Glow Bug Cloth Diapers – #FluffyXmas Spotlight

Are you excited?  Merry Fluffy Christmas starts at midnight!  I’m really excited about one of our sponsors, Glow Bug Cloth Diapers.  Glow Bug cloth diapers are a pocket cloth diapers that are sold in one convenient package at a savings for you.

How Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Work

Glow Bug cloth diapers are a pocket diaper with openings at both ends.  That means that you can pull the insert out from either end  If your baby poops up the back, no problem: pull it out from the front.  It the front of the diaper is saturated, then pull from the back to avoid the wet!  They are also a snap closure, so no diaper daisy chains coming out of the washer!  Glow Bug cloth diapers are also designed with double gussets to help contain poo and eliminate blow outs, even on super messy diapers.

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

Image from Glow Bug cloth diapers

What you get

When you buy Glow Bug cloth diapers, you get a dozen diapers, eighteen inserts, and a coordinating wet bag for $150.  You can choose between three packages: boy, girl, and spectrum.  Boy and girl have some adorable prints (and some of them are quite gender neutral), and Spectrum comes in an array of colors.  The packages are uniform, and this helps keep costs down by having all of the patterns sell at an equal rate.

How to get them

You can buy Glow Bug cloth diapers directly from the Glow Bug site, from some cloth diaper retailers (like Lagoon Baby, another Fluffy Christmas sponsor!), or from affiliates like me.  Or you can enter to win one Glow Bug cloth diaper in my prize package for the Merry Fluffy Christmas blog hop!

Keep your eye out for my review on Glow Bug cloth diapers.  I’ll amaze you with pictures of how cute the diaper is… and how adorable my children diaper models are at the same time!

Cupcake Covers – #FluffyXmas Spotlight

Cupcake Covers - Merry Fluffy XmasIn the beginning, I stuck to major manufacturers for my cloth diapering needs.  Lately, though, I’ve been really enjoying WAHM businesses.  One awesome WAHM business that makes great products is Cupcake Covers.

Cupcake Covers is an Etsy store that has a variety of mom and family products.  She started out with just nursing covers (or “cupcake covers”), but has since expanded.  Now Cupcake Covers offers snack bags, cloth wipes, and wet bags… among other things.  I’ve got one of her wet bags in my stash (and did a review of it), which is absolutely amazing.  I actually like that wet bag better than I like my big name branded wet bags.

Her cloth wipes?  Gorgeous.  Her snack bags are just as beautiful as her other things, and her unpaper towels have me ready to ditch my Bounty select a size and go paperless.

Aside from the quality of her merchandise (which is equal to or better than major manufacturers), you can also get a wide variety of prints and patterns to coordinate with… well, pretty much anything.  If you’ve got a jungle themed nursery, she’s got stuff to match.  I like my travel wet bags to coordinate with my diaper bags, and the monkey wet bag that I have goes perfectly with the pink monkey toddler backpack that I use to carry my daughter’s things.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can always ask.  She does custom work, plus she updates her inventory frequently.

Stop by Cupcake Covers and browse her selection!  What would you like the most from her store?

Cupcake Covers is one of our sponsors in the Merry Fluffy Christmas Blog Hop, so you’ll have a chance to WIN some of her awesome creations!

Merry #FluffyXmas Spotlight – Lagoon Baby

Merry Fluffy XMas - Lagoon BabyWhen it comes to buying cloth diapers, I love to experiment.  I love to try different brands and different styles.  When it comes to where I buy cloth diapers, I don’t do much experimenting.  I have a few trusted stores that I shop with and very rarely shop anywhere else.  Lagoon Baby is making it onto that “trusted store” list.  There are a few reasons that I love Lagoon Baby and encourage others to shop there.

Lagoon Baby is Proudly Canadian

I like to keep my Canadian dollars in Canada as much as possible.  Buying from a Canadian business that stocks a lot of Canadian brands is just awesome.  What better way to improve the national economy than to stick to Canadian stuff as much as possible?  (Plus, I know that stuff that’s made in Canada is made in humane conditions due to the labor laws that this country has, and I know that workers are generally paid a liveable wage because of those same laws.)  Since Lagoon Baby is located in Maple Ridge, BC, I know that I’m doing just that.  Plus, shipping is pretty quick for me since I’m still in British Columbia.

