky was less prone to stink than microfiber.  The diapers also still had the adjustable leg holes with numbered buttonhole elastic, but now the diapers needed to be turned inside out.  This was great because that would mean no more buttons touching baby’s skin.  On the downside, though, the minky was less absorbent than the original FuzziBunz One Size microfiber inserts… and the new FuzziBunz Elite diapers were too narrow for the old FuzziBunz One Size inserts to fit.

Some of these design flaws led FuzziBunz back to the drawing board… and that brought us the latest incarnation.

FuzziBunz 2013 Elite

The FuzziBunz 2013 Elite diapers were meant to overcome all objections that consumers had to the original FuzziBunz Elites.  The minky wasn’t well-received, so the FuzziBunz 2013 Elite diapers were microfiber inserts.  Parents were asking for replacement buttonhole elastic because they lost the original ones, so the new 2013 Elite no longer included spares.  Parents didn’t care for the FuzziBunz Elite being so trim that it didn’t last through toddlerhood… so the new FuzziBunz 2013 Elite diaper was even wider than the original FuzziBunz One Size.  I really love the PUL that they’ve used on the new 2013 version.  It’s not sticky at all, so it’s easier to stuff.

What did they keep?  The two inserts remained, and so did the three snaps on the tabs.  The diapers stayed adjustable through the leg holes, and the diapers still needed to be turned inside out so no snap would press into baby’s skin.  The button hole elastics are, unfortunately, no longer numbered.  It makes it a little more of a hassle when adjusting a lot of diapers.  It requires a bit more thought, but it’s not a deal breaker.

FuzziBunz at a Glance

Are you looking at some FuzziBunz on your local cloth diaper community group?  Here’s how you can tell your FuzziBunz apart in a hurry.

FuzziBunz One Size FuzziBunz Elite FuzziBunz 2013
inserts 2 microfiber 2 minky 2 microfiber
numbered button hole elastic yes yes no
spare elastic yes yes no
hidden elastic no yes yes
top row of snaps 8 8 10
bottom row of snaps 8 6 6
crotch width 5 + 3/4 inches 5 + 1/2 inches 6 + 1/8 inches
FuzziBunz One Size vs Elite Elastic (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The original FuzziBunz One Size had an exposed button for adjustment. Both Elite versions have the elastic hidden.

FuzziBunz snap configurations: Top - One Size Center - Elite Bottom - 2013 Elite

FuzziBunz snap configurations:
Top – One Size
Center – Elite
Bottom – 2013 Elite

Where to Buy FuzziBunz 2013 Elite

The FuzziBunz One Size and original FuzziBunz Elite are now only available from individuals (unless you happen to luck into a shop that has your preferred version stashed somewhere), but you can buy the FuzziBunz 2013 Elite at a number of locations: CozyBums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)


Ella Bella Bum Review (CLOSED)


About Ella Bella Bum

Ella Bella Bum is a WAHM diaper shop based out of Ontario and run by the talented Sam Campbell.  Her diapers are prized possessions that are often sold out within minutes at each stocking.  (Or stalking.)  She makes beautiful works of art with hybrid fitted diapers, scrappies, wraparounds, half and half, and solid PUL prints.  Lately, she’s been moving into making diapers with embellished tabs, detachable ruffles, and appliques or embroideries on the bum.  Her super highly sought after diapers hold their value quite well in the BST groups, largely because each print is limited… and they hold up quite well.

Her pocket diapers are now made with athletic wicking jersey inners.  Her hybrid fitteds are a cute outer with a cotton velour inner and squishy goodness. [Read more…]

The Versatility of AppleCheeks Diapers

In the beginning of my cloth diapering career, I was leery of AppleCheeks diapers.  They came in two sizes.  They didn’t include inserts.  I wasn’t exactly clear on how they actually worked.  Was it a pocket diaper or was it a diaper cover?

After I finally found my local cloth diapering community, a mom was selling one of her own AppleCheeks covers.  The price was right.  I’d finally had enough experience under my belt and had become quite the little experimentalist in my own right.  I took the plunge and bought an AppleCheeks envelope diaper cover.  It was the Forget Me Not AppleCheeks in size 2.  I didn’t have any of the AppleCheeks inserts, so I put a Blueberry microterry insert inside and slapped it on Norton’s bum. [Read more…]

Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a WAHM cloth diaper maker in Ontario: Butt-Ons!  In order to facilitate this review, I was sent a Butt-Ons hybrid fitted cloth diaper.

Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Construction

My Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper is a squishy grey/purple brocade outer with a soft, colorful plush cotton velour inner.  The soaker is a separate, floating insert with no attachments.  The top is the same fluffy pink as the inner with bamboo underneath.  There are three snaps per side with cross over options on the outer, and the rise is snap down.  The diaper has a hidden layer of fleece to make it a hybrid fitted, so it’s water-resistant, but not waterproof.  For daytime around the house, it’s perfectly fine to use the diaper without a cover and then change when the outer feels damp.  For naptimes and outings, it’s recommended to cover the diaper.

What’s Awesome About the Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper

Quite simply, my Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper is just plain beautiful.  The brocade outer is beautiful with a lovely texture.  Unlike a lot of brocades, it’s not at all scratchy.  It’s a soft outer with an interesting texture from the brocading.  The snaps have something different that I have never, ever seen: matte snaps.  That’s a nice little detail that just looks absolutely beautiful.  The softness of the bright pink variegated inner is a gorgeous contrast to the grey/purple outer.

Then there’s the craftsmanship: I’m pretty happy.  The stitching is neat and clean, and it looks like she used a nice quilting thread to sew.  The snaps are perfectly spaced.  The elastics on the Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper are very interesting.  The space for the elastics is wider than most diapers, but that’s because my Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper is made with 3/8 inch elastic instead of the standard 1/4 inch.  The tabs are rounded, which I’ve decided I actually prefer for crossover snaps.  The extra width of the channels for the elastics is an advantage when it’s time to replace them (because, let’s be realistic, if you use a diaper for multiple children, it should be expected to have to eventually replace elastics).  The softer edges of a rounded curve are (in my humble opinion, of course) a lot more aesthetically pleasing than a square when crossed.


Hannah and her sister also stand behind their product: the snaps and seams are guaranteed for thirty days: if anything goes wrong, mail it back and they’ll repair it and send it back to you free of charge.

I can’t forget the fit: it fits my little Eudora like it was made for her.  For a hybrid fitted diaper, I think it’s quite trim.  I suspect that’s because of the soaker being a floating pad instead of snapped into place.

Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Downers

As much as I really love the diaper itself, the only grumble I have is the soaker.  I don’t care for how the ends are finished: one end started to fray a bit after I’d washed it, like the seam had slipped from the stitching.  However, that’s just me being nitpicky.  The soaker still works perfectly well, and it’s not like it’s actually seen.  Then there are the elastics: because the channels for the elastics are so wide, the fabric can look bunchy when it’s not on the baby.  But once that diaper is on my princess, it looks like it was made with her measurements.  The benefits of that extra wide channel definitely outweigh the negatives.

In A Nutshell?

I’d totally buy another diaper from Butt-Ons.  In fact, there’s a pretty little paisley in her album that has caught my attention.

How Do You Get a Butt-Ons Diaper?

Buy it:

Butt-Ons Diapers has a store on Hyena Cart.  You can stalk their stalkings and get something beautiful.Win it:

You can win your very own Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper!  If you’re the lucky verified winner, you’re eighteen or older, and live in the US or Canada, you can get a custom made diaper from any of the available Butt-Ons fabrics.  (This is a rare, amazing treat, as the only customs that Butt-Ons does are “supply your own fabric” customs!)