Giving the Toddler Playground Another Chance

It’s been a while since we’ve taken Norton to the toddler playground.  The toddler playground across the street from my house is out; all that it has are playground swings, and Norton doesn’t like those.  The toddler playground on the next street over has other things, but Norton doesn’t actually like the slide either. [Read more…]

A Happy Toddler Makes Silly Sounds

A Happy Toddler Is a Noisy Toddler

I’m pretty lucky in a lot of respects where Norton is concerned.  He’s a pretty happy toddler for the most part.  His behavior is generally not too… rotten.  And while he’s not exactly talking in a language that we can understand, he does make a lot of noises.  I’m also noticing that the noisier Norton can be, the more inclined he is to be a happy toddler.  The funny thing is that noises from my happy toddler are not shrieks or just happy screaming. [Read more…]