Lagoon Baby is a WAHM Business

I’ve done my time as a work at home mom.  I love being able to support other moms who work from home and stay with their babies.  More to the point, I love being able to support work at home mom businesses that are truly ethical businesses instead of a rebranding business.

Lagoon Baby is Friendly

Natalie is pretty friendly to interact with over Facebook and Twitter.  She’s quick to answer and is always willing to look for answers if she doesn’t have one.

Lagoon Baby Provides Options

Lagoon Baby’s store has some fantastic options that are not common in my city.  She carries Bottombumpers, Blueberry, Peachy Green, Funky Fluff, and some other diapers that are on my wish list.  Her stock is growing and changing all the time!

Have you shopped at Lagoon Baby?  What was your experience like?

Stay tuned for the Merry Fluffy Xmas giveaway!  Lagoon Baby is sponsoring a prize.

Prefold Cloth Diapers Absorbency Test – Bummis vs. GroVia

GroVia and Bummis prefold cloth diapers

GroVia and Bummis prefold cloth diapers

I like prefold cloth diapers.  They’re versatile.  They’re generally natural fibers.  They’re generally pretty cheap, even for premium cloth diapers.  Plus, prefold cloth diapers are really nowhere near as scary as they seem.  You can even fold them in a variety of ways without using pins or Snappis.

I’ve got two different types of prefold cloth diapers in my stash, and I wondered how they differed.  I have some Bummis prefolds, plus a GroVia bamboo prefold that I received for testing.

My testing method is sort of pseudo-scientific.  I did my best to manage it scientifically, but there are some flaws in my experimental process.  First, I weighed the diapers on my kitchen scale so that I could get a baseline.  After weighing, I soaked the diapers in one liter of water for two minutes.  I then gave each diaper one minute to drip out the excess and then weighed for absorbency. Weighing is effective, as one gram of weight is the same as one milliliter of water.  (No worries, my fellow Americans.  I’ll convert back to imperial measurements for you!)  Finally, I gently wrung each diaper to test for compression loss and weighed again.  My wringing out process is where the scientific aspect breaks down a bit: I tried to wring each diaper out evenly, but since I was doing it by hand, there’s no way to measure or calibrate the exact amount of effort in squeezing out the water.

Bummis prefold soaking in one liter of water

Bummis prefold soaking in one liter of water

Bummis:  Bummis prefold cloth diapers are 100% organic cotton.  I have the medium size, which are for babies up to twenty pounds.  At a dry weight, they were 89g.  During the two minute soak, they managed to absorb 336mL of water, which is 1.4 cups.  (Whoa.  That’s a ton!)  After compressing, the Bummis prefold still held 270mL, or 1.14 cups of water.  They hold nearly three times their weight in water!


GroVia prefold soaking in one liter of water

GroVia prefold soaking in one liter of water

GroVia: GroVia prefold cloth diapers are 55% bamboo and 45% organic cotton.  I have the size two, which is the infant size.  At a dry weight, they were 95g.  During the two minute soak, the GroVia absorbed 358mL of water, which is a little over a cup and a half of water.  After compressing, the diaper held 283mL of water, or 1.19 cups of water.  That’s just a little bit less than three times the weight.

The bottom line is both prefold cloth diapers are amazing at absorbing and surviving compression.  Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Where to buy?

Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Store

Nicki’s Diapers

Kelly’s Closet

Cozy Bums

*As of posting, none of these stores have GroVia prefold cloth diapers, but they will!



Blueberry Diapers – A Cloth Diaper Review

Eudora modeling her Blueberry Butterflies diaper

Eudora modeling her Blueberry Butterflies diaper

I’ve had some Blueberry diapers in my cloth diaper stash for a while, but I’ve yet to do a proper review.  I got my first Blueberry diaper in August of last year for Norton.  I was really, really impressed.  I was so very impressed that I started on my one woman campaign to convince my local cloth diaper store to start carrying them.

Presently, I have five Blueberry diapers in my cloth diaper stash.  They are the one size pocket variety, no minky exteriors.  I love the fact that I get a great fit on Norton, who is around 32 pounds, and Eudora, who is roughly 16 pounds.  The diapers are actually suggested to fit from ten pounds to Not to mention, some of the prints are just too beautiful for words.

