Little Beetle Little to Big One Size Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

Last September, I ordered a whole bunch of diapers from a store in the States.  I didn’t need to add to my cloth diaper stash when I bought them, so I’ve been slowly going through them, checking them out, and writing a cloth diaper review on each one.  This time, the subject of my cloth diaper review is the Little Beetle Little to Big Beetle One Size. [Read more…]

Tots Bots Easy Fit Demo (Old vs. New)

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review

I have a confession: I very rarely use anything other than premium diapers.  Sure, I’ve been called a cloth diaper snob because of this, but the simple fact is, I didn’t know anything about non-premium brand cloth diapers (hereafter referred to as “China Cheapies”) when I got interested in using cloth diapers in the first place.  Recently, a mom in my area had a Sunbaby cloth diaper that she was selling.  I figured, eh, why not?  It’s cute.  It has skulls.  And my beloved Happy Heinys Glow in the Dark Skull print is in need of repair.  Besides, if it didnt work out, I wasn’t really out of much money.  Other people use Sunbaby cloth diapers with great success.  So why not me?

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The Itti Bitti d’Lish Cloth Diaper Review

Last year, I went on an experimental cloth diaper stash shopping spree.  In fact, it’s been nearly a year since I added some random diapers that are less common in Canada to my cloth diaper stash… and I’ve yet to do a proper cloth diaper review on the majority of them.  Since I’ve been feeling experimental again, it’s best that I finish up with the cloth diaper review series I’ve been intending to do all along.

Today’s diaper: the Itti Bitti d’Lish.

I have to say, the Itti Bitti d’Lish is the weirdest diaper I’ve ever used.  I would have never bought it if not for the curiosity factor.  You see, it’s a sized all in one diaper, and I’m usually all about the one size diapers.  I’m glad I bought it.  It’s just… neat.

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A Cloth Diaper Stash Favorite Blogaround – Cotton Babies Flip Diapers

Yeah, I know, I’m a cloth diaper addict with way too many in her cloth diaper stash.  I’d love to say that it’s not my fault that my cloth diaper stash is so huge.  I mean, it’s hardly my fault that there are so darned many cute diapers out there.  (But, yes, I do readily admit that my lack of self-control is totally my fault.)

I’ve had various favorites in my time using cloth diapers.  I’ve greatly enjoyed my BumGenius 4.0s.  I think the BumGenius Freetime is a pretty awesome progression from the 4.0.  But most recently, I’ve really and truly fallen in love with the Flip diapers.  Flip diapers are made by Cotton Babies, the same company that makes BumGenius and Econobum.  Part of the reason for my newfound appreciation for Flip diapers is Eudora’s nasty infant diaper rash.

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Using Cloth Diapers – Giving Prefolds a Chance

I am no stranger to using cloth diapers.  After all, I’ve been using cloth diapers for over two years now.  While I wouldn’t call myself an expert, I’ve definitely done more than my fair share of experimenting with different brands and designs.  There was, however, one type of cloth diapers that I’d always shied away from.  They always seemed too hard, too old fashioned, and just plain intimidating.  I’d skipped out on prefold cloth diapers.

At least, I’d always skipped out on them until now.

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Bitti d’Lish All in One – A Cloth Diaper Review

Bitti d'Lish All in One

Bitti d'Lish All in One

I ordered the Bitti d’Lish diaper months ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to taking it out and prepping it for use until now.  I knew I really didn’t need it when I ordered it (particularly considering how obscenely huge my cloth diaper stash already was), but I really wanted to try out something different.  And the soft and fuzzy outer shell of the Bitti d’Lish most definitely makes it different.

When I first got it, the husband was picking up the diapers that I’d ordered and was turning them over and checking them out for his own first impressions cloth diaper review.  When he picked up the lime green Bitti d’Lish, he compared it to a Muppet.  And really, it is sort of Kermit green. [Read more…]

Duca Duca Diapers – A Cloth Diaper Review

About two months ago, I ordered a Duca Duca diaper off of Baby Half Off.  I meant to order a Maude diaper, but I made a boo boo.  But, hey, my mistake.  And I had the diaper, so I figured I’d try it out.  I’d never heard of Duca Duca diapers, but up until that point, I’d never had a diaper that I didn’t ultimately like.  So, here’s my cloth diaper review of Duca Duca diapers.

About the diaper: The Duca Duca diaper is a one size fits all pocket diaper.  It comes with two inserts (a newborn size and an infant size), as well as replacement elastics for the legs.

The Price: The diaper seemed like a decent price at around $8.50.  It’s definitely the cheapest diaper that I’d ever bought. [Read more…]