Together – Mostly Wordless Wednesday

It’s not too often that I can get Norton and Eudora in the same shot.  It’s even more rare that I can get them in the same shot short of playing nicely together.  Here they are playing on the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table.  (Wearing Rumparooz pocket diapers just adds to the cuteness.)


Where to buy Rumparooz – Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US),  Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shoppe (US)

Being a Good Mom Doesn’t Mean “More Stuff”

Every now and again, I read something about “simplicity parenting.”  When I read it, it seems like such a remarkably wonderful parenting style that I’d love to accomplish.  Abandoning the idea of having the latest and greatest toddler toys for Norton just seems like an absolutely amazing idea.  Divorcing the concept of “more stuff” = “being a good mom” as we start gearing up for the holidays seems amazing and foreign.

Still, though, as much as I can pile on the toys and things for Norton, there’s one thing that I absolutely cannot buy.  And, really, it’s the one thing that I should be focusing on.  I cannot buy him my time and attention.  Really, Norton seems to get the most enjoyment out of us doing stuff together that doesn’t cost a dime.  It costs nothing for us to dance to music.  It costs nothing to sing our own version of Elmo’s World.  (Replace “Elmo” with kid’s name; replace “goldfish” and “crayon” with kid’s favorite things.  We use “loves his mommy… and Pillow, too.”)  When he leads me into singing Elmo’s World, I know that I’m being a good mom by how happy he is.

With Eudora, her needs are simpler since she’s smaller.  Sitting down and playing with her on the floor or cheering her on when she crawls to me are the things that excite her the most.  The smile that lights up her entire tiny face when I correctly interpret what she wants does it, too.

As I get caught up in the “must buy ALL THE TOYS” rush of the holiday season, I really do need to just remember that my kids don’t think that stuff makes me a good mom.  It’s doing things with them that does the trick.

What do you think is part of being a good mom?

A Hungry Toddler is a Begging Toddler

It’s Sunday night. As always, we’re having dinner at the in-laws’ house. Usually, our hungry toddler feeds himself from the confines of his high chair… But tonight was a little different.

We were having lasagna, and Norton had already indicated that he was “done” when we were having the salad. Plus, letting Norton feed himself lasagna seemed like a disaster that was best averted.

Instead, Norton stood on the chair next to me while I fed him lasagna. He tried so hard to get his cousin to feed him, too… Picture a hungry toddler standing next to an exceptionally tall teenager with his mouth opened while the teen shovels lasagna in his own mouth at a furious pace.

I think Norton ate more of my lasagna than I did. The three berry trifle was eaten in… Well, shifts, I guess, as we decided that we’d have dessert. I ate mine alone, then the husband decided to have some on the couch. Our hungry toddler climbed up on his dad’s lap for bites. As the husband finished up his trifle, my father-in-law Red got his.

Red figured that he’d timed it right and would be able to eat dessert unassisted. When Red sat down, my husband finished the trifle he was sharing with Norton. Norton looked in the empty bowl and said, “All done. Bye bye!”. He jumped out of his Dad’s lap and charged off to share with his Grumpy.

So much for a peaceful dessert.


Top Five Toddler Bedroom Organization Tips

tidy toddler bedroomTidy that Toddler Bedroom Frequently

By spending five minutes here and there picking up Norton’s toddler bedroom, the debris never gets too rough.  At least once a day, I go in and do a quick clean up on Norton’s room so that things are taken care of and not destroyed. [Read more…]

Sesame Street Hide and Seek Pals Review

Sesame Street Hide and Seek PalsIt’s that time again.  Time to look for a ton of Sesame Street toys to appease my Elmo-loving toddler.  Last year, we went crazy with the Sesame Street paraphernalia.  Some of it is still available this year, so it’s time to give you a review before you buy it for yourself.

A last minute, spur of the moment purchase was the Sesame Street Hide and Seek Pals Review.  At first, Norton wasn’t terribly interested in the toy.  I was glad; the toy got on my nerves.

How Sesame Street Hide and Seek Pals Works

Well, it’s a pretty simple little thing that is exactly like it sounds.   You’ve got four windows on 123 Sesame Street.  When you pull the lever, the characters rotate behind the shuttered windows.  Elmo then tells you to find one of the characters or to open a particular colored door.  Rather than telling you that you did or didn’t open the right one, it just tells you which one you actually opened (or which Muppet you actually found).

What Sesame Street Hide and Seek Pals Teaches

It encourages fine motor skills by teaching the child how to manipulate the different window levers and closing them back.  The toy will also teach colors and numbers by asking the child to open the particular window.

Ultimately, Norton did become interested in the toy a few months after Christmas.  He does enjoy hearing his favorite characters talk to him, and he’s always been fascinated with opening and closing things.  Do I still find it annoying?  Yup.  Thankfully, that’s a toy that Norton plays with mainly in his bedroom.  On the plus side, it’s also quite durable.  It’s held up with absolutely no problems.  The sounds work, the batteries keep charged, and Norton still enjoys it.

Do you have the Sesame Street Hide and Seek Pals toy?  Would you recommend it to a friend?

Working Past a Toddler Language Delay

This is the face of a toddler language delayWhen it was first suggested that Norton may be experiencing a toddler language delay, I was horrified.  I had all sorts of ideas in my head, and a lot of them were wrong ones.  Children in my family don’t do things late.  They usually do things pretty early.  My sisters and I, my nieces, my nephews, and Andy were all ahead of the curve.  Delays were things that happened in other families. [Read more…]

Toddler Language Explosion!

We’ve had our struggles with Norton in the toddler language department.  After all, he was referred for speech and language intervention when he was a year old, and I’ve written many a blog post about the trials and tribulations of a toddler language delay.

This week, we met with Norton’s new speech pathologist.  Because he was referred so early, we’re at the top of the wait list for support.  We’re no longer meeting with K.E. every six months.  Now we’re eligible to meet with K, our new speech pathologist, every week.  Of course, that’s only if the toddler language delay was severe enough to require services that frequently. [Read more…]

Sibling Cuteness – Wordless Wednesday w/ Linky

This was the first time ever that I had been able to get a picture of Norton and Eudora together.  Generally, the sibling cuteness happens when I don’t have a camera at the ready!

Wordless Wednesday

They sort of looked in the same direction…

Wordless Wednesday

My beautiful baby girl in her beeutiful dress


Norton Sings!

Every parent has that proud moment when their children first begins singing.  Here’s Norton’s attempt. <3


Familiar, Yet Annoying, Toddler Behavior

Right now, I’m sitting on the couch beside Norton.  I’m witnessing some of the usual toddler behavior: he’s clutching his pillow and sitting with his thumb in his mouth.  There’s something else he’s doing, and this is making me absolutely crazy.  He’s putting his feet on me.  This is easily one of the more annoying examples of toddler behavior.  That his feet keep ending up back on me no matter how many times I move them is only making this even more irritating.

While I’m getting annoyed, I’m also remembering times with my own mother.

[Read more…]