They also just plain work.  Blueberry diapers were the first ones that managed to give me a repeatedly successful overnight cloth diapering solution on Norton the Super Soaker.  I use the long insert for Norton overnight with a Jamtots hemp doubler, or just the long insert for daytime use.  With Eudora, I use the short inserts for day time use.  (I haven’t used Blueberry diapers overnight on her, but that’s because her prints are so gorgeous that I hate to use them at night.  I want to look at the pretty fluff!)  The fit is a little less trim than some of my other diapers, but when they’re that gorgeous, why on earth would you want to hide them under a pair of pants?

As for the construction, they’re made in the USA with a PUL inner that holds up beautifully.  You get two inserts (one long insert and one short) with each diaper.  The snaps are configured much like the snaps on BumGenius diapers, but they are at an angle instead of straight up and down.  I love the angle because it works wonderfully… especially if you’ve got a baby with chunky thighs.  Even if you’ve got a chicken legged baby like my Eudora, the angled snaps are still fine and dandy.

Now for what I don’t like about Blueberry diapers.  I don’t particularly like the price point.  At Nicki’s Diapers, they’re around $24.00 USD at regular price.  At Lagoon Baby, they’re around $28.00 CDN.  However, that’s a small trade off for me, as I’d rather pay a few bucks more for diapers made in North America.  I also hate how many options there are.  While this is great from a consumer standpoint, it’s harder for a retailer, and that’s why some won’t even bother carrying any at all.  That makes them a bit more difficult to find locally for some of us.

Would I recommend them?  Oh, goodness gracious, yes.  They’re gorgeous, well made diapers.  I just may have to get more in the future.

Have you used Blueberry diapers?

Swaddlebees Simplex One Size All In One Review

Norton modeling a Swaddlebees Simplex All-in-One (one size)

Last month, I got an order of fluff mail.  I was thrilled.  I had finally gotten a Swaddlebees diaper in the monkey print.  I had been wanting a diaper, any of the Swaddlebees diapers, in that print since it came out.  However, my local diaper shop doesn’t carry them (hint, hint, KW!), and I am far too impatient to order things online much.  I wanted the monkey print, and the store that I ordered it from only had it in the Swaddlebees Simplex One Size All-in-One.

I’d used Blueberry diapers in the past (and LOVE them), so I had no problems with buying the Swaddlebees Simplex.  After all, they’re a company that makes good products.

Things I love about Swaddlebees Simplex diapers: They have a lot of the features that I love about the Blueberry one size pocket diaper.  You can get the same gorgeous patterns and colors.  You’ve got the same quality of manufacturing.  The snaps are slightly angled and fantastic.  The rise is easily adjusted.  They’re a stuffable all-in-one (similar to Tots Bots Easy Fit), but both ends are open.  So that means that if I put another insert in to double, I don’t have to fish it out.  As long as it’s not too tightly stuffed, it will agitate out in the wash.  It’s also quite effective; I’ve never had a leak in any of my experiments.

It’s not my perfect diaper, though.  As much as I really, really wanted to love the diaper since it’s in that beautiful monkey print that I’d been wanting for Norton’s bottom, I’m not feeling it.  The diaper takes an eternity to dry.  It’s definitely one of my slower drying diapers.  I suspect the reason that it takes so long is because of the Birdseye cotton.  Natural fibers do take longer to dry than synthetics like microfiber and minky.  Birdseye cotton doesn’t wick moisture away like microfleece, either.  On the plus side, though, one side of the “tongue” that you can tuck in the diaper is microfleece, so you can lay that on the top of the diaper instead of tucking it in.  The other thing that I’m not loving is that the cut of the diaper is slightly different than my Blueberry diapers.  It’s a bit longer and narrower in the crotch.  For a taller, skinnier baby, this might work well, but it just leaves Norton looking like he’s got a saggy bum.

All of the things that I don’t like about the diaper, though, are personal preference.  If you like natural fibers against your baby’s bottom, then you’ll be pleased with the diaper.  If you’ve got a skinnier baby, you may find the lower fit of the crotch to be a benefit.  And really, the diaper does work, and it is quality workmanship with quality materials.

The Swaddlebees Simplex All-in-One One Size diaper may be perfect for you.  It’s just not perfect for us.

Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links.  I receive a small commission from purchases made at those links, which I use to support Cloth Diaper Addicts.

