How Being a Mom Can Reduce Me to My Underwear

My being a mom idol is June Cleaver.  That woman could rock the pearls like no other.  In my perfect fantasies about being a mom, I’m dressed in a pair of rockin’ jeans and an awesome top.  I wear earrings and a necklace.  My hair is perfect, and I actually do my makeup.

Then, of course, there’s the reality.  The reality is that my children can make it difficult to dress like a hot mom.

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Infant Reflux, Feeding Difficulties, and Finding What Works

For a while now, I’ve had issues with Eudora and infant reflux.  Or, more specifically, Eudora has had issues with infant reflux.  Infant reflux can be frustrating for all parties involved when baby continues to grow along her usual growth curve.

I’ve found that often, as long as a baby is growing properly, doctors are not interested in treating reflux.  To them, it’s not an issue as long as baby is growing properly.  Of course, to the parents who are dealing with an obviously miserable baby crying, screaming, and arching her back during feedings, it’s a very big deal.  It can even impact infant bonding if it’s not taken care of.

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