Baby Giggles and Rubber Ducks

Baby Giggles and Rubber Ducks (Motherhood Looms)I firmly believe that baby giggles are the most wonderful sound in the world.  And Eudora’s baby giggles are the most intoxicating sound ever made.  Yes, I’m biased.  I’m her mother.  I should be.

Eudora adores rubber duckies.  Norton was also quite fond of them at her age, so I realize that it’s not an unusual phenomenon.  But what’s interesting is that Eudora doesn’t play with rubber duckies just in the bath tub.  She likes to play with her rubber duckies whenever she can.  (This is part of the reason that we don’t use the rubber duckies with the holes in the bottom.  We use the ones that we call “hot duck” to avoid sprays and the mold growth that happened with our cheap stash of duckies that Norton played with.)

Last night during a diaper change, she kept yelling “Duh!” at him.  Finally, he said “Duck?”

Her little face lit up and she just burst into precious little baby giggles.

He brought her out to the living room for her final feed of the night.  She was clutching the rubber duckie and errupting into peels of baby giggles every time her daddy said “Duck!”

It continued as she climbed around the loveseat with me.  She was far too busy playing with her duck to want to feed.  She did, however, kindly attempt to share her rubber duckie by attempting to shove it in my mouth.  There were also sound checks: she’d bash her rubber duckie on my laptop table, on the wall, on any other available surface.  She thought it was the happiest, most brilliant thing in the world.  When she’s having that much fun, she really has no interest in food.

It took a few times of her announcing, “Duh!” for me to realize that she was actually attempting to say “duck.”  Finally, we had Eudora’s first word.  (Well, other than Mama and Dada.)

What kind of words made your baby giggle?