Eudora’s Birth Story

We’d put a lot of thought into what type of birth we’d wanted to have this time around.  We’d decided on a natural birth (if possible, of course), and we’d studied the Hypnobabies Home Study course.  It was important to the husband to be able to see our daughter being born, and it was important to me to be able to provide that for him.  Our birth story was going to be perfect, and it was going to be everything that the husband had hoped for.  We’d studied, planned, and fallen asleep listening to the Hypnobabies tracks on a nightly basis.  I was doing everything possible to make sure that our birth story worked out to be the wonderful natural birth that we’d hoped for.

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38 Weeks Pregnant and a Traumatic L&D Visit

I hate being 38 weeks pregnant.  Today I am 38 weeks and 4 days, which is when I had Norton through c-section.  I’m not even bothering to hope that she’ll get out now.  On Friday, though, I was 38 weeks pregnant on the nose.  I found myself experiecing a surge of optimism that maybe, just maybe, that would be the day when my little spawn would get out.

Obviously, since I’m 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant today, that did not work.  So, what was this traumatic visit and the optimism?

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38 Weeks Pregnant and Crabby

Warning: this is not a pleasant post.  I hate being pregnant.  I seriously do.  This is my third baby, and I have not enjoyed a single pregnancy.  Really, it’s a necessary evil since I’ve yet to find an incubator that will grow my kid.  Other than me, of course.  So by the time 38 weeks pregnant rolls around, I’m fairly miserable.  With Andy, I never made it to 38 weeks pregnant.  I had him at 37 weeks pregnant on the nose.  With Norton, I had a c-section at 38 weeks and four days.

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