Tipping the Scales

There are mornings that start out smoothly, only to culminate in a day that was a complete cluster.  Sometimes, though, things can go differently.  A day that can seem like a total write-off has one bright moment that tips the scales on a no good, rotten day to at least okay.  We had one of those days.

I woke up that morning with Norton coming down the stairs into my bed.  He woke us up by being angry and screaming at us for something.  Ugh.  Not a good start.  The day only progressed from there. [Read more…]

I Love You – The Sweetest Words

It took a while for Norton to show affection to me.  It’s really only been since Eudora’s birth that Norton has been inclined to show me any affection at all.  Now, though, I get lots of kisses and hugs.  I know that I always make sure that he hears the words “I love you” at least once daily, though it’s probably more than that. [Read more…]