The All-in-Two Diaper Comparison

I love my all-in-two diapers.  They’re wonderfully versatile and can make packing a cinch.  The problem that comes into play is… well, where do you start?  Is there a better or worse one?  Are there different features?  How are the various all-in-two diaper brands the same and how do they differ? [Read more…]

GroVia Bamboo Prefold

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new toy to play with in the mail.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the fifty Canadian testers of the GroVia bamboo prefold.  I’ve used prefold diapers before.  I’ve used bamboo diapers before.  But I’ve never used a prefold made from bamboo.  And I have to tell you, I am in love.  I’ve said before that prefolds are fantastically useful diapers because you can use them in a variety of ways.  You can use them for different folds.  You can use them as a doubler in a pocket diaper.  They’re great for burp cloths or changing pads when you’re on the go and have forgotten/soiled what you usually use.  You can use them for cleaning when you’re out of babies in diapers.

In short, you can do anything with a prefold.

I’ve used the GroVia prefold in a variety of ways since I got it.  I’ve put it through every cloth diaper laundry cycle, whether I’ve used it or not, just to see how it holds up for softness.  It has passed every test that I’ve thrown at it.  I’ve used it as a doubler for my toddler’s overnight diapers by wrapping the prefold diaper around a microfiber insert.  And I’ve used it as just a prefold in a simple trifold pattern on Eudora in a GroVia shell.  It stayed absorbant and it stayed amazingly soft… almost cuddly soft.

If prefolds seem complicated for you, check out the demo video where I show you different ways you can fold your prefold diaper.  I don’t do snappis, so all you need is a cover to hold them in place!

GroVia Bamboo Prefold


Cupcake Covers Wet Bag Review

Wet bag by Cupcake Covers

I love matching cloth diapers to outfits.  Recently, I’ve also discovered that I love matching wet bags to diaper bags, too.  Actually, the idea of a matching wet bag has always interested me, but the big name companies that I typically stick with don’t really have anything that actually matches what I carry.

This is when I found the joy of Etsy shops… and Cupcake Covers in particular.  For Eudora, I have a small toddler monkey backpack.  It’s perfect.  It matches her nursery, it matches the fun that we like to have, and Norton thinks it’s cool, too.  Plus, it’s small and holds everything we need for a trip out.  Cupcake Covers recently sent me a travel size wet bag that is absolutely perfect.   It’s pink.  It has happy monkeys.  It goes so well with our stuff!

You know what’s even better?  It works.  I put it to the test when I went to my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving dinner last week.  It held both kids’ wet diapers from the trip.  It contained the smell.  What makes the smell containment factor even better is that I forgot to put the wet diapers in the wash with the rest of them that night.  They stayed in the wet bag for an additional two days.  The smell and wet were still contained.

When I washed my Cupcake Covers wet bag, I was even happier.  The bag rinsed cleanly (no leftover soap residue) and dried quickly.  I left it to air dry with my diaper shells on my drying rack overnight.  In the morning, it was dry, but I put it in the dryer for 10 minutes on fluff with my shells to get rid of any residual dampness.  (My laundry room is in the basement.)

The wet bag has a design that I like: it closes with a zipper and has a handle.  The handle is awesome because if it became too full to fit in my little tiny toddler backpack, I can go ahead and attach it to the handle on the backpack with my mommy hook.  This makes the matching factor even more awesome.  As for size, I can easily fit five diapers in the bag.  I could probably stuff six or seven if I wanted to actually put some effort into it.

Cupcake Covers makes more than just wet bags, though.  Stop the Cupcake Covers Etsy shop and check out her shop full of reusable wipes, unpaper towels, diaper clutches, nursing pads and more.  You can also keep up with her stocking updates by following Cupcake Covers on Facebook.

Disclosure: I did receive review items for free, but this in no way affected my review.  All opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

Cloth Diaper Combination – GroVia Hybrid Shell + Best Bottom insert

Eudora modeling the GroVia shell with a Best Bottom stay dry insert. Pretty darned trim!

Usually, when I decide I want to experiment with cloth diapers, I end up buying a new brand or style.  But today, my friend Heather over at the Parenting Patch asked me a question: what inserts could I use in a GroVia hybrid shell?

I’m a purist.  (No, not a cloth diaper snob.  I reject that label because snobbery implies that I look down on others who do it differently than me.)  I seldom mix and match inserts and shells.  When I fold cloth diaper laundry, I calmly sit down and sort shells and inserts before stuffing so that I can put the same brand inserts and shells together. [Read more…]