Formula Feeding and Using Cloth Diapers

The other night, I was wasting time on Facebook.  I like to do that when I’m not chasing after my kids or trying to be mom of the year.  A question that I thought was kind of funny popped up.  She asked who was formula feeding and brave enough to use cloth diapers.

Wow.  Obviously, my formula feeding days are long over since Eudora is approaching two and Norton is approaching four… but I certainly do have experience with formula feeding and using cloth together.  I didn’t get the bravery part of it.  It was just… how I did it. [Read more…]

Buying Baby Formula? Check Your Dates

Sometimes when we’re in the supermarket, our minds are going a million miles an hour.  For me, a typical shopping trip means at least one child with me (sometimes none or both, but usually one), an iPhone in my hand for a grocery list, stopping at three stores, and trying to keep my sanity.  It also means buying baby formula in a two week supply since I feel that there are some things for which one should never have to make an emergency trip to the store.

I usually try to check the dates of the stuff that I buy.

Buying Baby Formula?  Check Your Dates (Motherhood Looms)

Did you check the date before you bought?

I’ve worked in grocery stores.  That was how I paid my way through school.  I know that not all places are as amazing at rotating their stock as others.  And knowing that one of my local stores is really, really crappy about checking dates (I bought a bag of moldy shredded cheese once), I’ve had to become even more careful.  I’m not willing to load up my spawn to go back to the store over a bag of cheese.  It’s just not an effective use of my time.  That means that I need to be smart and check before I put it in the cart.

Apparently, this issue goes far beyond the dairy case.  In Vancouver, two out of six stores checked had expired formula.

Expired baby formula.  Look, while I’m fairly flexible with my dates (Canadian standards require a six month past “best by” dates on most foods), it’s not quite so easy with stuff for babies.  When buying baby formula, take a look at the can.  It’s not a “best by” date.  It’s a hard and fast expiration date.

While I’m not willing to go back to the store for a bag of cheese, I assure you, I’d most definitely be going back to the store over buying baby formula that’s not safe for my child.

Before you think that this is strictly a Canadian issue, it’s not.  Canadian laws just don’t allow for heavily fining stores that violate the laws.  In the States, they have fines.  Even those fines still don’t prevent it.  People were at risk for buying baby formula past its expiration date in New Jersey, too.

I’m not going to insist that it’s malicious or that the stores are trying to make a buck.  I’ve worked in grocery stores.  Rotating stock is something that does not happen on every grocery truck.  I cleared a ton of expired aspirin out of the health and beauty aids department that I worked in ages ago.  But when it comes to buying baby formula and other things for our children, we’re the last line of defense.  Take a look at your dates before you buy.

Have you ever bought anything past its expiration date at the store?  How did you handle it?

Baby Formula Pulled from Washington Shelves

I’ve fed all three of my children baby formula. So far, I’ve been fortunate to never find the baby formula that I use to nourish my babies on a recall list or pulled from grocery store shelves. Last night, I read an eye opening article. It surprised me and made me more than a little sad about how far some people would go to make a buck.

Earth’s Best Organic Soy baby formula has been pulled from the shelves of QFC and Fred Meyers stores in the Seattle area after a parent in Kirkland, Washington found that a label had been peeling away to show a label of a cheaper brand of formula beneath. My first thought was “Oh, factory mistake.”. I’m apparently a little naive, though, as Kroger (the owner of QFC and Fred Meyer) pulled the product off the shelf. Their reasoning for pulling was due to a far more insidious reason than my mistake theory: product tampering.

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