Buying Cloth Diapers Made in USA/Canada

Buying Cloth Diapers Made in USA/CanadaI really love buying cloth diapers.  Every time I get something new, it’s just more fun than is really reasonable.  I’ve been known to experiment with buying cloth diapers in all price ranges and in all makes and manufacturers.  I get a certain little thrill when something new comes in.

Lately, though, I’ve been experiencing a little shift in my preferences for buying cloth diapers.  I think that the big wake up for me was when I noticed that a premium cloth diaper in my stash said “Made with love in China” on the tag.  Another premium cloth diaper that I absolutely love (and don’t buy many of because my local dealer doesn’t sell them and they’re a little pricey) at a slightly lower but very nearly equal price point is proud of being American made.

Then I had a lightbulb moment.

Usually, when people choose merchandise that is made in China or other huge manufacturing sectors, it’s because of a lower price point.  Or at least, that’s my philosophy.  But if I’m going to be spending the exact same amount or more for something that’s made overseas, I think I’d rather buy an American or Canadian made product.

I’m not making this decision out of some sort of silly nationalism.

Why I’m Buying Cloth Diapers Made in the USA/Canada

When I buy diapers made in the US or Canada, I can be sure of a few things:

1.) The manufacturing facilities are required by law to meet certain safety guidelines.

2.) The employees are paid at least minimum wage.

3.) I’m keeping manufacturing jobs in my countries, which is better for my national economy.

4.) There are product manufacturing guidelines that keep harmful chemicals away from my kids, which is a huge bonus to using cloth diapers in the first place.

Brands Made in the USA/Canada

AppleCheeks (Canada)

AMP (Canada)

Best Bottom (USA)

Blueberry (USA)

Bummis (Canada)

Thirsties (USA)

There are, I’m sure, other brands made in the US and Canada that I’ve left out!  What’s your favorite Made in North America diaper?

Wordless Wednesday – AMP’d Up!

Norton in action, modeling AMP Diapers in burgundy.