Best Friends in the Making

When Eudora was born, I wasn’t sure that Norton and Eudora would ever have a great relationship.  Norton mainly ignored her for the first few months.  Then he just got annoyed with her most of the time.  I had days when I didn’t get much of anything accomplished but keeping the kids alive… and considering how much time I spent refereeing those two, it was a pretty big accomplishment.  I had zero hope for them becoming friends… let alone becoming best friends.

Now?  The wow factor of kids getting along hasn’t lost its magic.  There’s still plenty of fighting, but now that they are both verbal, it’s gotten much better.  Sometimes Norton will lead Eudora off to play by saying “Come on, my friend Kiki!”  She’ll take his hand and they’ll run off to his room to play trains.  The two will often play quietly for hours, with the occasionally happy shriek as they share.  Sometimes he’ll get mad at her for disconnecting a couple of pieces or because she played with Old Puffer Pete, his favorite Chuggington engine.  Still, though, it’s usually something resolved in a few minutes.  After all, even best friends can fight.

Of course, there are drawbacks to this newly developed best friends phenomenon: now instead of spending the time working to keep them from killing each other, they are ganging up on me.  They’ll climb the kitchen counters together.  Norton will open the baby gate to go downstairs (where I DON’T want them to go) and encourage Eudora to join him.  I will, however, gladly take the two getting along over mutual assaults any day.

When I see things like this?  I really, truly appreciate it and hope my babies grow up to stay best friends.

Best Friends in the Making (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Did you run into a rough patch with your littles getting along in the beginning?  Did they also become best friends?