Tips for Getting Rid of Cradle Cap (New People Co brush)


No one likes seeing cradle cap on their baby’s brand new skin, but unfortunately, some babies get it. Nope, it’s not a pretty sight. But there are things you can do, and if your baby hasn’t gotten cradle cap yet (not saying that they will), there are things that you can do to help prevent it, and if baby already has it, some things to help get rid of it.

Wash your baby’s hair.

Easy peasy. Wash your baby’s hair with a gentle shampoo two or three times a week. This can help prevent cradle cap by removing excess oil and dead skin. Don’t wash more often, because you can actually make cradle cap worse, if you do that.

Brush baby’s hair.

I know, some baby’s only have peach fuzz, but brushing even that peach fuzz will give baby a gentle scalp exfoliation, especially if you do it right after a bath. A great brush (that the company sent me to review) for that is the New People Company brush. This brush is great for everyday brushing, not just for treating cradle cap. Made out of recyclable plastic and top rack dishwasher safe, it’s surprisingly gentle yet effective (unlike those soft bristle brushes you get at the store). I used it on Little Man’s cradle cap right after his baths (without oil, as he had a very mild case) and it helped clear it up quickly.

If it’s really stubborn, try a little oil and brushing.

Olive oil seems to be the most popular recommendation. I would imagine coconut oil or vegetable oil would work as well. I have heard moms complain about coconut oil or their kids cradle cap getting worse when using oil though. Here’s an article with a little bit more info about that. Apparently some kinds of cradle cap can be caused by a form of yeast, and if your kid has that kind of cradle cap, olive oil can make it worse. If you go this route, try leaving it on your baby’s head for at least a few minutes before brushing. You shouldn’t have to use a lot, just enough to moisten the scalp. You can wash after if you choose or feel like baby’s hair is too oily.

All of my kids have had cradle cap unfortunately. My oldest boy had the worst and longest lasting case, though trying to clear up cradle cap with my girl’s thick hair was a pain too. Little Man got lucky and his was very mild. And it did help that I had access to a good quality brush like the New People Company brush. They’re a little pricey at six bucks a brush, but I think they’re worth it for how well they work.

You can follow New People Company on Twitter and Facebook.

Have you had to deal with cradle cap? Did you do any of the above?

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Buttons Cloth Diapers Review

Buttons Cloth Diapers Review- ClothDiaperingAgain.comFirst, my confession.

I have to confess.  I used to be prejudiced against microfiber.  Here’s why:  My girl used to get terrible rashes when we used it and I didn’t think that they were that absorbent.  I used to think that they were just a way for companies to make cloth diapers cheap and that the inserts were cheap.  Yeah, I did not think too highly of microfiber.  I’ll admit, I still prefer natural fibers, but I think much more highly of microfiber now.  It took me finding the best way to wash it (for us) for me to start liking it (here’s my post about microfiber).  Now I am much more happy about using our microfiber inserts, instead of suggesting to my husband that he keep them in the car for cleaning.

About the System

So Buttons sent me a cover and two inserts to review and I really like them.  Buttons Cloth Diapers are a snap in two system, with a cover and snap in inserts.  They only offer microfiber.  The covers are one size, from about 9 to 35 pounds (they didn’t fit my over 35 pound two year old girl, but she’s outgrowing almost all of our one size diapers).  The inserts come in two sizes, small and large, and two types, daytime and nighttime.

The Cover

Like I said, the covers are one sized, fitting from about 9 to 35 pounds.  They have a three step rise and two snaps on each wing.  They have double gussets and elastic at the waist and back.  Like Best Bottoms, these have two layers of PUL, with the insert snaps on the inner layer.  There are nine different solid colors (I got blueberry, a pretty soft blue, and I’m eyeing Tangerine) and no prints.  There’s a cute embroidered red button on the back of the diapers.  The PUL feels soft but sturdy.  Going by feel, these feel like they’ll last a long time.  The picture of the cover on Little Man above is with a trifolded prefold (I think I took the picture before I got the small inserts).  Here are some pictures of the cover, inside and out, and with a small insert snapped in.

Buttons Cloth Diapers Cover-

Buttons Cloth Diapers Inserts-  ClothDiaperingAgain.comThe Inserts


The daytime inserts are four layers of microfiber topped with a layer of microfleece.  It’s hourglass shaped, which I really like as it covers more, so there’s a greater chance that you can reuse the cover.  There are two snaps, one at each end to attach it to the cover.  The small insert fits from about 9 to 20 pounds, while the large fits from  about 20 to 35.  I was able to use the large daytime insert on Little Man by folding down the front a little, but it did make it pretty bulky.  These aren’t the trimmest of inserts, but they’re not humongous either.  They’re pretty darn absorbent.


The nighttime inserts are six layers of microfiber with no microfleece topping.  They’re designed to be used underneath the daytime insert.  They’re the same hourglass shape as the daytime inserts, but are slightly larger all around.  Snapped together, the inserts are pretty big.

My Thoughts on Buttons Cloth Diapers

This is a diaper that goes in my diaper bag.  It’s easy to use and the colors are pretty.  I’m sad that it doesn’t fit my girl, but I do use the large inserts in another cover that fits her and it works pretty well.  The daytime inserts are plenty absorbent enough for the day, and the nighttime combination is bulletproof at night for both my kids.  Sister is not a heavy wetter, a large prefold lasts her all night.  Little Man, on the other hand, is a super soaker.  The nighttime combo works great for him!  I love that these are so affordably priced.  The quality is great!  Buttons is a great system.  One little thing that I really like about the inserts is that they are color coded.  The small inserts have white serging, while the large ones have a golden brown serging.  I do think that the covers run a little small though.  I think they would fit smaller than 9 pounds.  Overall, Buttons Cloth Diapers are great cloth diapers.  Having a whole stash of these would be a pretty affordable way to cloth diaper.

Check Buttons out!

The covers sell for $11.00 and the inserts sell for $3.50 a piece.  They also have flushable bamboo liners and flannel wipes.  Now if they would come out with wet bags and pail liners, they could be a one stop shop. 🙂  You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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