A Rotten Dog that Bites Doesn’t Like Kids?

I was reading through some blog posts when I found a post about a friend’s rotten dog.  She determined that her friend has a rotten dog because it bit… and based on two biting incidents (I don’t know the details of the first), she seems to have come to the conclusion that the dog has decided that it doesn’t like children.

Rotten Dog Hates Children? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Can’t you just see the murderous intent in his eyes?

I’m no stranger to a rotten dog.  Winston the Wonder Chihuahua is a terrible little dog, but oh, how I love him.  And Norton loves him.  And really, he loves Norton.  However, he’s also nipped Norton.  I’ve said that each and every time it was not the dog’s fault.  It was not Norton’s fault.  It was my fault for not separating them fast enough.  And I have very passionate viewsabout the decision to bring a loving family pet into your home: it’s for a lifetime.  Sure, sometimes a pet can be successfully rehomed, but there are times when a loving family pet is so devoted to a family member that rehoming is not an option.  If you’ve ever seen a dog pine for its master, then you know it’s a sad, sad thing. [Read more…]