Salmon Valley, BC – Wordful Wednesday

There’s a reason why it says “Beautiful British Columbia” on our license plates.  We’ve got places like Helmcken Falls.  Then, of course, there’s the every day beauty that’s within an hour of my house.  Salmon Valley is one of those places.  My in-laws have been spending weekends out at a little place in Salmon Valley for several years.  Sometimes we go out to visit them, spending our afternoons on the porch and watching the kids play.

One of the big draws of Salmon Valley is the Salmon River.  Like its name suggests, it’s a salmon habitat, so there’s a fair amount of environmental protection that goes on.  In the winter and early spring, the river freezes and becomes a raging monster that will drag things away.  By the end of summer and the beginning of the fall, the river waters are low and the current is gentle.

On one of these gorgeous days, we spent the afternoon visiting the in-laws at their little hideaway.  The kids were able to play in the river.

Salmon Valley, BC (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Norton had a wonderful time.  He was able to throw small rocks into the river and watch them splash.  Next year, maybe his daddy or his grumpy will teach him about skipping rocks.  The big thing that was emphasized was safety: small rocks, not near his baby sister.

Salmon Valley, BC (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Eudora was having the time of her life.  She had a small cache of toys to play with and took great delight in filling her bucket with mud.  We built up a little cove of rocks around her to keep her toys from floating off in the gentle current.

Salmon Valley, BC (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Eudora’s grandma was sitting beside her in the water.  They had a special bonding moment when Grandma filled her hand with mud so that Eudora could add it to her bucket.  (Eudora is clearly not afraid of getting dirty.)

Have you ever toured British Columbia?

Safety notice: No, my children are not wearing life jackets.  There are a few reasons for that.  1.) The water where they were playing was extremely shallow.  I went the furthest in so that I could get better pictures, and still never went more than mid-way up my shin.  2.) There were three adults to supervise two children, so none of them were more than a couple of feet away.  3.) I was more concerned about my children getting brave and attempting to float with a life jacket on… and thus floating down the river… than I was with them drowning on the shallow banks.


Beautiful British Columbia – Wordful Wednesday

Last weekend, we went to a family reunion in Clearwater, BC.  Clearwater is a small town: it’s so small that it’s not even a town, but a “district municipality” about an hour and a half outside of Kamloops.  What Clearwater lacks in size, it makes up for with beauty.  It’s close to Wells Grey Provincial Park, which is just…  Oh, wow.  There are some places that show why our license plates say “Beautiful British Columbia” on them.  Wells Grey Provincial Park is one of them.

When it was determined that our reunion was going to be in Clearwater, the first thing I did was look to see where it was.  It was a six hour trip, which didn’t thrill me.  The next thing I did was start looking for suitable accomodations.  Then I started poking around to see what was in the area.  (My mother-in-law’s side of the family is filled with golfers.  I do not play golf.  Ever.  So when the family is doing their golf game, the husband and I try to find something else to be doing.)  Whenever we go to a reunion that requires a trip, I try to find something that takes advantage of the scenery of Beautiful British Columbia.  My husband is not exactly an avid outdoorsman, and the only shot I have of getting him to do something with me is if it’s something we won’t see at home.

I found out about Helmcken Falls.  It’s the fourth highest falls in Canada, and it’s located in Wells Grey Park.  Now that’s the kind of thing that defines Beautiful British Columbia.  Since we were expecting a hike (and I wasn’t particularly interested in babywearing in that heat), we left the kids with the in-laws.  (They had skipped golfing.)

The road was long and winding.  It was actually around 40 clicks (25 miles) to the trail for the falls, and we weren’t sure how much of a hike it would be.  Maybe a little over an hour if I’d read properly.  Along the way, we crossed several bridges over canyons and the river that winds through the park.  This spot was so lovely that several cars pulled over to the side to take pictures.

Beautiful British Columbia - Cloth Diaper Addicts

We stood around for a bit, feeling the mist of the water, listening to the roar of the rushing water, and just drinking in the beauty.  I was so happy that I told the husband that if he really wanted to, we could skip the falls.  I could be happy with this bit of beautiful British Columbia that he’d captured on his phone.

He said that we could press on.  We finally got to the trailhead for Helmcken Falls and found that it was actually not a trail so much as an “interpretive tour.”  (That’s what they call it when there are permanent signs giving information about the area.)  It turned out that we’d gone to the viewing area, and it was only a short walk to the viewpoint.

This panorama is what we saw:


Helmcken Falls was just beautiful.  The sound of the water roaring down the falls was best described as pure bliss.  Here’s a better shot of just the waterfall:

Helmcken Falls, Wells Grey Park, British Columbia

I could have stayed and basked in the scenery of Beautiful British Columbia forever.  If our reunion is in Clearwater again next year, I’d like to spend more time at Wells Grey and enjoy the hiking.  And I’ll bring my camera instead of relying on an iPhone.

Have you ever seen any natural beauty that just overwhelmed you?